Special Coverage | Drive @ UC Riverside

September 29, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

UCR meet-22
Almost everyone in the world knows about University of California schools, but only a few know about certain clubs and organizations, such as the one I'm about to introduce to you guys today. This past week, I re-discovered an organization within the UC schools called Drive @ UC_ or Imports @ UC_, which its purpose is to gather automotive enthusiasts and have a weekly or monthly car meet for students. I remember our photographer Nick Schultz bringing us coverage on Imports @ UCI, but the crowd was not as big as expected.
Few days ago, I got invited to UC Riverside's first Car Meet of the year, Drive @ UCR, by a good friend of mine 1013mm. This organization/club started around 2.5 years ago, so it wasn't too new to those who went to this school. I wasn't expecting a massive turnout, but did want to attend this meet just because I heard only a few showed up. I think such meets that are organized by a school needs more attention because it's a great opportunity for students to do something else instead of studying 24/7. It has the potential to become a great meet or even an event if properly planned. Hohyung Lee is the president of this year's Drive @ UCR and he did an outstanding job, such as notifying the police stations near by, and going around talking with students to hear how they thought about the meet. Because my plan for this year is to promote grassroot car meets, I blasted the Facebook Event Page on our fanpage and profile as well.

UCR meet-1
1013MM and I arrived at 7:30pm and there were barely any cars parked at the meet location. I was sort of expecting this, so didn't really care about a big tunrout . We were walking around for a bit to check out the cars and I spotted this Subaru on Five Axis wheels. By the way, do not expect clean photos because I didn't take my flash and tripod.

UCR meet-2
It was surprised to see my favorite Lexus SC, from Elite Auto Concept. His brother in law brought out his custom painted G35 on VS-XXs.

UCR meet-39
Blurry photo of the SC.

UCR meet-3
There were tons of AE86s rolling in later on, but these two were the early ones.

UCR meet-4
People checking out 1013mm's 1 series.

UCR meet-5
VIP in session.

UCR meet-6
Clean looking Evo on TE37SLs. I thought it was this Evo who cut me and my friend on the freeway, but guess it was someone else lol. My bad!

UCR meet-7
As time was going by, more and more cars were rolling in, like this sexy STi Wagon on the new Work Meister series.

UCR meet-8
Voltex STi from 1UP x It's JDM yO!

UCR meet-9
Z32 on White MB Battles.

UCR meet-10
Pikachu fan!

UCR meet-11
Simply done EK.

UCR meet-12
BURNOUT! Just playing :p Hellaflush Subaru Wagons.

UCR meet-13
This G had the new TEs.

UCR meet-14
I was a bit surprised to see some GT-R R35s at the meet.

UCR meet-15
Low N Slow member Allen Pham's IS on JIC wheels.

UCR meet-16
Props to this Camry owner for being different. Loved the stance and drop.

UCR meet-18
An unexpected guest! Tomei powered Evo. I spot a DD Garage decal.

UCR meet-19
This TSX was on limited edition Mag Blue ce28ns. Epic.

UCR meet-20
Carbon Fiber covered Accord.

UCR meet-21
Random shot of the crowd.

UCR meet-23
Very unusual to see a Mustang on Air Lift suspension.

UCR meet-25
626 Showoff!

UCR meet-27
Eric trying to find a spot.

UCR meet-26
Some peepz. There's Tommy at the left staring at someone..

UCR meet-28
Because 1013mm was hungry, he headed to the Boba Tea House place to grab some food.

UCR meet-29

UCR meet-30
Popcorn Chicken randomness.

UCR meet-31
It took us about 20 minutes or so ordering and waiting for the food, and during that time, there were more cars that came in, like this hellaflush 350Z.

UCR meet-33
This R35 was such a win! It's on the Ventross kit by Vorsteiner.

UCR meet-34

UCR meet-36
Blurry shot of a team called Topline.

UCR meet-37

UCR meet-38
NSX on some old school Work Equips.

UCR meet-40

UCR meet-41

UCR meet-42
Blacked out S2000.

UCR meet-44
Didn't expect to see the Track Ready Show Killer.

UCR meet-45
Another shot of Eric's DC5.

UCR meet-50

UCR meet-46
Good to see the 626 fam.

UCR meet-43
Such a successful meet yesterday! Hoping the next meet turns out even bigger than the first!


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