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June 20, 2012

Night Import: Photography by Jim Davis | Words by William Lee

Light, small, superb handling, affordable... these terms or pros are just a few of the many that describes a Honda S2000. I'm sure there was at least one moment in your lifetime of wanting to purchase one, especially for you tuners. What I personally love about this model in the Honda line is that the aftermarket support is outstanding. There are so many companies making parts for this car and till this day, it continues on. However, there will be only a few that will get recognition in the scene because not too many S2000s out there 'stand out'. Today, you'll be seeing a gorgeous one, shot by our contributing photographer Jim Davis. The car was modified in the simplest form, yet with high-end and functional parts. Let me introduce you to Matt Musto's S2000, or what I like to call it starting from today, J's 2k.

We've seen plenty of S2000s at car shows or just even on the net. If going exotic, you'll recognize the widebody ones, such as Amuse or J's. If not wanting to go too exotic, you won't notice so much by just looking at it, unless you know the parts. Matt's S2000 is a perfect example of that unnoticeable look, but once you dig in through and scrutinize, you'll be mind blown.


Instead of the mix-and-match we often see on cars once modified, Matt went all out with the infamous aftermarket company in Japan, J's Racing. If there was a demo J's Racing S2000 to be displayed in the States, then Matt's ride will definitely be one of the nominees. The powerful and orgasmic tone coming out from the J's Racing 70RR Full Titanium Headerback Exhaust, is accommodated by the J's Racing header and other engine parts. You'll also notice surrounding the J's Racing exhaust is a Top Secret CF rear diffuser with Vortex generators.


Instead of focusing on an engine upgrade, it was mostly a dress-up for the bay, yet to mention again the clean look inside and out.


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As much as you guys were surprised with the exterior, the interior wasn't any different. The Cusco 6-point roll cage harnessing the car gives the inside a charismatic look. Holding Matt while driving is a Spoon Carbon Kevlar bucket seat along with Takata harnesses, not to mention what he steers right and left is an OMP Velocita Superleggero streering wheel.


Taking you guys back to the exterior again, you'll notice more J's Racing parts, such as the J's Racing/ASM Dry Carbon Fiber trunk and J's Racing Dry Carbon Fiber Race Canards, which were professional clearcoated.

Front and back, but also the top was fitted with J's Racing parts. The J's Racing Type V CFRP hood roars for attention.


There are usually two types of fitment I see on S2000s; one being flush and the other track. Either one really grabs my attention because the body line of a S2000 fits both. In this particular case, Matt's S2000 had that track fitment, not too low and not too high. Rolling on a set of SSR Type C wheels wrapped with Yokohama ADVAN AD08s gives that aggressive grip.
Ready for the mod list? Here you go~

Current Mods/Work Installed/Done on Car:
-J's Racing Gradient Blue Titanium Countersunk Shiftknob
-Detailed, Door Dings and Random Imperfections Fixed, Paint Correction (Part 1)
-Trunk completely Gutted
-Spoon Monoblock 4-Pot Front Brake Calipers
-J's Racing Front Strut Bar
-J's Racing Engine Torque Damper
-SSR Type C White 17x8.5 +49 Wheels
-Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 255/40/17 Tires
-Rays Engineering/VOLK Black Duraluminum Lug Nuts
-J's Racing SPL Front Pillow Tie Rod Ends/Anti-Bumpsteer Kit
-J's Racing SPL Rear Pillow Control Arms/Anti-Bumpsteer Kit
-J's Racing 10mm Driveshaft Spacer Kit
-J's Racing Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud/Cooling Plate
-Moddiction Titanium Fasteners
-J's Racing 70RR Full Titanium Headerback Exhaust
-J's Racing SPL Header
-J's Racing SPL Crux Monotube 50mm Coilovers w/ 16K Crux Springs
-J's Racing Optional SPL Pillowball Mounts for Crux Coilovers
-J's Racing Radiator Cap
-Craftsquare Carbon Fiber 1000RR GT Race Mirrors w/standard bases and lenses
-DBA 4000 Slotted Front and Rear Brake Rotors
-Hawk HPS Brake Pads
-Russell Stainless Steel Braided Coated Front and Rear Brake Lines
-J's Racing SPL Valve Cover
-Spoon Resevoir Socks
-J's Racing Rear Strut Bar
-Custom Fender Liners
-Fender Rolling/Pulling/Flaring
-NGK BKR8EIX Spark Plugs
-Motul 5w40 8100 Full Synthetic Motor Oil
-Motul Full Synthetic Gear Oil for Tranny and Diff
-Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
-J's Racing SPL 20mm Rear Roll Center Adjuster Kit
-Spoon Carbon Kevlar Racing Bucket Seats
-Mugen Seats Rails
-Takata Gel Shoulder Pads for Takata Harnesses (2 sets)
-OMP Velocita Superleggero Steering Wheel in Black Suede
-Works Bell Steering Wheel Hub
-Sparco 50mm Steering Wheel Spacer
-Top Secret Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser w/optional Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators (generators removed ATM)
-Takata 4 Point Race Harnesses for Driver and Passenger
-Takata 5 Point Conversion Crotch Strap for Driver and Passenger
-Cusco 6 Point Chromoly Roll Cage (Powdercoated Cage and Hardware Satin Black)
-Custom Ballistic Motorsports Harness Bar Welded/Powdercoated to Cusco 6 Point Cage
-Greddy/Trust Emanage Ultimate w/Boomslang PnP Harness (Custom Giles Tune 240whp)
-J's Racing Carbon Fiber Tsuchinoko Intake System
-J's Racing SPL L1 Front Camber Joints
-J's Racing Front Roll Center Adjuster Plates for L1 Camber Joints
-J's Racing Type V CFRP/CFRP Hood
-Challenge GTMotoring Dry Carbon Single Exhaust Cap
-J's Racing 4.77 Final Drive (Gears)
-Race Alignment by Synergy Auto Lab (Jay)
-J's Racing Gold Oil Cap
-J's Racing/ASM Dry Carbon Fiber Trunk (Professionally Clearcoated)
-J's Racing Front Half Lip for OEM AP1 Front Bumper
-J's Racing Dry Carbon Fiber Race Canards for Front Half Lip (Professionally Clearcoated)
-Robbie Harper Titanium 275mm GT Wing Risers
-J's Racing Yellow Front Tow Hook
-J's Racing Dry Carbon Fiber Type 1 3D GT 1600mm Wing (Professionally Clearcoated, CRAZY amount of labor in this one)

Current Mods Recieved, But Not Yet Installed:
-J's Racing Die-Cut Rare Discontinued Decals
-J's Racing Gold Hood Pins

The car is still a work in progress...
Best part of this list? "The car is still a work in progress..."

I've always liked S2000s and after this feature, I think I just fell in love with them. It's cars like Matt's that really makes me fall in love with the car scene today. Great job and thanks again to Jim for the spectacular photos!


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