Event Coverage | SpoCom 2011 (Pt. I)

August 7, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

SpoCom 2011-337
One of the car shows I missed out on last year was SpoCom. This is during the time period when I just got into cars and didn't know jack about any car shows or even cars in general. All I heard about before or after NISEI was the talk about SpoCom. Everywhere I went, it was SpoCom SpoCom SpoCom. Seriously, all the hype made me curious on what this event was all about until I looked through some coverage done by other blogs/websites and I understood why a lot of people were going crazy over this event.
SpoCom is not an ordinary car show where some mildly modified cars participate nor just DJs and a few vendors trying to make it 'look' like an event, but a mix of models, cars, vendors, music, entertainment, and various other things that define a true car show. Cars that were built to only show participate in these kind of events and missing one is like seeing a Ferrari Enzo passing next to you and not having a camera to take a snap (a bit exaggerating).
This year's SpoCom was a bit different from the past ones. From what I've heard, the original hosts of this show, Pro-Motion Distribution, are no longer a part of this event and being hosted by a separate group. Last year's event had a bigger venue overall, but because this year is technically a new event, it started off at a smaller location. Either way, the event was banging!!

With the help of MotorMavens, a few staffs and I covered this event like no other. We had a videographer, photographer for models, and the others to take care of the car show area. I was pretty stoked when a few people recognized us by our staff shirts and complimenting on our site. I would say that's the enjoyment and thrill I like to feel, which keeps myself motivated to bring you guys better content every week.

Instead of blabbering about what went on, showing you guys' photos will do the job. The show began at 4pm, but Media had the privilege to an early access, so I tried my best to cover the cars in a short amount of time before it got overcrowded.

SpoCom 2011-129
Unlike other indoor car shows I've been to, my first step into the convention center was expressed with an awe. The lighting was perfect (still had a difficult time shooting), cars were looking fresh, and the staging was really organized.

SpoCom 2011-1
The first car I took a photo of while walking around. Something about this Prius caught my attention and I was looking at it for about a good 10 minutes.

SpoCom 2011-2
A'PEXi brought out their gorgeous Rx-7 FD3S drifted by Youichi Imamura.

SpoCom 2011-3
Of course, I was expecting to see Heavy Hitters.

SpoCom 2011-4
Crooks & Castles BMW Wagon on BBS LMs. I've seen this ride a few times now and never get tired of seeing it.

SpoCom 2011-5

SpoCom 2011-6
Beautiful classics I spotted at TORC 2011. The Rx-4 was featured on MotorMavens so check it out.

SpoCom 2011-7

SpoCom 2011-8
Gawd DAM!!!!! I haven't seen a Chrysler 300C as sexy as this one. Sitting on VIP Modular VX series wheels, this monster had a gorgeous fitment. The fronts would've looked better with some spacers, but overall, I give it two thumbs up.

SpoCom 2011-9
One day...right?

SpoCom 2011-10

SpoCom 2011-11

SpoCom 2011-12
Let me repeat that.. one day... right??

SpoCom 2011-13

SpoCom 2011-15
Savini brought out their luxurious rides. Some of their aftermarket products are made by Tecnocraft Composites, the higher branch of Password:JDM.

SpoCom 2011-16
Baller rims.

SpoCom 2011-17
Royal Origin in the house! A few spectators were passing by this car thinking it was on air.

SpoCom 2011-18
It wasn't only cars at SpoCom, but also Bikes!

SpoCom 2011-54
This line of cars were worth drooling. Auto Concept Elite rolled in deep, most of them repping High End Performance.

SpoCom 2011-19

SpoCom 2011-20

SpoCom 2011-375

SpoCom 2011-21
1st place Infiniti at Wekfest few months ago.

SpoCom 2011-22
Still my favorite SC, now on Volk TE37SLs.

SpoCom 2011-25

SpoCom 2011-26
Very touching history on this G. Gorgeous.

SpoCom 2011-29

SpoCom 2011-30

SpoCom 2011-33

SpoCom 2011-34

SpoCom 2011-35
Very impressed on how the owner made an almost exact authentic copy of the original Top Secret Supra.

SpoCom 2011-36

SpoCom 2011-39

SpoCom 2011-40

SpoCom 2011-41

SpoCom 2011-38
Godly Supra.

SpoCom 2011-42

SpoCom 2011-43
Seen this STi at XDC and I believe it got Best of Show.

SpoCom 2011-44

SpoCom 2011-45

SpoCom 2011-46
Now on sale, this Rx-7 FD has to be looked at in person.

SpoCom 2011-48
Widebody Evo 10.

SpoCom 2011-51

SpoCom 2011-52
I could probably buy a used or new car with the amount of money put into these cars..

SpoCom 2011-53
Once again, Auto Concept Elite. Clap clap clap.

SpoCom 2011-55
Prestige Marketing representing show cars.

SpoCom 2011-56

SpoCom 2011-57
I remember spotting this Porsche at Pro-Motion's mini meet.

SpoCom 2011-59

SpoCom 2011-61
Jason's S14 on Varrstoens.

SpoCom 2011-62
Barry's GT-R R35 painted by DTM Autobody.

SpoCom 2011-63

SpoCom 2011-64
SUVs from a team called SWIFT.

SpoCom 2011-65

SpoCom 2011-68
This classic BMW had the right fitment and most of all, it was pristine.

SpoCom 2011-70

SpoCom 2011-72

SpoCom 2011-73
Five Axis Prius.

SpoCom 2011-75

SpoCom 2011-77

SpoCom 2011-78

SpoCom 2011-80

SpoCom 2011-82

SpoCom 2011-83
Other rides from Prestige Marketing.

SpoCom 2011-84

SpoCom 2011-85

SpoCom 2011-86
742 Marketing and their lines of Scion tCs and classics.

SpoCom 2011-89
Moto IQ brought out their track cars for display.

SpoCom 2011-91

SpoCom 2011-92

SpoCom 2011-94
Most of the rides I saw at Fontana Nissan Meet. Here is Kerryann De La Cruz's Skyline R32 we did a Random Spotlight on few weeks ago.

SpoCom 2011-93
AutoProject's tC on Rotiforms.

SpoCom 2011-95
Track stance S2000.

SpoCom 2011-96
Veilside 350Z.

SpoCom 2011-98
Liked how the wheel color went well with the body paint.

SpoCom 2011-99

SpoCom 2011-100
Tracked Buggy.

SpoCom 2011-102
Love this EG! Look at those chromed out ITBs.

SpoCom 2011-103
Took a look at the spec sheet and it was pulling 56HP or something with that small ass motor.

SpoCom 2011-104
Peter from TeamVitz shooting me.

SpoCom 2011-105
Not really a fan of this widebody 3000GT, but seems like he dominated some shows.

SpoCom 2011-107

SpoCom 2011-109
That right there, is one heck of a sexy Porsche 911.

SpoCom 2011-110
CR-Z on SSR Type Fs.

SpoCom 2011-111
Not a crazy modified Evo, but this simple look was appealing.

SpoCom 2011-112
Clutch Master brought out a few cars, like this classic M3.

SpoCom 2011-114
Not sure...

SpoCom 2011-116
Seen it at Wekfest and fell in love with the wheel finish and sound.

SpoCom 2011-118
American Muscle love.

SpoCom 2011-119
AutoFashion guys chilling at the right.

SpoCom 2011-120
TOMEI's Evo 10.

SpoCom 2011-124
Congratulations to my boy Eric on taking Best Acura and 3rd place Best JDM. I took a photo of the new setup by phone and uploaded on our fanpage, but forgot to take one with my camera...smh

SpoCom 2011-125
Photo of those BBKs will be up on our next coverage.

SpoCom 2011-126

SpoCom 2011-128
EuroProjektz brought out some cars I've seen at few shows.

SpoCom 2011-130
I was expecting AutoFashion to bring out tons of cars, but seems like these 3 were the only ones.

SpoCom 2011-131

SpoCom 2011-132

SpoCom 2011-134
VIP ftw.

SpoCom 2011-136
Air'd out!

SpoCom 2011-137
Greddy Twin Turbo'd G coupe.

SpoCom 2011-317
I'll end it right here and continue on with Part 2 tomorrow.


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