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June 12, 2012

Night Import: Photography by Dan Purpura (CFD Productions) | Words by William Lee

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Welcome back to NI! It's finally that time when car shows and meets will be poppin every week, as well as local small events such as LVD Drift, which you are about to see a coverage of today covered by our contributor Dan Purpura. LVD Drift is one of those events for the drifting enthusiasts. It doesn't matter if you're a pro or not, because it's open to every class and level. Lebannon Valley Dragway, aka LVD, is the place to be at if you want to see drifters showing off their skills.

_DSC2954 copy
As always, Dan did a superb job on covering the event.

_DSC2940 copy
Tandem baby!

_DSC2878 copy

_DSC2734 copy
Going sideways 24/7.

_DSC2582 copy

_DSC2534 copy
2 sexy asses.

_DSC2510 copy
Rear bumper gone? O wait.....that doesn't look good....

_DSC2485 copy

_DSC2436 copy
Dan! This the RB S13?

_DSC2467 copy

_DSC2530 copy

_DSC3006 copy
Go wide or die.

_DSC3004 copy
You guys remember the event coverage of Drift Faction done by our contributor Jim? Click here to check it out.

_DSC2936 copy

_DSC2745 copy
Eat you up!

_DSC2724 copy
It's all about the cars and people.

_DSC2547 copy

_DSC2495 copy
Loved these set of photos submitted by Dan. You'll be seeing more of Dan's work in the future, so stay tuned. Peace out!


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