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September 19, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Taking the imaginary time machine and going back a year, I remember attending AutoCon with a few friends of mine and N-I staffs to cover the event. Being the first underground event I've ever attended, the finest rides in Southern California filled the showcase lot, cameras flashing from every angle as if photographers were treating the event more than a car show. There were tons of models and spectators, but what really caught my attention were obviously the cars. I left my business card on the ones I wanted to shoot for my site and I vividly remember talking to the owner of a unique Green colored S14 with an unusual twist to it. I was in awe with the car and my eyes weren't distracted by the sound or models walking by. After AutoCon and while heading back to my pad to edit the photos, I thought of all the cars I left my card on, and today, I'm honored to feature one of those cars which recently had its fame on an automotive magazine. Let me introduce you to Theresa and Peter's LS1 S14.

S14 LS1-10

S14 LS1-7
The story between Theresa and Peter's S14 isn't too complicated. Peter Vong was already active in the automotive scene since the boom of HIN and enjoyed building cars purely for shows. It wasn't any different for this S14 you guys see today, which is why it is still an eye catcher to the public.

S14 LS1-3

S14 LS1-13
As previously mentioned, there is an unusual twist to this beauty. First of all, the paint color isn't something you'll see on a S14, nor any S-chassis. Theresa and Peter thought of an extreme color that would catch the attention of many online and offline media sources and decided with the color choice Desert Sage Metallic. If the body color was not unique enough, check out the wheels.

S14 LS1-4

S14 LS1-18
Simple Wheel Werks makes your dream come true. These guys can think of some colors you've never even heard or seen before. I even remember when I first saw these wheels and drooled all over them because of the design and the color that blended so well.

S14 LS1-14

S14 LS1-26 S14 LS1-27

S14 LS1-1
Having both the fitment and style is what this car is all about. The car is not sitting on only coilovers, but a hybrid of both air and coilovers made by D2. With a combination of both, the drop you see is what makes the fitment possible on aggressive sized SSR Vienna Kries.

S14 LS1-12

S14 LS1-24
It's either a love or hate situation. What we see in many drift cars is in this S14; 2001 WS6 LS1 with T56 Transmission. Personally, after understanding why many drifters choose a domestic engine, I now understand the whole concept, but this situation is different. Theresa and Peter's S14 was built to show, not to drift. Unlike many other S14s out there that are built to show, you'll rarely come across one with a setup like this.

S14 LS1-25
To spice things up, the color of the cover was changed to Flat Mica Black, giving it an even more powerful look.
Ready for the long list of modifications?

2001 WS6 LS1 w/T56 Transmission
Color Change: Flat Mica Black
Eagle H-Beams Connecting Rods
Comp Cam shaft
Comp Adjustable Timing Chain
Comp Cam Camshaft Gear Sprocket GM
Comp Valve Spring
Comp Cams Steel Spring Retainers
Pro Magnum Rocker
ARP Bolts
GTO Oil pan
Hinson Headers
Spectra Filter
Koyo Radiator
Pro 5.0 Shifter
RSR Exhaust
Custom Exhaust Piping
Custom Modified Sub frame
Custom Steel Driveshaft
Custom Ported TB
Custom Engine Mount
Custom Transmission Mount
Custom Power steering Line
Custom Remote Clutch Bleeder Line
Custom Intake
Corvette Engine Cover
Tein Strut Bar
BallerBolts Titanium Strut Tower Nuts

Color Change: Desert Sage Metallic
C-West Front Bumper
C-West Side Skirts
C-West Rear Bumper
JDM Zenki Grill
Supermade Zenki Headlights
D-Max Zenki Corners
D-Max Front Clear Turn Signal
D-Max Side Markers
D-Max Roof Spoiler
6000k HID Conversion
Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
AeroCatch Hood Lock
Origin Front Fenders +30mm
Origin Rear Fenders +30mm
Intense Power LED tail lights
Flat Black Moldings / Wipers

Suspensions / Tires
SSR Vienna Kries F 18x10 +11 & R 18x11.5 +5
Rim color change: Black Solar Rain
GoodYear F 245/35/18 R 275/35/18
D2 Air 5 Gallon Air Tank W/ 9 X 1/4 Port
D2 Air High Speed Compressor
D2 Air Snubber (4x)
D2 Air High Pressure Hose
D2 High–Tech Silencers Plate Base
D2 Air 120 – 150 PSI Pressure Switch
D2 Air Paddle Valve Switch (2x)
D2 Air 35M 1/4 Air Line
D2 Air 10M Power Cord
D2 Air Fuse Box
D2 Air Fittings
D2 Air Shock Absorbers (4x)
D2 Air Air Bag (4x)
Muteki Lug Nuts
Ichiba 15mm Spacers F&R
R33 GTR Front Brakes
R33 GTR Rear Brakes
R33 e-Brake Lines
Energy Suspension Transmission Bushing
SPL Tension Rods
SPL Tie Rod Ends
SPL Adj Rear Toe
Z32 Tie Rods
Z32 MC

Mazoria Edition 350mm Steering Wheel
BallerBolts Burned Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts
Recaro SR5 (2x)
Takata 4 Point Long Harness (2x)
Wedge Engineering Sliders/Brackets (2x)
Works Bell Quick Release
Works Bell Short Hub
Broadway Mirror
Dakota Digital Converter Speedometer
Dakota Digital Converter Tach
Dakota Digital Converter Oil
Dakota Digital Converter Water
Dakota Digital Converter Gas
Corvette Z06 Shift knob
Alpine Stereo w/IPOD connection
i-Pod Shuffle
D2 Air 200 PSI Dual Needle Gauge
D2 Air Paddle Valve Switch & Brackets
JDM C-Pillar Bar
Pioneer Speakers (6x)

S14 LS1-21

S14 LS1-20
Rocking our decal!

S14 LS1-17

S14 LS1-19
I haven't known the owners for a long time, but I do remember when Peter was serious about creating a team and thinking of a name. 1UP came out randomly and when I thought it was a joke, the team was actually rocking these stickers and had t-shirts already made with the help of It's JDM yO!. It's hard to miss this collaborated team at shows because of their Green shirts written 'It's JDM yO!' with a Green mushroom.

S14 LS1-22
The interior was kept simple, but this Mazoria Edition 350mm Steering Wheel attached to a Works Bell Hub and QR completed the look.

S14 LS1-23
Of course, a whole page of Theresa and Peter's S14 covered on Super Street is always in handy.

S14 LS1-28
Lastly, a shot of their daughter in front of the car that will always be remembered. Nothing can beat a family built car. Thanks again to Peter and Theresa for participating and always supporting my blog. Looking forward to the next project!


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