Event Coverage | Sideway Sundays #3 (Pt. II)

August 6, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Sideway Sundays #3-217
Most of you drifters who participated at Sideway Sundays are still talking about the issues regarding lack of time, professionalism of drifters, etc. on the facebook event page or through forums, and I was a bit hesitant about writing Part 2 today. Why? Because stating my own opinions might create an even longer ongoing conversation, but I was a participant, yet a staff, and heard from the organization on what happened, so I do have rights in every way to say what I got to say..right?
First of all, let me share my thoughts on the most asked and debated problem posted on the event page and forums.

1. Gate opening
-I arrived at Irwindale Speedway around 7:50am and according to the schedule I received, the gate was supposed to open at 8am. I believe gates were opened 10~20 minutes later after the staffs finished organizing the stage.
Although Adams Motorsports is the head of the drifting session, Irwindale Speedway has control on what goes around inside and outside of the track area and if anything does not satisfy their needs of a 'safe drifting' event, more time will be spent to organize. Do know both organizations want Sideway Sundays to be the best and safe event for all drifters, car show participants, and even for the spectators, so please understand some overtime.

2. Lack of time for drifting and price to drift being too expensive
-I heard a few different stories from a lot of participants and will not mention who said what, but before the event started, I was informed there were two separate groups; amateur drifters (including those who never drifted) & drifters (had some experience in drifting).
There were about 80 drifters in total and was separated into two groups. Let me compare to how many drifters participated in Sideways Sundays #1 and #2; about 15~20 for the first event and ~40 for the second. I barely read and heard any complaints about those two events because each drifter had enough time to drift more than 3 times.
Let's get to Sideway Sundays #3. Because of the positive feedbacks that were written on forums and facebook regarding the first and second event, the amount of drifting participants doubled. I saw the first group starting at around 10am and a lot of participants were spinning out, hitting cones, etc. and it definitely took much more time for each drifter to complete the track layout compared to those who participated in the first and second event. I'm not saying this is bad at all because Sideway Sundays is opened to everyone, amateurs and professionals. When considering this happening to the first group, the amount of attempts to drift definitely reduced. I also want to mention that this whole event was at Irwindale Speedway. I'm not trying to make a huge deal out of this, but Irwindale Speedway is where the final rounds of Formula D occur and rarely do they even open the bank for drifters to drift. Only drifting event I know of at Irwindale would be House of Drift outside of the track. It took a lot of time and effort for Adams Motorsports to organize this whole event so please keep that in mind rather than saying it was about the money.

Now to group 2, there were a lot of experienced drifters and most of them I saw were participants from the first and second event. There were also about 40 participants in this group including Formula D stars Mike Essa, Jeff Jones, and a few XDC leveled participants. Although a few amateurs were included in this group, it seemed as if everything went pretty smooth until one drifter crashed into the wall and took literally 40 minutes for the towing truck to get the car off the track layout. This incident greatly reduced the amount of time for the second group to attempt more drifting rounds.

I've read some other feedbacks, but I'll just leave it to here because I'm sure Troy from Adams will explain each situation thoroughly. Part 2 will mostly cover the drifting session and some of the Car Show parts I missed. There are actually other photos I didn't share in Part 1 so that will be posted on this parts coverage as well.

Sideway Sundays #3-60
Here's the first group. Drifters were coming in and out and I'm speculating more than 25 cars were in this first group.

Sideway Sundays #3-74
Car Show participants and spectators.

Sideway Sundays #3-81
This G35 won first place from first Sideway Sundays event.

Sideway Sundays #3-82
I did not go into the center Media area, so don't be expecting great drifting shots.

Sideway Sundays #3-83

Sideway Sundays #3-84

Sideway Sundays #3-85

Sideway Sundays #3-87
There's DK and his Rx-7 FC. He's currently a drifter for XDC and leaving to Seattle for the upcoming XDC event. Hoping for the best! While I'm at it, if you guys need your tires stretched by a professional, take it to Pep Boys located at Rowland Heights because DK works there. I got mine done and he did a tremendous job.

Sideway Sundays #3-88

Sideway Sundays #3-89

Sideway Sundays #3-90

Sideway Sundays #3-91

Sideway Sundays #3-92

Sideway Sundays #3-93
How often will you see a truck drifting. Only at Sideway Sundays!

Sideway Sundays #3-97

Sideway Sundays #3-98
DK was killing it!

Sideway Sundays #3-99
Back to the Car Show area, a few more rides came in like this Supercharge or Turbocharge'd Truck on Work Emotion CR Kais.

Sideway Sundays #3-101
The expression on that guys face was hilarious.

Sideway Sundays #3-102
Walked over to the starting line to take some photos.

Sideway Sundays #3-103
DK and his FC powered by GodSpeed.

Sideway Sundays #3-104
Brian Sloma from Road Race talking to the RPS13 drifter from Falken Tires.

Sideway Sundays #3-105
Jason Wong waiting for this turn.

Sideway Sundays #3-106
Thanks for the pose buddy.

Sideway Sundays #3-107
RHD Silvia. Pretty nice to see a true JDM Silvia in the states.

Sideway Sundays #3-108
Winner from Sideway Sundays #1.

Sideway Sundays #3-109
This guy placed 2nd at Sideway Sundays #2.

Sideway Sundays #3-110
I believe the S13's battery went out so one of the participants helped him out.

Sideway Sundays #3-112
Probably the cleanest S14 I've seen that's daily driven and drifted.

Sideway Sundays #3-113

Sideway Sundays #3-115

Sideway Sundays #3-123

Sideway Sundays #3-124

Back to the car show area...

Sideway Sundays #3-125
Spotted these trophies for the winners from Sideway Sundays #2. Legit!

Sideway Sundays #3-126
Seems like this Z on Volk TE37s from JER came in later on.

Sideway Sundays #3-127
Not bad at all, but expecting much more for the next months (technically this months) event.

Sideway Sundays #3-129
Second group rolling in for their session.

Sideway Sundays #3-130
It's been awhile since I saw this S13 conv. I think it's daily driven so I give him even more props for keeping the ride sexy.

Sideway Sundays #3-132
At first, I thought I was mistaken, but the sound of a turbo'd S54 was a giveaway. Here's Mike Essa and his Z4.

Sideway Sundays #3-133
Sideway Sundays brought another surprise to the crowd; Jeff Jones and his 1JZ powered S13.

Sideway Sundays #3-134
Two professionals next to each other.

Sideway Sundays #3-135

Sideway Sundays #3-136

Sideway Sundays #3-137

Sideway Sundays #3-138

Sideway Sundays #3-139

Sideway Sundays #3-140
A lot of built-to-drift cars from the second group.

Sideway Sundays #3-142
Mike Essa doing what he does best.

Sideway Sundays #3-145
Didn't get too many drifting shots from this group so please understand.

Sideway Sundays #3-147
Green Monster~!

Sideway Sundays #3-148
One of my favorites since Formula D Fatlace:Slammed Society Showcase last year. It had the marks of a drifting car, but I never seen it drift. Now I know the purpose behind its build.

Sideway Sundays #3-149
Jackson Yang brought out his entire crew, 626 Drift Crew, to this months event. Cheese~~~!!
and there's Mikee from JDM Glam with It's JDM yO!'s t-shirt.

Sideway Sundays #3-150
I had no clue this Hachi had a history being in Formula Drift until I took an up-close shot.

Sideway Sundays #3-151
Front bumpers are overrated.

Sideway Sundays #3-153

Sideway Sundays #3-152
Jeff Jones's S13 rocking OMGDrift's decal.

Sideway Sundays #3-154

Sideway Sundays #3-155
The most gutted out S13 I've ever seen.

Sideway Sundays #3-157

Sideway Sundays #3-158

Sideway Sundays #3-159
Sexy cars I would love to own and build one day.

Sideway Sundays #3-160
Just a 'wsup!' to all you fans. Much love!

Sideway Sundays #3-162
Glad that Mike Essa opened up the hood of his Z4. Look at that beauty. What about ITBs in a BMW?

Sideway Sundays #3-164

Sideway Sundays #3-165

Sideway Sundays #3-166
Tony Pham from team Infinit ripping it!

Sideway Sundays #3-167
I've seen this Purple Hachi drifting at 'The Balcony' and he was definitely experienced.

Sideway Sundays #3-172

Sideway Sundays #3-176

Sideway Sundays #3-178

Sideway Sundays #3-179

Sideway Sundays #3-180
This Truck had a godly sound.

Sideway Sundays #3-181

Sideway Sundays #3-182

Sideway Sundays #3-184
So there goes that session.

Sideway Sundays #3-185
I left the track to grab some lunch and came across this Rx-7 FD. If I'm not mistaken, it had a Veilside bodykit and won first place during the 2nd Sideway Sundays event.

Sideway Sundays #3-186
Spotted this CLEAN Datsun. Talk about a pristine classic car!

Sideway Sundays #3-187
I overheard someone saying this Celica was running on a SR20.

FD on Volk TE37s
After the quick lunch break, I walked to the pit area and saw this Red Rx-7 FD, which I thought belonged to Justin Pawlak, but I don't want to give you guys incorrect information.

Sideway Sundays #3-189
Hachi going out.

Drifting S13
Gawd I ❤ this S13.

Sideway Sundays #3-191< Walking back to the track, I saw Jackson talking to himself complaining about the hot weather. Yes, it was dam hot.
  Sideway Sundays #3-193

Sideway Sundays #3-194
Some rides I didn't spot earlier in the morning.

Sideway Sundays #3-196

Sideway Sundays #3-197
Domo and a.... Chucky...?

Sideway Sundays #3-199
Random Spotlight on this FC coming up.

Sideway Sundays #3-214
The trophies we saw earlier for the winners from last months event. Awards weren't given out to last weeks Sideway Sundays winners but was announced.

Sideway Sundays #3-218
A few people left around mid afternoon. By the way, I spot Big Abe's limited t-shirts at the left.

Sideway Sundays #3-220
Spotted Mr. Clean (Tim) and Jeremy from Elite-Autosports.

Sideway Sundays #3-221
There's the MC of the day, Troy from Adams Motorsports. This was his expression when he looked at me and said, "What the..."

Sideway Sundays #3-222
"Now there's Mr. Lee from Night-Import!"

Sideway Sundays #3-192
Really awesome to see such an event happening inside the track of Irwindale Speedway. Thanks to everyone who came out to this event. The staffs and I promise to make the next Sideway Sundays better. We are putting a lot of effort and time for an even more organized and enjoyable day rather than just a one day drifting/car show event. Make sure to check the Facebook Fanpage and Facebook Event Page for more info. Remember! The next Sideway Sundays will be on August 28th!


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