Event Coverage: Lexus LFA Track Day

April 14, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by Nick Schultz

Exclusive, Luxurious, yet Exotic and Nimble, The Lexus LFA
This actually happened over 2 months ago. But I finally had some time to write up about it. I recieved a rare opportunity to shoot two LFA’s. One of the Corporate Lexus guys in the advanced business department saw one of my shots of a lexus sponsored car at an event. He liked it so he invited me to come shoot the LFA as customers who already bought the LFA (and ones interested) test drove the car where they could really let it loose, Fontana Auto Club Speedway.
It started around 8 in the morning, with customers coming for their appointments to drive the LFA. Customers waited in a garage at the track that was setup to be a lounge. It had some Five Axis/F-Sport modified Lexus Cars(GS, IS), as well as the new CT200H on display. It had several tables with complimentary refreshments and food snacks, fruit, cookies, drinks, coffee and later for lunch we had lasagna. Also there where 2 IS-F driving simulators specifically made for Lexus. Customers could have some fun while they waited for their turn to do the real thing on the track. I didn’t get a photo of this area because I was to excited and focused on taking pictures of the car lol! my mistake…
After grabbing some coffe I walked out to the track to 2 beautiful LFA’s waiting to be driven, several IS-F’s, Several Lexus drivers and Scott Pruett. Scott Pruett is known as one of the best American road racers. More recently, He achieved 1st place of the 24 Hours of Daytona race 2011.
Have you seen a Lexus LFA commercial on TV where they break the glass with the shear sound of the exhaust note?
How about the one where they dangle several lexus vehicles over an LFA?
If you have, then you have seen Scott, the driver behind the wheel. He was there to show people a great time, in both by driving the LFA and in IS-F’s and just by his presence.
So here we are at the break of dawn with all these incredible machines, well over one million USD worth of vehicles.





The customers hadn’t arrived yet so the Lexus guys where having their own fun with the LFA around the track. I wish I had their job! This was when I was offered a ride in the LFA, Of course I would! Sadly I didn’t get to drive it… but I didn’t complain. I still got a hot lap around the track!
If you’ve heard this beast. It sounds like a F1 car. High, loud revs. Eargasm…. But once you step inside the LFA it sounds EVEN BETTER. The car has been tuned to let the perfect exhaust tones into the cabin. where the driver can enjoy the “music” and really feel intouch with the car.
I say music because Yamaha actually works with Lexus on their engines. This car is no exception. Not only did they have yamaha’s engineers work on getting power out of the engine, they had yamaha’s musical instrument division (you know they make those electric/acoustic pianos too) tune and develop the car’s intake so it makes the most power AND sounds very pleasing to the ears.
But I digress….
After an epic early morning lap, hitting speeds in excess of 100mph, with hard braking, sharp corners the driver says “ahhhhhh…. Better than coffee.” Yes, That it is…
For the rest of the day I walked around, took photographs of this beautiful machine, all while enjoying its exhaust note. I could listen to it all day and it’d still be music to my ears and never get old!




Two LFA’s where present. This Orange LFA (don’t remember the official color name) is actually vinyl wrapped. Underneath it is actually grey(the next day after this event, they removed the vinyl). Once the new fast and furious movie comes out, Fast 5. Keep an eye out for a grey LFA…. Yup, this is the same one thats in the movie. I’ll try to talk less now. Just a few more side notes. So enjoy the photos




Soon enough customers had started arriving taking turns driving the supercar. Also the local news channel stopped by to do a little interview/test drive of the supercar.

During this straight away you reach speeds in excess of 100 mph… It was a bit hard to do these panning shots while I was standing 20 feet away. But after a few laps of practice, I nailed a few shots.



That is Scott Pruett(right) and myself(left)
Ona side note, Scott took me for a lap in an IS-F(sadly not the LFA, that was another driver) Behind in the passenger seat of a car with a professional driver is something I cannot fully explain so you can comprehend. I could say it was amazing, adrenaline rush, and that I had a smile stuck on my face the entire time, but No, you won’t believe me. Everybody has to do this once in their life to really understand.
The weather forecast had said there would be rain midway through the day, but the show still went on despite. For once the weather man was right and it did rain. But that didn’t stop us. The guys were prepared and brought out umbrellas for everyone, and taxi’d people back and forth from the garage to the track. of course I stayed out in the rain to get as many pictures as I could of the LFA driving in the rain! I have yet to see any other shots like this of the LFA.






This was my first professional, compensated photographer job I have done. And I’m glad it was my first. I had a blast and met some really great people at Lexus. Also I got some free goodies like an LFA shirt and jacket. Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to doing business with you again! Be sure to check out the rest of the photos from the gallery below.

*Rest of the photos can be found at Nick's Blog.


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