Event Coverage: Rallycross @ Blyton

November 21, 2010


Here in CA, the car shows hasn't been dying at all; however, in some countries where weather becomes a huge impact for cars to perform and to be managed, it's the next season or year when shows will start opening again.
The automotive scene is spreading like a disease in the U.K., but towards the end of the year, almost everything dies out.
I met Rich McKee on facebook and he's an active photographer in almost every automotive field.
Recently, he went to do a Rallycross event to do a short coverage and as expected, not a lot of participants showed up. Only those who felt the tingling sensation of driving mad in the dirt came to do what they do best. Either way, he did enjoy the event and was kind enough to share some photos.


This was the only Audi at the event and caught the attention of spectators and drivers.
Yes, it's a TT, but surprisingly, running on Diesel.


True enjoyment to Rallycross fans.




I haven't seen these cars in the U.S.
It's a Suzuki Swift.




Other swift owners. Only four drivers come to rally their cars and even though there weren't a lot of people to watch or drive, I can see these guys were having some fun.
More photos can be found at Rich's Blog.


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