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April 8, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

A typical 'modified' Evo will have the same look all around. You'll see most of them lowered on coilovers or springs, deep toned exhaust, or maybe a set of decent aftermarket wheels to give the exterior look some flavor.
On the other hand, you will occasionally see Evos that take it to another level by adding some high-end aftermarket products inside and outside.
However, this car you see today will be like no other. Be warned; one of the rarest equipped Evos will be make your jaw drop and maybe too much for you to handle.
Without further ado, let me introduce you to Kelvin Hsiu's Widebody Evo 9.

Mitsubishi Evolutions are one of the most affordable cars that are already well equipped and favored by many tuners. Kelvin was one of those tuner guys, but he was obsessed with only Evos, which is why he purchased another Evo after his first being totaled by a drunk driver.

This Matte Black Do-Luck Widebody Evo 9 became his new car and the planned project continued.


Kelvin's one of those guys who loves rare parts, and when we mean by rare, we're talking about parts that were made in limited quantities. It wasn't a surprise to see Bulletproof Automotive, an aftermarket distributor known for selling high-end rare parts, also known as the aftermarket boutique shop, featuring Kelvin's ride. To start off the rare parts on the car, check out the Top Secret Gold Volk TE37s wrapped on Toyo Proxes R888 tires.

If that wasn't enough, from the many BBKs available for the Evo, Kelvin went with Alcon BBKs, a popular brand in the exotic field of Euro cars, but not too common in the JDM scene.

As previously mentioned, the widebody is the Do-Luck (translated to 'my hobby') kit, a design by Mr. Ito from Japan. Do-Luck is known for its quality and design, which is why it is one of the most highly respected and priced body kits available for the Evo. Every body piece on this car is from Do Luck except the hood, made by C-West.





Most of you JDM aftermarket fans know about the recent news of ARC filing bankruptcy this year. It was a sudden surprise to hear such a high-end legit company going out of business. ARC is now gone, which means ARC products will no longer be made and the price for the existing ones will double. Almost 80% of the parts on this Evo's engine bay are from ARC and some were made in only limited quantities, like the ARC Front Titanium Strut Bar.


In the trunk is a spare Volk TE37 wheel, but what really caught our attention was the ARC Rear Titanium Trunk bar, only 11 made! (not pictured)



The rareness continues with the interior. Almost every stock part was replaced to an aftermarket product. The stock steering wheel was switched to an OMP Limited Tommi Mäkinen Ralliart Championship Steering Wheel attached to a Top Secret Quick Release. The middle console was modified to fit the Defi gauges.


Through the original Mitsubishi JDM windows, you'd find a six-point roll cage made by Dash Sports. The Bride Zeta III Racing Bucket Seats are holding him tight, but those might be changed pretty soon to Recaro ASM Bucket seats.


(via Bespokeventures)
- Custom Satin Black Paint Job by L&G Enterprise
- Do-Luck Full Wide Body
- Do-Luck Front Bumper
- Do-Luck Front Carbon Fiber Canards
- Do-Luck Front Wide Fenders
- Do-Luck Side Skirts
- Do-Luck Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Splitters
- Do-Luck Wide Quarter Panels
- Do-Luck Rear Bumper Splitters
- Do-Luck Rear Carbon Fiber
- Do-Luck GT T-2 Wing
- Do-Luck Duckbill Trunk
- C-West Carbon Fiber Hood
- Craft Square Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors Polarized
- JDM Evo 8 MR Headlights
- JDM Evo 8 MR Tail Lights
- ARC Windmaster Fender Liner Vents

- Bride Zeta lll Racing Seats
- Bride Lower Seat Rails
- Takata Long Racing Harnesses
- OMP Limited Tommi Mäkinen Ralliart Championship Steering Wheel
- Top Secret Steering Wheel Quick Release
- Works Bell Steering Wheel Hub
- ARC Polished Titanium Shift Knob
- Alpine CDA-9856 Head Unit
- Okuyama/Dash Complete 6-Point Roll Cage
- Gruppe-S 60mm Gauge Bezel
- Defi BF Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Boost Gauges with Control Unit 2
- Zeitronix Wideband Meter
- Blitz Electronic Boost Controller
- HKS Turbo Timer
- Carbing Rear Seat Delete Panel

- Top Secret Gold Volk TE37 18×10.5 + 15 offset
- Toyo Proxes R888 285/30/18 Tires
- Spare Bronze Volk TE37 18×10.5 +15 offset
- Continental ContiSportContact 2 265/40/18 Tire
- Go Tuning Titanium Lug Nuts
- Alcon Monoblock 6 Pot Big Brake Kit
- Alcon 355 MM 2 Piece Rotors
- Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
- Ferodo DS3000 Front rear Brake Pads
- Apex’i N1 Robispec Tuned Coilovers
- Progress Rear Sway Bar
- ARC Front Titanium Strut Bar
- ARC Rear Titanium Strut Bar
- ARC Titanium Trunk bar

- ARC Wide Core Intercooler
- ARC Radiator
- ARC Radiator Cap
- ARC Titanium Heat Shied
- ARC Intake
- ARC Upper Intercooler Pipe
- ARC Oil Cap
- ARC Titanium Valve Cover
- ARC Full Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust
- Road Race Rally Cat
- Trust Downpipe
- Forge Alloy Power Steering tank
- Forge Alloy Header Tank
- Nisei Mini Battery Tray
- Odyssey Mini battery
- STM Radiator Brackets
- HKS 280 Cams
- Warlbro 255 Fuel Pump

All in all, there's nothing much more to say about this car than to just drool. You've seen it with your own eyes today and we're sure you fell in love with it.

Kelvin's Widebody Evo is only a start at its current stage. There are a few plans and surprises which cannot be shared at the moment, but you'll witness them pretty soon.
Thanks to Kelvin again for his time and accepting our feature request.
Rest of the photos can be found here.


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