Event Coverage | Nisei Showoff Car Show 2011 (Pt. III)

August 16, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Finally the last part of my Nisei Showoff Car Show coverage.  Please do understand that this partly coverage is to avoid lags and complaints. I like to keep every opinions/advice in mind, which is how it came down to posting certain amount of photos in one part and then to another. Also, I do want to let you guys know that Night-Import is not a formal-college-smart-elite writing automotive website. I'm bringing this up because of comments and e-mails I've been receiving throughout the past months. Most of the contents are written by me and for those who've been visiting my site since day one, I cuss, joke around, and write some random ass shit to make a coverage enjoyable to read rather than a boring and 'scroll down and only check the photos' status. It might change up a bit later on, but the contents are mostly written in first-person so you guys get an idea of what I personally went through at an event. I do not make shit up to give someone a bad reputation! What I write is what happened and I do have witnesses around me to prove it. Enough said.
Additionally, the photos I take of cars at an event or meet are decided by what I favor. Sometimes I might skip a car, either because I unintentionally skipped it or I didn't like the overall execution. There are a lot more things to say about this, but let's just keep it to that.
One last announcement I want to make before I start Part 3. I usually go to an event early but will not always stay till the end to see who won what category at an event. Why? Because I'm usually the only one from my site doing the coverage and get pretty dam tired walking for 4~5 hours taking photos. I'm not being cocky at all but those who see me know how much work I put into when it comes to photography. I'm still an amateur, but try to take photos as professional as possible.
There was and still a controversy about my Part 1 coverage of Nisei Showoff Car Show because of stating my own opinion/thoughts, which only a small part of it was not positive toward the organization. However, what was written in that article was not a falsified story but true.
I actually want to take this time to write about who I am, how I started this site, and why I'm doing it, just because I dislike those who act or talk like they know me when they don't .
I've been in this scene for about only a year now but have been to more events and meets than you can even imagine. While some of you guys took some time modifying your rides during the weekends, I was out there shooting. When some of you guys were at an event, I managed my schedule to attend 2 or 3. My site was not created to make a profit. No offense to anyone, but I dislike making decals, sell shirts, or other stuffs to make money out of all of this.. So why am I continuing? It's because I love cars and love the people in this scene. Once I go to an event or meet, I try to take the best shots instead of walking around and taking photos like it ain't meant to be. Yes, there are plenty of people who go to events and shoot, but how many sites actually write up a thorough coverage?
If I don't get accepted for a Media pass, I pay my way through. I respect those who create an event and believe they should get paid for what they do.
Lastly, I never expect myself to be placed higher than anyone because I'm an enthusiast like everyone else.

The whole point about the Part 1 coverage was not to talk about my complaints such as not getting into Nisei early or not being highly respected as a Media applicant, but how the small fairness that could have been given was not. I'm willing to face the consequences that will be hitting me pretty hard from now on, but I want to say to all future bloggers out there, don't feel restricted to say what you want to say.

Now!!!! Let's go ahead with the coverage...

I ended off Nisei Showoff Part 2 with this photo of Rotaries. These guys rolled in really deep and I would say they had the biggest group out of all.



Some rides were kept in good shape despite their age. Thumbs up!

I was walking around with my friend Ben while covering half of the other side and he mentioned about my site doing a feature on Dennis's STi. I was actually clueless until I remembered featuring his ride when it had stock BBS wheels. There have been a lot of changes made since then and now, it's looking sexier than before.






Team Hybrid didn't roll too deep, but for sure, these guys will be going full force at Motion Auto Show.

The spoiler on this ITR is original, but I still don't get the other one... check out Part 2.

Fitted Rx-7 FD on XXR wheels.

Classic of the classics.

Some crazy fitment on this xB.


Eh....not really feeling it...

Team SupaStar!!! One of the first teams I've met since my step into the scene.

Celine's SMART went through a paint job! It was Red before and now a skyish, blueish, .. anyways, you guys guess.


Like I always say, VIP ftw!



I had no idea Ron was building this baby. An original VIP classic, Nissan President.



Pretty clean Hondas.




Well fitted Miatas.

Something about this Prelude caught my attention. I think it was just way to clean and sexy.

Such a rare classic, Nissan Sunny Super Saloon.

Another rare classic, Mitsubishi Galant.

Check out those original Racing Harts.




Compared to last year, Auto Concept Elite didn't have a huge line up.

Wowzers! Check that out! VIP Modular Wheels on a Lexus RX.

Well fitted xB. I realized there weren't a lot of Scions at the event.

I didn't know Nat from Low N Slow came out! Good representing buddy!

Now to some random photos, this guy had some guts to wear that in the hot weather.

I see a few people that I know of here...

Especially this guy, the Kuya, Big Daddy Abe from Kuya Protection.

I had to take this photo and move on because it seemed like he was gonna come up and sock me in the neck. (Just playing brotha). I also see Kelvin at the far back left.

DAVIDIZRAILOV|Photography was being impressed.

The Chronicles booth and Big Mike's Prelude.

Custom finished VIP Modular wheels on Miguel's Z.

Low Ballers and Royal Origin keeping it real.

Forgot to show you guys the booth of It's JDM yO!

Line of Hondas from The Chronicles line...

Charles getting his ass owned by one of the staffs from Wired on Honda. By the way, Wired on Honda is having a meet on August 28th, so CLICK HERE to read more about the event.

Lastly, ending the Nisei Showoff coverage with this setup on a S2000 I showed you guys in Part 1. I've never seen such a beautiful and powerful setup in one and give mad props to the owner.

Hope you guys enjoyed my 2011 Nisei Showoff Car Show coverage! Peace!!!


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