Event Coverage | Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 (Pt. I - Theme White)

January 14, 2014

Night Import: Photography by All That Low (Charles Zee Zayas) | Words by William Lee

TAS14 (29 of 77)

Hello everyone! Ok..I don't want to act like this is my first blog post.. WSUP GUYS!!!! Long time no see. I actually forgot to add coverage on an event in Japan that happened few months ago, so I'll postpone that one and start with a fresh one, actually, a first blog post for the year of 2014. I'm pretty sure many of you guys were looking forward to see NI's coverage on Tokyo Auto Salon, because we had a good amount of comments and feedback for our 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon coverage.

Like usual, our boy Charles in Japan participated at this year's TAS and he had a lot to say about it. According to Charles, the cars were phenomenal and the people were really awesome, other than what he had to say about the waiting in line haha. You guys will see what he had to say about the event in a bit, but before that, I want to share my thoughts about this year's TAS, even though I did not have the time to attend.

I've been keeping myself updated with almost every event that happens around the world. I can't say which event was the best because every event had its own taste of cars. Today's post is about TAS, so let's talk about that. Here in the States, the FRS and BRZ were the cars that got the most attention. It was the same in Japan, but a lot more kits and other parts were introduced for the Toyota 86 as well as for other make/models. If you guys know of SEMA, you can think of TAS being the Japan version of SEMA. It's all about modified cars and newly introduced car parts, such as wheels, coilovers, body kits, etc. being displayed for those who attend the event. I'm not only talking about FRSs and BRZs, but other JDM cars and even European cars that are also introduced/showcased with new parts. In a company's perspectives, they attend TAS to stock up JDM parts or make contracts with widely known companies such as Top Secret, Varis, Amuse, etc., but for bloggers like us, we capture the details of almost every modified cars that is in attendance. Here is what Charles had to say about the event. After you guys read it, we will start with the coverage.

By the way, we are going to do something different compared to all the other blogs that did a coverage on TAS 2014. Today, we will show you guys most of the spotted White cars by Charles.
2014 is here and I want to thank Night Import for one, bringing me up in this game, and two, for allowing me the opportunity to show my content here. Friday morning, I woke up at 6am to catch a bus from Yokohama Station to head to TAS Press DAY. Upon arrival, I was highly disappointed as it seemed they let every nut in the place who said they were "PRESS". I'm not special or anything but trying to provide you guys through Night Import is special enough for me. But the old weirdo's with video cameras and huge DSLR's pointed directly into the model faces and trying to get up-skirt photos is just not what press day is for me. But I hear there is a market to push photos like that. I myself don’t have the time and patience to sit there and battle for lead position to take a photo of a chick I don’t even know. Haha. However, the event itself was actually not bad. This year, I had a plan set out in the AM, but with the amount of people allowed in before the Public opening at 1pm I was limited to what I can shoot. I know I spread the word of Night Import and my own blog Allthatlow so I hope to do some shop visits and more event coverage. I appreciate everyone's support with both of our blogs. Please follow us for more content from across that big ocean. Japan. I'm out -Zee-

TAS14 (30 of 77) An outside shot of Oimachi Center.

TAS14 (31 of 77) It might seem as if no one was present at whatever time Charles arrived...

TAS14 (32 of 77) But think again! Charles told me he had wait for a quite long time to enter the show rooms.

TAS14 (11 of 77) One of the very well-known companies that relate strongly to the track scene in Japan is Top Fuel. I've read some amazing history about this company and I was astonished. As you can see in this picture, the S2000 looks aggressive and pretty dam fast.

TAS14 (10 of 77) Well if you didn't know, this is the S2000 built by both Top Fuel and Voltex. I believe this is the S2000 that participated in WTAC 2013. There has been some major upgrades to this beauty, and if I'm not mistaken, it will be participating in many events for this year.

TAS14 (35 of 77) I have seen some amazing kits for the FRS, but haven't seen one made by Aimgain. Aimgain is a company that focus on sedans, or should I say VIP cars, but I would say it is a rare case for them to build a kit for the FRS (or Toyota 86). I love how aggressive the kit looks and the flow of the car on Work Meisters is just gorgeous.

TAS14 (59 of 77)
TAS14 (60 of 77) Ah! Here it is! Bulletproof Automotive's Varis FRS. I remember when Ben (owner of Bulletproof) contacted me about his build and I couldn't wait until he revealed it to the public. I don't know how to explain this car, because there is so much to say about it! If I had to choose Top 5 FRSs in CA, this one will definitely make it to the top.
  TAS14 (20 of 77) Don't you just love that look?

TAS14 (19 of 77) I always wondered.....if I had enough money, would I buy a Lamborghini....

The aggressive stance and those titanium exhaust tips make me drool...

What company fenders are those?

Rocket Bunny + Ben Sopra 380SX. What a collaboration! This beauty was showed at the Option booth.

Wurde Japan with their Porsche Panamera.

What should I say more? R34. Done. Game Over.

A legend/classic.

Nothing wrong to see a very clean modified classic.
  Hamann goes hard with SUVs.

That drop....applause *clap* *clap* *clap*

A question mark in your head? This is the RC F GT500 race car that will compete in the GT500 class at the 2014 Japan GT series. I believe this car will also be at the Detroit Auto Show, which is going on right now.

Ouuuu a Volvo!!! Haven't seen a modified Volvo for years!

Gawd..that front..

KBREAK...let me just tell you guys...I will be back in the scene this year with a VIP car.. wait.. umm... hint hint

Hmm....DUB style? I'm not too fond with the wheels.

Is this kit by Liberty Walk? If so, this is one dam unique 370Z.

omg omg omg omg! Crown built by a VIP company called Black Pearl. This Crown is kitted with one of thei lines by Black Pearl called the Jewelry Line.

More aggressive sized wheels might've looked better.

Toyota Aristo equipped with one of my favorite kits, 326 Power.

Rocky Auto with their legendary cars...like this one...dammit....I want one... gosh..I'm getting jealous every single time I post a picture from TAS...help me...

Simply done.


That front.. (o_o)

Forzato...someone tell me more about this car.


Too much? Wild? Aggressive? Sexy? What?

The front is not my style, but I'm sure those who really love the VIP scene will like this kit.

Like I said before, always good to see a classic.

Supra!!!!! wait...umm... HUH??? haha this car is named Child Speed ​​660GT built by NATS and is actually a Suzuki Cappuccino. If you check out the rear, it looks similar to an actual Toyota Supra. No no, it does not have a 2JZ.

Not really related to our "theme" today, but why not some different colored cars.

O LOOK! Charles spotted some models. Time for him to check them out.

Almost there....to see their faces... probably in Charles's mind, "hmm..body ain't that bad."

Charles: "A fawk..lost focus because of this guy..."

Charles: "......................"

Charles: "fuk..i'm gonna bounce..last shot".

It would be really new to see some Vans here in the States to be fixed up like the ones in Japan. I know Ojay has a sick ass Previa, but that's the only car that I can think of right now that is genuinely modified.

HRE is such a popular company now that almost every country recognizes and appreciate their wheels.

I believe this is an all new BenSopra kit for the 350Z. For those who have a 350Z, hint hint. GET IT!

No home needed...

So...here is the Toyota 86 Toyota Griffon Concept. I read an article not too long ago (forgot the site), but if I remember correctly, Toyota actually announced that this 86 was faster than a Ferrari 458 (?) around the  Tskuba Circuit. I don't know if it was true, but if so, NICE! I remember the hood was different, so it seems like Toyota focused on the aerodynamics.

Here is Sard's GT3. Very unique!

Wondering what was going outside, but Team Orange was ready to do something. (I actually know ^_^).

TAS14 (77 of 77)
Thank you for checking out our Part 1 coverage! Next coverage will be different! See you guys soon.


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