Random Spotlight | JMC S2000s Back In Action

May 30, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

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We've already seen Kevin's Miata from JMC on our Random Spotlight a few days ago, and it's now time to re-introduce the other members, Phil Arboleda and Jon Palomata.
Do the rides look familiar? I'm sure it does, because Phil's S2000 was featured on Stance:Nation last year and Jon's S2000 was introduced from our site.
These guys already have the fame, but I'm giving them a feature once again because of a newer and better setup than before. If you had no clue what an aggressive stance was on a S2000, today will be your day to witness one.

From White Work Mesiters, Jon decided to go with custom painted Gram Lights, a set Phil owned after his set of Work XD9s. Stance was obviously on point and the rears had more camber than before.

What really surprised me was Phil's new setup. This guy wasn't satisfied enough with his old fitment, running 18x10 +13 Work wheels.

It hasn't been too long since I shot Phil's ride but he already went through 2 set of wheels and the current WORK Rezax wheels is the most aggressive ones from all.

Daily Driven. Enough said.

I was talking with Phil before he drove down to SoCal with the crew all the way from Las Vegas, and I remember him saying he'll make the wheels fit no matter what. With a bat, heat gun, and some pul, what seemed impossible became possible.

You could go ahead and laugh or make negative comments, but to me, Phil's S2000 became one of my favorites.
Thanks to Jon, Phil, and Kevin for participating with the small shooting session. See you guys soon!


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