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July 9, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

HIN 2012-64
Ah yes! It felt great going to a car show again after 2 months of being MIA. Well, actually, I've been going through blogs, sites, etc. to keep myself updated with what was going around in the car scene today. I really didn't notice a new 'trend' thing, so it seemed like nothing has changed that much for this year. One thing for sure though, were new rides popping up here and there and of course, aftermarket companies and just car enthusiasts buying the all new Subaru BRZ or/and Scion FR-S. I was looking forward to see some modded BRZs and FR-Ss at the next car show I planned on attending, which was Hot Import Nights that happened last Saturday.

I'm sure many of you guys know about HIN (Hot Import Nights). As I've mentioned in my previous coverages on HIN, HIN was the first show I've ever attended and this was back in middle school. My friend's sister was actually modeling so a few friends and I got in for free. I think during this time period was when Tila Tequila was trying to be an import model or something. All I remember, were shit load of lights from every angle, bunch of cars with lambo doors, and neon lights and other things in and out of cars. I mean...I thought those things were cool back then because seeing any car that was other than its stock form was awesome to those who just got into the car scene. Anyways, things have changed tremendously throughout the years and as of today, comparing the attended show cars for this year to back then in middle school, it's absolutely shocking.

HIN 2012-1
I'm really out of what events are coming up these days because of so many shit I need to take care of. Like I've said numerous times in my coverages, what's important to me right now is to focus on what I want to do as a career, not to put myself into my hobby 24/7. But I have friends around me that always try to keep me updated with shows and cars. Luckily, my boy Luigi Arroyo reminded me of HIN and he thankfully gave my blog a discount code for all ya'll to save some money if planned on going.

I thought I applied for media for this event, but I wasn't on the list, so Luigi came down to help me out. I arrived at around.....let's say....3pm? and got into the area 20~30 minutes later. Here's a shot of the spectators trying to get in. I'm not sure how much general admission tickets cost, but if I can just speculate, around $35, which is pretty pricey but well worth it for those who never attended a car show.

HIN 2012-12
Now before I get hated on, I forgot to take my flash and tripod, so a lot of photos you'll be seeing today in my coverage will either be blurry as fuck or full of noise. I tried my best with my shaky hands, so don't judge me. <3 Here are two gorgeously fitted cars with great body work. I believe both are from Team Praxis.
  HIN 2012-2
Perfect example of great rear quarter panel work and fitment.

HIN 2012-14
VIP Modular wheels with a massive lip.

HIN 2012-13
First time seeing this car and I had to give it a thumbs up because of its cleanliness and fitment.

HIN 2012-3
Ok...so...ummm....I'm going to be honest with you guys. Before I headed to HIN, my friend Clifford Sustrino reminded me of another event that was going on along with HIN inside the same hall, which was the IPL Starcraft II league. I'm a Korean. I love games, especially Starcraft. Did I know about this league before going to HIN? Yes. Did I forget? Yes. Was I reminded again? Yes. Did I have to watch it? Fuck yes.
So let's just say I was half excited about the car show and the other half because of Starcraft :D

HIN 2012-4
I would love to write about how the game went between these two players, but...this is a car blog and I shouldn't talk about games...right? ................. maybe I will later on...

HIN 2012-5
Back to the cars, here's a G on Tiffany Blue painted BBS LMs. O yea! Maybe this color is becoming popular in the scene today.

HIN 2012-6
If you guys know me, I'm a huge fan of Anime. If I see an Itasha at a car show, I need to take a photo of it.

HIN 2012-7
This photo is not really focused, but you can see what is going on here. Other than the lambo doors, liked how this tC owner decided to go with Vossen wheels. It's not a wheel choice many tC owners choose to go with. Props!

HIN 2012-8
Ah~ a simply modified Scion FR-S. There were a few FR-Ss here and there and you'll be seeing more throughout this coverage, but this one was the first one I spotted when checking out the cars. I think it was wrapped, but not sure.

HIN 2012-46
I was surprised to see it on Sparco wheels. I haven't heard or even seen them in such a long time. If this car was lowered a bit more and the wheels had a lower offset, then this FR-S would've won my heart.

HIN 2012-9
My first time ever seeing an authentic Veilside NSX. "Holy shit" is what I said when spotting this car. I know many of you guys like the original lines of a NSX and so do I, but this one was unique and I actually loved it. This is the only photo I took, but I remember it was sitting on VIP Modular wheels. Fitment was on point, body work was flawless, and the car overall was sparkling.

HIN 2012-10

HIN 2012-11
A lot of Hondas from a team called Street Lightz.

HIN 2012-15
Domo chilling on the Most Carbon Fiber winner of HIN.

HIN 2012-16
I like those wheels....

HIN 2012-17
We all know this car by now, but for those who've never seen it, this sexy NSX belongs to Mike Mao from Vanguard Collective, a team from It's JDM yO!

HIN 2012-19
Stop drooling.

HIN 2012-18
Ouf! Loved those wheels done by Wheelflip.

HIN 2012-20
Gotta give some love to DUB'd cars.

HIN 2012-21
No idea what was going on here.

HIN 2012-22
Sorry again guys...but I just had to watch the Starcraft league...

HIN 2012-23

HIN 2012-24

HIN 2012-25
HerO lost......shit....

HIN 2012-26
Back again, it was a surprise to see my favorite Benz in a different color! Actually, it was wrapped by Impressive Wrap not too long ago. Because of the light, you can't really see its color, but it was wrapped in Silver or something near that color.

HIN 2012-27
50/50. Bright and dark.

HIN 2012-28

HIN 2012-29
I see some ass.

HIN 2012-30

HIN 2012-31
Don't you just love Work Meisters?

HIN 2012-32
Ouuuuuuu I really liked this Subaru BRZ. Clean and simple.

HIN 2012-33
Corvette representing Heavy Hitters.

HIN 2012-34
Wide what?

HIN 2012-35
Something about this BMW gave me the chills.

HIN 2012-36
Whoa. Haven't seen this model for a long ass time.

HIN 2012-37

HIN 2012-38
Project-G rolled in deep like usual. Love the Miatas in their team.

HIN 2012-39
GT-R R35 in Orange.

HIN 2012-40
Just checking out the GoGo dancers.

HIN 2012-41
and look who it is~ our supporting model Eva Skye.

HIN 2012-44
Do ya thing girl.

HIN 2012-43
Jeri Lee making all the guys drool.

HIN 2012-45
Gawd this car was clean.

HIN 2012-47
Showed you guys this Evo 10 in my SEMA coverage, etc.

HIN 2012-48
Prestige Marketing x Savini Wheels.

HIN 2012-49

HIN 2012-50
I think they collaborated with Tekken or something because all their cars were covered with Tekken characters.

HIN 2012-51
Fitment approved.

HIN 2012-52
Got Brabus?

HIN 2012-53
GT-R R35 from GodSpeed.

HIN 2012-54
Love this IS-F on Vossen wheels.

HIN 2012-55
Loved this too right in front of the Blue one. Red IS-F sitting on ADV.1 wheels.

HIN 2012-56
Gotta give props to Ryan and his work on his new ride.

HIN 2012-57
Import Fashion's G.

HIN 2012-58
O hi~ Mr. Romo~! You can tell he got some new bright ass wheels from SSR.

HIN 2012-59
Mr. Luigi Arroyo's ride on new wheels from SSR.

HIN 2012-60
Matte Orange GT-R R35 from ACE.

HIN 2012-61

HIN 2012-62
  HIN 2012-63
John's Top Secret Supra.

HIN 2012-65
MMA vs. DGM...this round was freakin awesome.

HIN 2012-66
Import Fashion's booth having a party like always.

HIN 2012-67
This NSX was really unique. I forgot to take a shot of its engine setup, but it was something I've never seen before. I'm sure you'll catch a few photos of this ride from other blogs.

HIN 2012-68
Right when I was about to leave after a break, I spotted this R32 that came to my meet not too long ago.

HIN 2012-69
Gorgeous. If any of ya'll know the owner of this ride, please let me know because I want to know more about it!

HIN 2012-70
Hope you guys enjoyed my coverage on HIN. Have a great week! Bye~!


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