Meet Coverage: BulletProof Automotive Meet & Greet

November 12, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Bullet -6

I love going to local meets and sometimes, meets that are a bit far but put together by good people.
Bulletproof Automotive/GT-RR/Bespoke Ventures started since 2000 and has been growing rapidly in the automotive community. The whole group being a family, they have a blog called "The Real JDM," updating automotive enthusiasts with various car related news and their own project cars. Having many fans checking their blog, they decided to create the first BulletProof Automotive meet & greet.
I was pretty surprised with the turn out.
100+ cars came to show and the company even brought their own cars including their project GT-R.

Bullet -1

Numerous times have I seen this Evo at events and it still looks amazing.

Bullet -2

Bullet -4

GT-R's were dominating the front lot.

Bullet -5

Companies sexy S2K. It's not like any other S2K's out there today.

Bullet -7

Another S2K, but on Enkei NT03+M's.

Bullet -8

Bullet -12

Bullet -16

and other ones as well. About an hour later, a huge caravan of S2K's rolled in.

Bullet -9

Update by our Editor:  1 off Carbon Amuse Body Kit the only one in the world

Bullet -15

The only RX7.

Bullet -17

Matt Black G. No, it's not painted but Vinyl covered.

Bullet -18

Mmm..Turboed Evo.

Bullet -19

Bullet -21

Evo's dominating the meet as well.

Bullet -20

Simple, but yet, sexy.

Bullet -22

Veilside body kit and HRE wheels were awesome.

Bullet -23

It's been awhile since I saw a Z convertible.

Bullet -24

Saw this Z rolling in later on. The orange Volk TE37's attracted the crowd.

Bullet -25

370 on Volk TE37's.

Bullet -26

The wheels looked pretty awesome on this G.

Bullet -27

I wasn't expecting to see VIP cars, but saw this Lexus parked at the back.

Bullet -28

Can't go wrong with Work VS-XX's.

Bullet -30

More Z's at the back.

Bullet -32

I loved this 300ZX on Work Meister's.

Bullet -35

People who checked in was about 120, but the cars that came in and left was about 200.

Bullet -36

Lambo Z crew.

Bullet -37

Another Evo beast. RSX looking mean.

Bullet -38

Bullet -45

Had a good time talking with the owner of this GT-R. Most of the aftermarket products on this car is by Password:JDM.

Bullet -39

Peter's stanced Orange Yaris. You've probably seen his ride on SpeedHunters.

Bullet -41

Update:  one of 4 with an authentic Amuse Full Bodykit

Bullet -43

Bullet -44

My boy Alex's S13. I love the wheels on his ride.

Bullet -52

and I had to take a picture of Alex's new puppy, EvoX.

Bullet -47

Bullet -48

Bullet -50

BulletProof's project GT-R. The car is not completed but almost done. Talked with one of the staffs, Alex, and he walked me through with all the parts on the ride.

Bullet -53

Super clean Z on SSR's.

Bullet -54

I fell in love with this Bimmer on CCW's.

Bullet -55

Bullet -56

and more S2K's came before I left the place.
Congratulations to BulletProof Automotive for a successful meet. Looking forward to see the completed GT-R!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

awesome pics and coverage Will! I just put a link up on our blog for you!

Thanks for coming out!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

"Another Evo beast." ???? Looks like a RSX to me...

Will said... [Reply to comment]

good look :)

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

thanks for making my car look much better than in person! haha :)
-blue s2k

R. said... [Reply to comment]

emm, Turboed Evo? Is there an N/A existing too? ;)

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