Event Coverage | Sideway Sundays #5

September 21, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Sideway Sundays-29
I can't believe it's already been almost a year now since the launch of Sideway Sundays. There were ups and downs, but I have to say out of all the events here in SoCal, no event can beat the venue of this event. The reason being is because unlike other events, Sideway Sundays happens at the track were Formula Drift has its championship rounds; Irwindale Speedway. Taking this into consideration, it's a great opportunity for many drifters to try out the track for only $80 and for the Car Show participants, getting a feel of what it's like to display their rides on the track were famous drifters like JTP, Mike Essa, etc. drift on for only $10.
To be honest, I've been always disappointed with the turnout for the Car Show section because the event has so much potential. I dislike comparing events, but when I look at coverage contents on Import Alliance from Canibeat, Ivy League East, StanceWorks, etc., I'm amazed on how so many car owners take the advantage of showing their rides at a track area for a cheap price. I'm talking about more than 1000+ cars with tons of spectators.
It might sound as if I'm talking about money issues here, but it really isn't because I know most of you Car Show guys complain about registration prices and I'm trying to point out how cheap it is to show your car at an event with trophies. You can't also ignore the fact that the event is at Irwindale Speedway as well.
Now for the Drifting event, I have no clue on how things are organized, but do know compared to other drifting events, the price is a bit steep but worth it because of..once again..it's at Irwindale Speedway. I'll talk more about my random thoughts throughout this coverage so let's get to the photos and captions.

Sideway Sundays-1
I was not planned on going to this months Sideway Sundays because of planning to attend Wrong Fitment Crew's Summer Meet. It was a last moment decision after finding out...

Sideway Sundays-2
My front tires were almost gone! Hoping to get these flipped near Irwindale, I told the WFC caravan group to leave first and I headed to Sideway Sundays. Of course, I wanted to do some coverage as well, so it was sort of a risk to make the drive, but I take those risks to bring you guys coverage!

Sideway Sundays-3

Sideway Sundays-4
Nicely fitted.

Sideway Sundays-5
Clean AE86 rolling in.

Sideway Sundays-6
Slammed Rx-8 on XXRs.

Sideway Sundays-7
Not really feeling the theme...

Sideway Sundays-8
Wheels seem too aggressive without enough camber, but I see the stance going on.

Sideway Sundays-9
I heard this S2000 from P:JDM is a powerhouse and a competitor.

Sideway Sundays-10
Fitment in session.

Sideway Sundays-36
Carlo Taguinod's clean S14. I might give this ride a Random Spotlight, so stay tuned.

Sideway Sundays-14
John's S14 on Volks.

Sideway Sundays-22
Bagged Z from Ar-kan, sitting on fully polished VIP Modular VX series wheels.

Sideway Sundays-16
PhotoJunkie going with the stance setup. I see some progress!

Sideway Sundays-17
5 spoke Ace Coutures concaveness.

Sideway Sundays-18
Always bumping into David Motoyasu and his ride.

Sideway Sundays-19
Fujita's booth.

Sideway Sundays-20
Efren Built! I want to talk more about Efren later on, so I'll keep you guys updated.

Sideway Sundays-21

Sideway Sundays-23
Kevin working on his xB.

Sideway Sundays-24
Widebody M3 from Rehv Clothing.

Sideway Sundays-25
NOS Energy Drinks.

Sideway Sundays-26
Random snap of my tC.

Sideway Sundays-27
That turbo'd EG you see at the bottom right is being raffled. I have no idea about the rules, so leave a comment below if you know anything about it.

Sideway Sundays-30
I see potential!

Sideway Sundays-28
More rides rolling in..

Sideway Sundays-32
Probably the best turnout from all the Sideway Sundays events I've been to. Quality of cars? Not my taste, but seems like more people are showing up every month.

Sideway Sundays-41

Sideway Sundays-33
Widebody Z with ARC goodies from team(?) RPM.

Sideway Sundays-40
So back to the subject about wanting to talk more about the Drifting event, the first two events were very successful. I always try to keep myself posted on feedbacks and from what I've read on 5~6 forums that many participated for drifting, more than 90% of the participants gave positive reviews. The staffs and I were very pleased with what was going on, but when it came to the 3rd event, the feedbacks were horrible. Participants were complaining about not getting their money's worth, etc. You can read more about it in my coverage on Sideway Sundays #3. The organization read every single comment/feedback and tried their best to solve the issues for last weeks drifting event. So how did it turn out? Because I didn't stay till the end, I went through the forums again and seems like a lot of participants had a good time.
Here's what I'm trying to say: Not every event is perfect. For a monthly event like Sideway Sundays, if you have a complaint, the organization is more than pleased to hear your opinion and it will be fixed for the next month's event instead of waiting for a year. I saw some posts on forums about some people trying to file a lawsuit, protest in front of Irwindale Speedway, etc., but if you give the organization some time, I'm sure it will get much better.

Sideway Sundays-39
Not a lot of drifters showed up in the morning, but I heard 50+ were participating in the afternoon session along with professional drifters like our supporting drifter Aurimas Odi Bakchis.

Sideway Sundays-29
This coverage is really short, but I'm glad I had some time to drop by to cover it. The next Sideway Sundays will be the LAST one for this year, so if you have time, make sure to participate!


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