Event Coverage | SEMA 2014

November 17, 2014

Night Import: Photography by Seijin Dootson | Words by William Lee


How long has it been since I actually logged in and updated my blog? .... I have no idea .... I am truly sorry for all my NI fans. It's not the lack of interest in the car scene guys. I've been hearing from all my friends about the car scene and I always try to keep myself updated by checking out other car blogs. If I have to make another excuse like every blog post I write, I don't shoot anymore and pretty dam busy with my job. O well... but HEY! I'm back again! Let's jump right into what I have to show you guys today.

If you are a fan of my blog, you know that every year, I post up a coverage on SEMA. It's either me going there and covering it alone or sending my guys. Unfortunately for this year, my guys and I couldn't make it :/ So I had to look through my facebook friends/groups/etc. to see who would contribute their work for my blog. Luckily, I came across UCI's facebook group and saw a photo posted by Seijin Dootson. He gladly accepted my request and sent a few photos yesterday for my blog to share with you guys.

The first car you see up there is one of my favorite cars, the Mazda RX-7 FD. It kinda sucks to know that the FD doesn't get much recognition like the old days, but I still love it and will be one of my favorites until I die. What you see is a bit different from other modified FDs you've seen at car shows/events. The widebody is the popular Rocket Bunny kit with a wheel I have never seen by Enkei, the Enkei92. The color combo is a love at first sight kind of feeling.


On this Rx-8 at Exedy's booth with new wheels is owned by Kyle Mohan.


FRSs were still one of the most popular cars at SEMA this year.


I also heard a variety of modified NSXs were displayed at several booths. This one was equipped with Airrex/Accuair as its suspension and a Vortech Supercharger.


Scion Tuner Challenge is one of the most interesting contests at SEMA every year. There are 3 contestants and each one has its own unique feature, like this one modified by Speed Hunters.



The all new 2015 "King Cobra", which makes about 600HP.


Mustangs had a good response this year. I've always wondered what a widebody Mustang would look like...hmmmmm



O wait~! Look what we have here. Ken Block's 1965 Ford Mustang. Now I heard this car will be the one ripping the streets for Gymkhana SEVEN. Pretty interesting eh?


Tuner Motorsport's Z4 at H&R's booth.


Don't you just love STi's? I do...


The newest generation Scion tC didn't get much of a spotlight, but if you get one fitted with a Rocket Bunney kit, it becomes a different story. Fredric Aasbo's tC is the first one with its kit. I saw a rendered version of a Rocket Bunny tC and fell in love with it. This one is a bit different from what I've imagined though...


Another popular widebody kit at SEMA was Liberty Walk. I mean..the 911's still look gorgeous without any kits, but a widebody one just steps up the game. LB Performance became very popular after its first debut at SEMA last year and the popularity just grew bigger. This 997 is a great example.


That a$$ is looking better than Kim Kardashian's.


The Lexus RC-F sport became an internet sensation once Rocket Bunny showed a rendering of it with its widebody on the net. If you were at SEMA this year, then you got a piece of it.


If you don't see Bisimoto at SEMA, something is wrong. I've always been a fan with their ideas and cars.


How rare is it to see a Spoon Honda Fit? Pretty dam rare.



We just gotta love R35s.



Before I started my blog, I had favored several blogs and one of them was Stance Nation. The "stance" scene was mesmerizing. Always being a fan of Elvis's, I never imagined he would had a project car for his blog. I know his LS is the celebrity of VIP cars and now, he just built a FRS that you won't see in CA. Aimgain FRS? Serious? Mad props bro.



Liberty Walk R35.



Now that's a hottie.


Sorry to admit, but I'm seeing wayyy too many widebodys now lol


Now there's a slight twist with this one. Never seen a widebody on this car.


One of the cars I'm looking forward to see on the streets is this "next Supra". Most of you guys know this is a concept and the actual FT-1 might be different. If the real FT-1 comes out like this one, I will seriously put this car in my "must-needed" list.




Just found out Speed Hunter's FRS won the Scion Tuner Challenge. Congratulations!


Can't never get sick of a R35.



This Rocket Bunny NSX got so much attention this year. All I saw on my facebook was this car. If I was at SEMA this year, I would stare at this car for quite a long time.



Yeap..I'm still staring at this car.



Toyo Tires always had a good display with their sponsored cars.


If you do not know Rauh-Welt...then you need to know about them.


BOOYA!! MONEY~!!!!!!


I see golden trumpets.


Once the R34 becomes legal in the US... :D



Fan of trucks? I learned a little about them because of our editor Edgar Lozoya (owns the midnight purple G35 with all the ARC parts).


So...this Liberty Walk Ferrari was the one that got rear-ended by a Jeep. Seriously...if you are one of those guys who actually displays your car at SEMA, please watch out when you enter and exit...I was pretty surprised how Liberty Walk's owner came out of the car and was cool about everything. It doesn't matter if you are the owner of a company and can get the parts 24/7. Keeping a positive attitude when your car gets rear-ended at any situation is just different story to me. Mad props!


Here's the boss! Dammit...the car behind..ARGH! <3 br="">

Come to me..pleaseeee



Drifting action at SEMA like always.


Going to finish it off with a FD.

Really appreciate all my fans for checking out NI today. I'll be back SOON! Promise!!


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