Event Coverage: DZEUS VIP - VIP Kings

November 1, 2010

VIP/VIP style is growing and you VIP guys know the inspiration began by watching Japanese luxurious cars cruising through the streets of Japan. Many countries, such as the U.S., is recently getting into this trend, but others have been into VIP for quite a long time, such as Thailand.

A crew, based in Thailand, with great recognition around the web is DZEUS VIP, Asia's award winning VIP style and luxurious car community.
Most of the members on the site are very fluent in english and I was able to talk with Alvin Lee, one of the heads for the site, about a recent VIP event that was held last month called DZEUS VIP SHOWCASE @ Mean Machines 2010.


Taking a look at the event coverage, I was very surprised with how the owners took their own routes of being VIP. Check out this video event coverage and be amazed. Once again, thanks to Alvin Lee for responding to our favor and sharing information regarding the event.


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