Random Nightlight | Real Life, Ryosuke Takahashi's RX-7 FC3S

August 10, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Majority of tuners in the car world base their modification style through an inspiration; a car you saw through a famous car blog/website or seeing one in person by going to a car show or meet. However, you will rarely see someone modifying a car based off of a famous car Manga series, the most popular and well-known, Initial D. Shuichi Shigeno, the mastermind behind Initial D, gathered  information from young minds into illegal street racing and created a Manga that is still in the top of almost every automotive Manga series today. But instead of talking about the history and storyline of Initial D, for those who know this Manga will know the characters and cars and I'm sure by looking at the first photo made you think of one car in the series, the leader and fastest member, Ryosuke Takahashi's Mazda Savanna Infini III RX-7 FC3S.

Sideway Sundays #3-199

Sideway Sundays #3-206
The owner of this Rx-7 FC3S is Lenny, an active car show participant known for showing his Scion xB rather than this Rx-7. I do not know the background information regarding what made him decide to build this car, but one thing for sure, this FC was built to look almost to nearly the same as Ryosuke's Rx-7.

Sideway Sundays #3-200

Sideway Sundays #3-205
You might think this car was built just to show and not to function, but think again. I've seen this car twice at Sideway Sundays and although it's not out there to drift, the build is absolutely flawless. Powered by a 13B turbo with a custom V-mount, I'm sure if Lenny decides to drift it one day, it will be one of the toughest competitors to beat.

Sideway Sundays #3-202

Sideway Sundays #3-204
An interior setup that will make one believe this car is more than just an imitation.

Sideway Sundays #3-201
Even the wheels were based off of the Ryosuke Takahashi's RX-7, authentic RS Watanabe Eight Spoke F8s wrapped with Yokohama tires.

Sideway Sundays #3-207

Sideway Sundays #3-203
I give Lenny mad props for even attempting to do something that not a lot of people do. If you were impressed with this build, I urge you to come to Sideway Sundays this August 28th to see it in person.


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