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August 31, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Glendale Meet-17
SoCal has many meets during the week, hosted by various sites or by an individual, opened to every make and model. Sometimes, it's difficult to choose which ones to go to because of an unexpected turnout and behavior of a crowd. I've been to ones that were totally riced out to a few that were relatively small, but it really doesn't matter to me as long as I have a few friends to talk to, which is how it went down yesterday. I was planning on going to the OC Food Truck meet at Westminister, CA because of its fame here in SoCal, but for a change, I headed out to a local meet hosted by a group called Coastin Society. The meet wasn't crazy like other meets I've been to previously, but people were acting mature and overall, it was just chill!
Cars were mostly stock and only a few caught my attention, but surprisingly, I took my camera so did a small coverage for you guys to enjoy. By the way, please do know I usually go to meets just to chill instead of doing coverage, so do not expect me to take photos. But if I do have my camera with me, I'll be doing my job as a site photographer ^-^v

Glendale Meet-2
I hit up my friend Jose Romo, aka EuroTuner star, to see if he wanted to head out because I knew most of my friends went to the OC Food Truck meet. I arrived at around 8pm, got off my car, and walked around to see what kind of cars came to this meet. To be honest, 90% of them were all stock, but I'm speculating most of these guys are close friends from the neighborhood. I didn't have my tripod, so please understand the crappy quality photos.

Glendale Meet-3
I drove in behind this STi and it was looking pretty good. The fitment on Work XD9s were on point.

Glendale Meet-4
There's my boy EuroTuner star.

Glendale Meet-5

Glendale Meet-9
Fitted Miata on RPF1s.

Glendale Meet-6
Slammed Euros.

Glendale Meet-7
Nicely done E30.

Glendale Meet-8

Glendale Meet-10
For the heck of it, a photo of my ride.

Glendale Meet-11
I see some double Diamond Stitched seat covers in this xB.

Glendale Meet-12
Clean DC5 on Drags.

Glendale Meet-13
Look what I spotted? JDM Sport!

Glendale Meet-14
I'm pretty sure I've seen this MKIII Supra before...but I can't really remember when..

Glendale Meet-15
Another shot of that STi.

Glendale Meet-16
It was getting pretty packed around 9:30pm.

Glendale Meet-18

Glendale Meet-20
This Jetta from team SupaStar was looking hella clean on BBS RSs. I bumped into Ron and Celine from SupaStar, which was unexpected, but it was good seeing them like always.

Glendale Meet-19
Slammed STi on RPF1s.

Glendale Meet-21
Doing work.

Glendale Meet-22
Once Paul from Motion Auto Show rolled in, people were surrounding his car taking photos.

Glendale Meet-24
I freakin love this car....

Glendale Meet-23
Look who came out? ITB'd DC5 by DD Garage. Good seeing ya buddy!

Glendale Meet-1
That's about it! Nothing really crazy, but I liked how this meet was pretty chill. I'll probably make it to the next one if I'm not too tired. Shout out to Coastin Society for hosting a meet!


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