Event Coverage | Autofashion 2014

April 29, 2014

Night Import: Photography by Clinton Lum | Words by William Lee

It's been a long time since I updated my blog. Yea yea, I'm going to make the same excuse like I usually do. Work & laziness lol. Well there were so many events during these past few months and one event I regret missing was Autofashion's VIP meet/event. Autofashion's meet is an awesome event to attend if you are new to the scene. The reason why this is a must-to-go meet is because a lot of cars you get to see at SEMA will be at Autofashion's meet. You will get to see (of course) VIP cars, non-VIP cars, etc. With the help of a good friend, Clinton sent me a set of photos he took at the meet. I've known Clinton for more than 2 years now and I bump into this guy so often, he's like my next door neighbor haha. Let's get on with the coverage shall we?

Looking through the set of photos, it seems like Autofashion did their meet at HRE wheels. If you are a wheel fanatic, then I'm pretty dam sure you know about HRE.

This fitment is pretty common in the VIP scene. You'll be some more cars with crazy fitment while scrolling down.

Gorgeously done. This is a Lexus GS, also called an Aristo.


Hmm...not digging this look, but the color of the car is nice :)

Definitely not in the crowd of VIP cars, but seems like the owner is into drifting.

Zip-ties for the win.

Ah~~~ VIP heaven.

Gawd those wheels look nice.

White on White? O yes.


Loving those JP (Junction Produce) wheels.


OUF! Lovely!!!

I'm a monster when it comes to drinking, but for some reason, sake doesn't fit my taste. I get wasted after drinking half a bottle lol.


White on White again. Seems like those wheels are Work XD9s.

I would love to have a ruckus like this.

An NSX I saw pretty often when I was in the scene.


Seven stars...never tried those.

Ouu~ I can see those diamond stitched interior.

Ojay's beautiful Previa.

When will I buy an NSX....

Guess who showed up at this meet after SEMA? Takakuni-san made it out with his beauty. If you have no idea who he is, he is the owner of the famous VIP company, Job Design.

Luigi's J's Racing S2k. I gotta see your car in person!


Now this is hot!

Old schools were welcomed as well.

Woohoo!! Hakosuka!

A bit of negative camber at the rear will complete the look.

If those wheels are XXRs.....o no...

Hmmm never seen those wheels.

Seems like the AimGain kit.

O gawd! Gorgeous body work.

Line of VIP and VIP-style cars.

Not common to see a Benz styled up.


Platinum VIP! Wsup guys!

Some of you guys might not dig this kit because it looks pretty wild, but I love it!

More cars.

Err...not digging the style.

Good fitment.

The Chronicles made it out to the meet. Love his car.

Hot as hell.

Ah! I remember seeing those new colored wheels by SSR.

WOW! Those custom headlights. I want!!

Not so bad! TE37SLs work on this car.


Beautiful wheel and brake combo.

Check out those wheels and fitment. Done. GG.

Lastly, Takakuni-san leaving the scene.

Thanks guys for checking out my blog and the event coverage by Clinton. See u guys soon!


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