Event Coverage | SpoCom 2011 (Pt. III)

August 9, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

SpoCom 2011-382
Glad that some of you guys are liking my coverage but this is just the beginning! Well this is going to be my last, but we got more awesome stuffs to share from Andy and Jay, and I'm sure you don't want to miss Nick's own coverage on the Models. He's probably working on the photos as we speak, so be patient and wait for the sexiness to be posted up.
Continuing on from where I left off, this will be my last coverage on SpoCom and I got some funny shit to share with you guys near the end. At the top are my boys from 1UP crew. The name was based off of Mario and the term just popped up randomly by one of the members. The team collaborated with the well known automotive/model site It's JDM yO! and their first collabo appearance happened at SpoCom. Photos of their rides will be shared throughout this coverage.

SpoCom 2011-240
Our editor Edgar Lozoya's Purple G at the left and Peter Liu's Accord at the right.

SpoCom 2011-238

SpoCom 2011-241
Individual shots.

SpoCom 2011-243

SpoCom 2011-244

SpoCom 2011-246
Kelvin's Do-Luck widebody Evo went through some baller changes. The Alcon BBK setup is now complete , some more additional turbo stuff, and accessories were added to the engine bay. There are still more parts Kelvin needs to install, so let's hope his ride gets featured in magazines!

SpoCom 2011-247
1UP in the house!

SpoCom 2011-248
EuroTuner star.

SpoCom 2011-250

SpoCom 2011-251
What to say...ummm.....GAWD DAM!!! I posted a photo of this ride on our fanpage and the fans were loving it! I think the owner was representing It's JDM yO!

SpoCom 2011-253
Jon Jon's VIP themed IS. Congratz on the win brotha!

SpoCom 2011-255
If you picked up the recent issue of Super Street or check our site pretty often, this LS1 S14 should look familiar.

SpoCom 2011-237
New member from 1UP.

SpoCom 2011-261
Charles's custom widebody S2000. No more Vinyl graphics!

SpoCom 2011-256
People call this ride the Iron Man Altezza.

SpoCom 2011-257
Iron Man status right there. BABABABA~~!

SpoCom 2011-259
Big Mike's Prelude. I just realized his engine bay cover got painted to a different color.

SpoCom 2011-262
One of the nicely done STis in the scene today.

SpoCom 2011-263
Scion Image brought out a gang load of Scions.

SpoCom 2011-264
Luigi's S2000 representing JDM Sport.

SpoCom 2011-276

SpoCom 2011-277

SpoCom 2011-280
Few more rides from Ar-k-n I missed to post in Part 2.

SpoCom 2011-281
Forgot what those wheels were again but not a common look on an Evo 10.

SpoCom 2011-282
AEM's STi hatchback on Volk TE37SLs.

SpoCom 2011-284
There were so many GT-Rs...

SpoCom 2011-285
Dennis's STi from Team Hybrid.

SpoCom 2011-286
Drifted? Not too sure.
I couldn't take a photo of that EG and CR-Z at the back because of too many people walking back and forth.

SpoCom 2011-287
Lexus SC worked on by VIP Auto Salon.

SpoCom 2011-288
Those decals under the side mirror brought back the memories when I first saw Fast and Furious. I used to think those were so cool and thought cars actually had parts from the companies decal it was rocking, but in reality, it was just for looks. This Geneis Coupe though, did seem like it had all the parts.

SpoCom 2011-289

SpoCom 2011-290
Another full Voltex Evo next to DSPORT's booth.

SpoCom 2011-291

SpoCom 2011-292
Seibon's 370Z and GT-R R35.

SpoCom 2011-293
Another masterpiece by VIP Auto Salon.

SpoCom 2011-297
Awesome decal.

SpoCom 2011-298

SpoCom 2011-299

SpoCom 2011-300
Now to some random stuff, saw these group of high school looking students doing a dance showoff thingy, which was pretty entertaining. At first, I thought it was going to be some amateur kids trying to be like those professional B-boys/girls, but they were pretty darn good.

SpoCom 2011-301
Didn't get to show you guys our editor Edgar Lozoya's newly done engine bay on his Purple G35. Looking sexy eh?

SpoCom 2011-303

SpoCom 2011-304
Tons of people. Really liked how an indoor car show felt like an actual car show. I spot our photographer Nick getting ready to take shots of those models at the right.

SpoCom 2011-305
I think this was a new game or something, but there was a decent crowd watching a 3D trailer.

SpoCom 2011-307

SpoCom 2011-308
Two more shots of APEX'i's booth and their Rx-7 FD3S.

SpoCom 2011-309

SpoCom 2011-310

SpoCom 2011-311
Bisimoto's famous CR-Z.

SpoCom 2011-313
I didn't allow these guys to take my car...

SpoCom 2011-318
Awkward couple..

SpoCom 2011-319
VIP Modular's VX series wheels in Gold.

SpoCom 2011-320
SSR Type Fs looking good on any car.

SpoCom 2011-325
Elite-Autosports and Luigi saying holla!!!

SpoCom 2011-327
There's Dino Image and Charles (owner of that S2000 in front) talking about some stuff.

SpoCom 2011-329
Last time when we saw Charles's S2000 in our feature, he was running on a Vortech Supercharger. It's now on a custom Turbo Kit made by JDM Sport.

SpoCom 2011-330

SpoCom 2011-335
Really liking the new shirts and stickers by 1UP.

SpoCom 2011-333
Mikee from It's JDM yO! doing some business with his 5D MkII.

SpoCom 2011-334
Breakdance competition happening on main stage.

SpoCom 2011-338
Keith from It's JDM yO! spotted!!!

SpoCom 2011-339
Is it just me or does it look weird to see old looking people who barely have hair carrying their cameras taking shots of only models?

SpoCom 2011-342
From the Media access stage.

SpoCom 2011-344

SpoCom 2011-345
ummm....always good to start early watching Go-Go models dancing in Bikinis?

SpoCom 2011-346
I have no idea what Edgar was doing.

SpoCom 2011-349
Decent looking DSLR for sure.

SpoCom 2011-350
I think I know what he will be doing after SpoCom.

SpoCom 2011-351
Still a large crowd.

SpoCom 2011-358
"MOVE IT! Let me get a better shot!!"

SpoCom 2011-359
Spotted Minh doing a quick shoot and leaving stage.

SpoCom 2011-360
Big Abe guarding the Media stage. 'Kuya got your back'!

SpoCom 2011-362
Blurred out Kuya you see in the middle is Leo from Kuya Protection. He was telling Big Abe to slap my head :D

SpoCom 2011-363
626 guys saying HIIII!!!!

SpoCom 2011-355
This is how the crowd looks like when the models are up on stage.

SpoCom 2011-365
When models are not on stage.

SpoCom 2011-366
Hellaflush STi hatchback I finally took a photo of before another crowd was passing by this aisle.

SpoCom 2011-369
Brendan's Supra getting some love by the models at the right.

SpoCom 2011-370
Five Axis DJ stage xB.

SpoCom 2011-371
Custom BBK setup on the M3 i promised to show you guys in Part 1. Oink!?

SpoCom 2011-372
Steve from Cusco USA and someone else checking out the new setup on Eric's DC5. Remember those ITBs?

SpoCom 2011-373
She's starting young with the DUB scene.

SpoCom 2011-374
I see this Grandpa at almost every model present event. If I don't see him, then obviously something went wrong.

SpoCom 2011-376
That's the stage for all the Medias.

SpoCom 2011-378
I really wanted to take a better shot of this S2000 by Evasive because of its sexy Spoon hood off from the original Spoon S2000.

SpoCom 2011-379
1UP crew chilling.

SpoCom 2011-380
Group shot! Smile guys~!!!

SpoCom 2011-389
Last shot before I left SpoCom. Most of the 1UP guys got awards and Best of Show went to one of the cars from Auto Concept Elite. I just know both teams got tons of awards.

In-N-Out 4x4 meal
I was exhausted after walking constantly for about 5 hours and was planning to head home until our editor Kain and a good friend of mine, Ben, said they were going to In-N-Out.

In-N-Out 4x4
I still can't believe how Kain was able to finish this 4x4 with fries and a drink...
Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the long SpoCom coverage by me. There are still more to come by Nick, Andy, and Jay Ebue so stay tuned!


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