Event Coverage | SoCal Summer Daze Car Show

September 26, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Summer Daze-6
This event hosted by Elite-AutoSports with the help from AJP Distributors and JDM Sport was one that I was excited to attend. All the staffs from the three companies are a very good friend of mine, and knowing these guys put so much effort into promoting an event, I knew this was going to be one of the biggest events for this year. What made me even more stoked was my family, Low N Slow, finally going out to an event as a team! I'll talk more about the cruise and meet-up later on, but back on subject, I want to take some time to talk about the three companies.

Elite-AutoSports is well known for hosting their monthly meets at Krispy Kreme in Burbank, CA. Out of all the meets here in SoCal, the one hosted by Elite is and was the biggest one. Few years ago, the Burbank meet was legendary because of thousands of cars attending and filling the whole plaza. After some incidents of immature drivers ruining the meet, it was closed down by cops and was thought to never happen again. However, Elite was patient and was waiting for the right time to host it once again. Last week was its final meet of the year and from what I've heard, it was massive! Once again, big ups to Elite-AutoSports for bringing the automotive community together.

JDM Sport and AJP Distributors are companies I've mentioned to you guys a few times throughout this year because of their activeness in the scene. I've never seen such a company participating at so many meets and events. I don't really remember how I met JDM Sport, but I do know head staff, Lee Ho, was an awesome guy to talk to from the beginning. He is a major supporter for my blog and always tries to bring up his supporters. Thumbs up!

Summer Daze-1
Now going back to yesterday morning, I met up with my family Low N Slow to roll together to this event. I was planned to go alone and meet up with the guys at the HQ, but because I missed these guys and haven't seen them for a long ass time (yes, I love my family), I woke up early, tried to make my front lip not sag which didn't happen, and headed to the location. One ride I was looking forward to see was Noel's G35. You can see from this blurry photo on what's going on with the camber.

Summer Daze-3

Summer Daze-5
Not too clear, but ya'll know wsup! Noel's G was the first Infiniti I featured on my blog, so I might give it another Spotlight to see how much the car progressed with its fitment.

Summer Daze-2
Jesse's 1JZ Celica rolling like a boss!
I couldn't catch up to Nat, Chris, Jason in his rental SUV, and Tracy, so no rolling shot for you guys. Sorry! but much love!

Summer Daze-7
We arrived exactly at 12pm when it was the deadline time for Car Show participants. Including the cover photo, the showcase lot was filled with cars and vendors. What you see is not even half of the cars that showed up later on.

Summer Daze-8
Even though my numerous event coverage's starts from a certain point, I want to bring you guys one of my favorite rides first from now on, so here's Ojay's LS repping BP VIP.

Summer Daze-11

Summer Daze-9
Starting from the far right side, a team called RISK came out with some clean rides.

Summer Daze-12
Keeping it simple.

Summer Daze-13
White on White Del Sol.

Summer Daze-14
Loved this J's Racing S2000 from Filtheist.

Summer Daze-15
Whoa! Super clean!

Summer Daze-16
Gs from Infest.

Summer Daze-17
EP3 on White Volk TEs. This White on White theme is growing on me.

Summer Daze-18
Forgot the team name, but that guy standing at the left is really cool. He's the owner of the Blue Civic.

Summer Daze-19
Cleanest Cressida ever repping BP VIP! I think I've seen this car before...

Summer Daze-20
Carl Zamuco's IS!

Summer Daze-95
Yeap, that's Carl.

Summer Daze-21
Now to team 1UP x It's JDM yO!, this Evo was looking fresh after its work done by DTM Autobody.

Summer Daze-22
Richie's Z.

Summer Daze-23
Michael Mao's NSX on VS-XXs. Check out that fitment!

Summer Daze-24
Of course, Track Ready Show Killer.

Summer Daze-25
Sean Garcia's slammed Z. I remember seeing his car when I didn't know too much above hellaflush. Those fully polished Work Meisters is a WIN!

Summer Daze-26
Can't miss It's JDM yO! at major events.

Summer Daze-27
Mikee's VW GTI.

Summer Daze-28
EuroTuner star, Jose Romo's Audi Wagon. Big plans on this ride so stay tuned.

Summer Daze-29
Angelo's Z from Royal Origin is KILLING it with its drop. The lowest Z I've ever seen. I remember cruising with him and Shavi during AutoCon's promo shoot and these guys were literally going 1mph over train tracks.

Summer Daze-34
S2000 from Royal Origin as well.

Summer Daze-30

Summer Daze-31
Our editor Edgar Lozoya's 'Egg Plant' G.

Summer Daze-32
Mr. Charles's widebody S2000.

Summer Daze-33
I think this is a new member from 1UP x It's JDM yO!

Summer Daze-36
JDM style Vinyl~ that's what I call it.

Summer Daze-38
Eric's ITB'd DC5.

Summer Daze-39
Another shot of Ojay's LS.

Summer Daze-40
O you NSX...

Summer Daze-41

Summer Daze-42
Armand's widebody MR2! Will always be my favorite.

Summer Daze-43
Few rides from the show..

Summer Daze-44
Team Nuisance came out pretty deep. I remember watching a video clip of this FC filmed by our videographer UMWorks. Check it out.

Summer Daze-45
Slammed Celica.

Summer Daze-47
Sitting on aggressive sized CE28ns.

Summer Daze-48

Summer Daze-50
Good seeing you guys!

Summer Daze-49

Summer Daze-51

Summer Daze-52
There's our videographer UMWorks! Stay tuned for his video coverage. Seriously, the wait is worth it.

Summer Daze-54
Haven't seen this GS before.

Summer Daze-56
This 09 STI from Tomioka Racing pulls 350HP. Not bad!

Summer Daze-62
Another one that looks beastly.

Summer Daze-57

Summer Daze-58

Summer Daze-59
Some nice rides.

Summer Daze-60
My third time seeing 310 Tuner. More about this company will be shared with its own feature in the future.

Summer Daze-61
Familiar rides.

Summer Daze-65
Uh oh~~~~

Summer Daze-64

Summer Daze-66

Summer Daze-67
tC from Autoproject Rebuild for The Rebirth.

Summer Daze-68

Summer Daze-69
EG being raffled by a charity company called MAD MAC (Making A Difference, Making A Change).

Summer Daze-70
Mikee and Jose from 1UP x It's JMD yO! chilling.

Summer Daze-71
JDM Sport.

Summer Daze-72
Norman's SR20 powered S13.

Summer Daze-73
Me likey!

Summer Daze-74
Paul Garcia's GT-R R35.

Summer Daze-75
Crowd checking out some amateur half naked models..I have to talk about this later on...

Summer Daze-77
yOoooOoO! Team Nuisance couple.

Summer Daze-78
Efren Built Miata. Efren deserves a Spotlight so more about this amazing tech during next month.

Summer Daze-79
Evo repping AA Autoworks.

Summer Daze-86
From a different spot and angle.

Summer Daze-81
Sickest Z32 ever!

O gawd O gawd O gawd! Here's a better shot of Noel's G on the newly done SSR MS1s built by Wheelflip. Wallpaper?

Summer Daze-105
Another one..

Summer Daze-83
Moar low William.. (talking to myself)...

Summer Daze-84
Import Fashion!

Summer Daze-85
1UZ AE86. Dam clean and amazing.

Summer Daze-87
What the...this Miata reminded me of Kevin's from JMC.

Summer Daze-88
Ok...so...back to the subject about Models...
I'm not going to hate on all amateur Models because I give props to them for having the courage to step into this scene. I mean..you have to start somewhere to become something right? But there are standards for everything and when the majority says it ain't right... then it ain't. I looked at these so called Models but couldn't find ANY special or unique characteristics except for wearing a fancy dress. Props to the company on not letting the girls dress half naked..but dam...I don't know... I see no potential here..at all... I'm sure the company heard many of the people saying "those are not models" because I heard it from every angle.
Even worse, there was another company, but with 80% naked models handing out 'stripper club' flyers. WTF???? Why the hell are such flyers being handed out at a car show. Seriously, get out and go to a show where strippers are welcomed. I'm sorry but that's just not right, especially at a show opened to everyone..

Summer Daze-90
Gosh..I thought the amateur Models were bad enough..but wth is this.. Original Advan RS-D wheels replicated to Avant Grade RS-D ... it even has the 'Racing' engraved .. at least think of a different name... smh

Summer Daze-91
This car was scraping everywhere..

Summer Daze-92
I met this amateur model named Yuki from Charles (owner of the widebody S2000) before the day of the event at my friend's birthday and she had such a good personality. She's a very good dancer and just stepped into this scene, so good luck to her.

Summer Daze-96
Shot of this Red Velvet Cupcake that Edgar bought.

Summer Daze-97
Good friends chillin. Ou! AutoCon banner at the back!

Summer Daze-99
Jon Jon's IS got a special spot.

Summer Daze-100

Summer Daze-101
Clean SCs. I think that Black one belonged to James Nguyen's. It's running on a 2JZ.

Summer Daze-104
1UP x It's JDM yO! meeting time. You can't see the next future male Import model face here...dammit..

Summer Daze-108
This Grandpa was looking at Tracy Linh for a longgggggggggggggggggggggggg time.

Summer Daze-109
Unfortunately, the cops had to close down the event because of property invasion or something like that.
The ending wasn't so good, but I had a great time! Once again, good job to Elite-AutoSports and all the supporters! I think the winners will be announced soon, so check out the event page.


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