Special Coverage | 1013mm's Burfday Car Meet

October 14, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

1013mm Bday-130
Yesterday was a day to remember. Not only because it was a birthday party + car meet for a good friend of mine, John Zhang aka 1013mm, but also because it was one of the biggest meets I've ever been to with so many quality cars in attendance.
Well to talk about how this meet started, John wasn't even planning on doing a meet yesterday, which was his birthday. He did plan on doing a meet, but was unsure of when until I brought up the subject of doing it on the day of his birthday. Why not? Right? It's a win win situation; enjoy a day with cars and friends. Now we were thinking about two places; Guppy House Plaza where John hosted his first meet or Seasons Plaza where AutoCon held their event last year. We did want good lighting because of coverage purposes and that Tokyo Drift style meet, so Seasons Plaza underground parking structure was a go. From then on, John worked things out really quickly and made things possible. It was hot as hell and the car meet made it even hotter because of all the support and cars that came to congratulate John.

1013mm Bday-1

1013mm Bday-2
I had a lot of time left after dropping by SP Engineering, so I met John at around 6pm. Cars were starting to come in around 6:30pm and about 30 minutes later, the lot was getting pretty packed.

1013mm Bday-3

1013mm Bday-4
BBS cars in line.

1013mm Bday-5
Because STATIC lol.

1013mm Bday-6
Poke Poke.

1013mm Bday-7

1013mm Bday-8
This car ate too much Fiber.

1013mm Bday-9
Nice EP3 on Enkei RPF1s.

1013mm Bday-10

1013mm Bday-11

1013mm Bday-12
Perfect combo. BMW + BBS LMs.

1013mm Bday-13
Loving the stance.

1013mm Bday-14
M3 on Mag Blue TE37s repping Platte forme a.g.

1013mm Bday-15

1013mm Bday-16
More cars coming in!

1013mm Bday-17

1013mm Bday-18
Evos from team Ar-kan.

1013mm Bday-19

1013mm Bday-20
I've been seeing a lot of nicely done Evos these days. Thumbs up.

1013mm Bday-21
Sexy classic.

1013mm Bday-24
Rx-8s in different colors.

1013mm Bday-26

1013mm Bday-27
A lot of people dropped by to chill..

1013mm Bday-29

1013mm Bday-30

1013mm Bday-31

1013mm Bday-36
Nice! S2000 on LMs.

1013mm Bday-37
Not common to see BMWs on Work Rezax.

1013mm Bday-38
626 homies.

1013mm Bday-39
Time to start using my flash..dam..I need to buy a new body that can shoot well in the dark..5DMkII please?
Here's Kelvin's Do-Luck widebody Evo, Track Ready Show Killer.

1013mm Bday-40
Air'd out! Pssssssshhhhhhh~~~~

1013mm Bday-41
JDM Glam.

1013mm Bday-42
EuroTuner star. Good to see 1UP!

1013mm Bday-43
ITB DC5. Beat that!

1013mm Bday-44
Ou! Low N Slow member, Tracy's TSX. Rest of the team made it out as well.

1013mm Bday-45
Nice drop.

1013mm Bday-46
Nathan's Audi Wagon.

1013mm Bday-47
Minh's IS. Such a sexy car he got and modded after his other IS.

1013mm Bday-48
bB stance.

1013mm Bday-49
One clean S2000.

1013mm Bday-50

1013mm Bday-51

1013mm Bday-52

1013mm Bday-53
Royal Origin!

1013mm Bday-54
Haven't seen David for a long time.

1013mm Bday-55

1013mm Bday-56
MKIII on Enkei RPF1s. I've been seeing this one quite a few times now.

1013mm Bday-57
Gawd dam! Simple, sexy, VIP. Remember to attend Lexus The Pursuit III!

1013mm Bday-58

1013mm Bday-59
Those wheels would look much better without those center caps. Just saying.

1013mm Bday-60
Hellaflush tC.

1013mm Bday-61
Seems like F-Zero Blue TEs. I love those wheels!

1013mm Bday-62
Whoa! Z06 on BBSs. Now that's hot!

1013mm Bday-65
My eyes!! It's too sexy!!

1013mm Bday-66

1013mm Bday-67
Exotics rolling in.

1013mm Bday-68
Supra on CCWs.

1013mm Bday-71

1013mm Bday-73

1013mm Bday-74

1013mm Bday-75
Hey! It's Team Nuisance.

1013mm Bday-76

1013mm Bday-78

1013mm Bday-79
Allen's IS on JIC wheels.

1013mm Bday-80
O wow. Haven't seen LEs in awhile. Looking pretty good with the Carbon Fiber lip kit.

1013mm Bday-81

1013mm Bday-82

1013mm Bday-69
John got a birthday cake from someone.

1013mm Bday-72
Ouu...looks good.

1013mm Bday-84
Luigi lights up the candle to sing happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

1013mm Bday-85
Ok. Done.

1013mm Bday-94

1013mm Bday-103
My boys Steezy and Milt from Low N Slow.

1013mm Bday-104

1013mm Bday-101
Sho Shexy.

1013mm Bday-102
Julian in his IS-F driving like a BAUS!

1013mm Bday-105
Tracy moving next to Low N Slow family.

1013mm Bday-106
Slammed Miata.

1013mm Bday-108
Ride is looking good like always Kevin!

1013mm Bday-109
Work Meisters 3-piece will never get old.

1013mm Bday-110
Eddie's Camaro. Good seeing you man!

1013mm Bday-111
By the time I walked around the whole lot, there were more R35s that rolled in.

1013mm Bday-117
These cars were painted by DTM Autobody. Hit them up if you need bodywork, paint, etc.

1013mm Bday-112
Loved this S2000.

1013mm Bday-113

1013mm Bday-114

1013mm Bday-115
Low N Slow crew chilling.

1013mm Bday-116
Nat's M3 on CCWs.

1013mm Bday-118

1013mm Bday-120
Rolling shots!

1013mm Bday-121
1013MM's 1 Step Higher.

1013mm Bday-123
626 guys were sitting down near the entrance securing the place.

1013mm Bday-124
No more parking spaces! It was crazy!!!

1013mm Bday-125
More GT-R R35s.

1013mm Bday-128
Up to your imagination.

1013mm Bday-131
Jonny's FD.

1013mm Bday-136
Vincent's LS on wheels done by Wheelflip.

1013mm Bday-129
Great and epic meet! Happy burfday again brotha.


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