Event Coverage | 3rd Annual SoCal S-Chassis Car Show

September 11, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

S Chassis-23
There is usually a time period when car shows will die out, but here in SoCal, car shows keep happening every single week! I'm not complaining at all because I love what I do as a hobby, but when there are more than 2 events happening on the same day and time, I got to move and act extra fast so that I can take care of all the major events in a day. Yesterday was exactly one of those days, 5 events happening at various times and location, but I was able to cover three events, one of them being this first coverage I'm about to share with you guys today, S-Chassis Car Show and Meet.

I remember attending this event last year checking out some Silvias when I was just learning about cars and had difficulties identifying chassis codes . I think I got better and I actually tried to learn more about Silvias because I personally love the car. I had a great time last year and was expecting the same for this years event.

S Chassis-6
After covering Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS), which will be up probably tomorrow, I headed straight to this event to finish everything on time. Silvias were constantly rolling in at about 1pm.

S Chassis-2
Simple. S13 on SSRs.

S Chassis-3
Loved the concave wheels.

S Chassis-4
Probably a drop on those VS-XXs will make the car look better.

S Chassis-5
Fitted S14 on Varrstoens.

S Chassis-7

S Chassis-8
My favorite wheels from the Gram Lights series.

S Chassis-9
Stance S14 with a Roof Rack.

S Chassis-11
I was capturing some cars rolling in, and this guy seemed pretty excited for this event.

S Chassis-12

S Chassis-13
Is that a hat?

S Chassis-14

S Chassis-15
Supa slammed S13 conv. I LOVE this car.

S Chassis-16
RB equipped S13. He seemed happy too.

S Chassis-17
Gram Lights 57 Pros on this S13 conv.

S Chassis-18

S Chassis-19
I remember this car from last year's event. You can't really see it from this photo, but a character from Final Fantasy was hand drawn on the hood.

S Chassis-21
Ouuuu~~ First time seeing this one. Different colored XXRs front and back.

S Chassis-22

S Chassis-24

S Chassis-25
Norman's ride was parked next to the entrance booth. Dammit! I always forget to shoot his car. Sorry yO!

S Chassis-27
The trophies/plaques were really nice, but this one was sexy as hell. A Gold Turbo for the 'Work in Progress' winner.

S Chassis-28
Fuga on some 3-piece wheels.

S Chassis-29
Rolling Sushi rolled in so I took a rolling shot.

S Chassis-30
Better shot of this car.

S Chassis-31
White on White!

S Chassis-32
Fitted Silvias look gorgeous.

S Chassis-33

S Chassis-34
Marks of a drifting car.

S Chassis-35
Side shot of my favorite S13 conv.

S Chassis-36
Would look so much better if the car was properly painted.

S Chassis-37
Conv. brothers.

S Chassis-38

S Chassis-39

S Chassis-40
Blacked out S14 on Work Equips.

S Chassis-41
Not bad at all.

S Chassis-42
Some aggressive sized XXRs.

S Chassis-43

S Chassis-44
MB Battles on these rides.

S Chassis-45
Sonic Motor's booth.

S Chassis-46
This S14 was one of my favorites at this event.

S Chassis-47
Enkei RPF1s were meant to be on Silvias.

S Chassis-48
Yooo!! Low N Slow member! Ruiz is a new member in the team and his S13 was looking sooo fresh!

S Chassis-50
A reason why I need to buy a S-chassis car..

S Chassis-49
Came from drifting?

S Chassis-51
This Rx-7 FC was not in the show, but it caught my attention because of its cleanliness and fitment.

S Chassis-57
Peter's LS1 S14 was so popular.

S Chassis-59

S Chassis-60

S Chassis-61
Hellaflush G35.

S Chassis-62
I think this S14 got best interior.

S Chassis-63

S Chassis-64
Jason's Takata Green S14 repping Varrstoen.

S Chassis-65
Alex's S14 on RPF1s.

S Chassis-66
Fully polished Nismos(?) looking so fresh and sexy.

S Chassis-67
Best Paint award went to this S14 on Advans.

S Chassis-70
Peter and his family in front of their S14. Look at him walking like a boss. (He is).

S Chassis-76
I was honored to become a judge an award category and out of all the cars, I had to choose Jesse Budano's S14 because of seeing its progress since I first saw it few months ago.

S Chassis-77
Another shot of Jason's S14.

S Chassis-78
O crap!

S Chassis-79

Jason won Best S14.

S Chassis-80
Peter and Theresa's S14 won Best of Show.

S Chassis-81
Ruiz got two awards! Good job repping Low N Slow yo!

S Chassis-82
and of course, Matthew's S13 got an award.

Very chillaxed event! Looking forward to the next S-Chassis Car Show (^-^)v


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