Event Coverage | 2014 HKS Premium Day

February 3, 2014

Night Import: Photography by All That Low (Charles Zee Zayas) | Words by William Lee

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One of the most biggest events after Tokyo Auto Salon is an event held by a very well-known tuning company called HKS. I'm pretty sure for those who have been in the scene for quite a long time know this company by its reputation of high-end performance. As always, their event was held at Fuji Speedway and a good amount of spectators and participants crowded the location.

This event is not like any other events that are held in the states. I would say the only event that reminds me of both displaying your car and actually driving it on the track was Sideway Sundays. Most of the events are only known for displaying and that pretty much sums up everything when it comes to a car event. However, HKS takes its event to another level. Not only do other prestigious aftermarket companies participate at this event, but they also get an opportunity to track their car on the track, competing with each other for the fastest lap. You can pretty much tell that it's not only about the looks of your car that matters in Japan, but everything is well modified internally and externally. To experience that feeling, HKS Premium Day is a must-to-attend event in Japan.

HKS (3 of 74) On the same day of HKS Premium Day, another event was going on at the side called Drift Muscle Challenge. Charles is a huge fan of drifting so he had to check it out.

HKS (71 of 74) An Evo that looks pretty dangerous.

HKS (72 of 74) A gorgeous color combination that I believe most of you guys would appreciate.

HKS (73 of 74) You will always spot an AE86 at a drifting event. Still one of my favorite cars.

HKS (74 of 74) Not too common to see a well-modified Z in the States that has the beauty outside and inside.

HKS (1 of 74)

HKS (2 of 74) Seriously a low Skyline, but I can see this car was built to drift.

HKS (4 of 74) Wow. I haven't seen a STi for quite a long time now.

HKS (5 of 74) Checking out the track.

HKS (6 of 74) It was time for Charles to check out the cars at HKS Premium Day. Well to be more specific, HKS Car Carnival, which was another event for those to participate in. This side event was held at the upper area and it was like every other car event where they choose the best car and the winner being awarded with a prize.

HKS (8 of 74) As I have explained in our 2014 TAS coverage, BRZs and 86s was still the trend of this year.

HKS (9 of 74) That rear wing is enormous!

HKS (10 of 74)

HKS (11 of 74) I was and will always be a huge fan of Varis.

HKS (13 of 74) Having both the look and performance.

HKS (14 of 74)

HKS (15 of 74)

HKS (16 of 74) Well-built.

HKS (17 of 74) A few cars from the track had to check out the Carnival.

HKS (18 of 74)

HKS (19 of 74)

HKS (20 of 74)

HKS (22 of 74)

HKS (24 of 74) HKS (25 of 74) Let's check out the motor.

HKS (26 of 74) That's what I'm talking about!

HKS (28 of 74)

HKS (29 of 74) I'm expecting to see a few R32s this year. A lot of people who saved up money to get this car now because it became legalized to bring one over from Japan, are going pretty dam crazy right now.

HKS (30 of 74) Some participants had to take a nap.

HKS (31 of 74)

HKS (32 of 74)

HKS (33 of 74)

HKS (34 of 74)

HKS (35 of 74) Ah! The classics on a classic.

HKS (36 of 74) Good to see JUN participating at this event.

HKS (37 of 74) R32s.

HKS (38 of 74)

HKS (39 of 74) Gnarly! I believe I saw this car on a magazine cover.

HKS (40 of 74)

HKS (41 of 74) It was the first year Bulletproof made it to Japan with their car. The owner had a great experience displaying and tracking their car.

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HKS (43 of 74)

HKS (45 of 74)

HKS (46 of 74)

HKS (47 of 74)

HKS (48 of 74)

HKS (49 of 74)

HKS (50 of 74) Ouf. I would love to see those Work Meisters in person.

HKS (54 of 74) Those tires!

HKS (56 of 74)

HKS (57 of 74)

HKS (58 of 74) Something about this R33 caught Charles's attention.

HKS (59 of 74) Those fenders!

HKS (60 of 74)

HKS (62 of 74) Espirit!

HKS (63 of 74)

HKS (67 of 74) Someone please modify their NSX with this kit!

HKS (65 of 74)

HKS (66 of 74) And the challenge begins...

HKS (68 of 74)

It's always good to share materials organized by my man Charles. Today's coverage was mostly an eye candy rather than reading my boring captions. Hope everyone has a great day and be ready to check out or 2014 TAS coverage party 2. Bye!


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