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August 12, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz | Words by William Lee

If you read through my coverage on SpoCom, I've mentioned how this event was more than a car show. Along with detailed and modified show cars being displayed inside of Anaheim Convention Center, there were also plenty of entertainments going on and from the many, the most popular area out of all was the Models booth. I'm not talking about only 5~10 models walking around, posing in front of cars, but an actual separate area where more than 20 models were stationed protected by the infamous Kuya Protection. I'll have to show you guys the stunning photos taken by our photographer Nick Schultz instead of describing, so starting it off, we got our supporting model Raichelle Viado in front of DSPORT's booth doing an interview.


Although there are plenty of models seducing and grabbing our attention from beautiful cars, it's difficult to deny the fact that cars will still be the priority at a car show (not really true), so why not share some car photography Nick took as well.


It wasn't the lighting that made these cars look so clean. In major car shows like SpoCom, you won't find a single dust on these cars because of  judges with scoreboards walking around the show car area finding one that's worth getting a trophy.

I have to admit, this Chrysler 300C was and still is the sickest domestic car I've ever seen.

The 'PPG Lamborghini Arancio Orange' Mazda RX-4 powered by a 2JZ-GE.

Beautiful wheels.

Widebody + Concave ... o gawd?

In the Domestic Sports Car category, nothing can beat a Ford GT.

Seen these cars a few times at a car show and I'm still impressed with their builds. Thumbs up to Auto Concept Elite and High End Performance.

Line of cars from Prestige Marketing.

'Air'd out' Camaro facing the entrance.

Happy Burfday to our supporting drifter Odi Bakchis.

Miguel's Z was probably the most attractable car out of all.

JDM Sport always being present at a car show, meet, model show, lingerie show, cooking show, etc.

Voltex Evo representing DSPORT.

Now to the part where we were all waiting for. I know some of you guys woke up early in the morning, typing up 'http://www.nightimport.com' in the address bar above, just to check if this coverage by Nick was going to be posted. Well here it is. If I forgot the name of a model, you'll notice I didn't write their name under the photo. I'm struggling with identifying cars already and that's enough for me.

One of the official MotorMavens models, Samantha Totem.

Tracy Linh.

Going to be honest, I still remember Arley Elizabeth having the biggest a$$ from Women of Perfection 2011. Like I said, I'm being honest.


_999_264 _999_265
Corrisa Furr. There was one shoot she did with a company, which is how I remember her...but forgot. Click on the photos for higher resolution.

Forgot this model's name but I talked with 1013MM about her yesterday.


_999_274 _999_275
It's Raichelle Viado..do I need to say more?


_999_283 _999_284
Kay Bae from CAME.


Julie Mai. I saw her at AutoFashion's booth at few car shows.

Michelle Yee, our editor Edgar Lozoya's homegirl.

I remember seeing her somewhere....gawd dammit...i'll get back to you guys once I find out.

_999_341 _999_343
Nicole-Marie Reckers.


Another honest thought to share...she's hot.

First time seeing her.



Don't know the name of either models, so help me out here.

Cassandra Kai.

Yeap, Maureen Chen. I approve.

I'm reading off from that note she's holding... Miss Michelle Sanchez.


Roxy Ayala from CAME.

Sahar 'spice' Khadjenoury.

Without a model...

With a model.

She's a hardcore GoGo dancer.

Ending Nick's coverage with an artistic wall.
Thanks again to Nick for covering our back! Love you brotha (no homo at all).


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