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May 6, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Cusco manufactures the best products in the automotive market. It's tested and proven. -Kenji Inoue
Our main focus for the next few months is to cover major Japan aftermarket companies in the US and we were able to contact a few companies during this past week.
Being an automotive enthusiast and trying to keep myself up-to-date with automotive sports, I came across one of Japan's famous and fastest cars in the Time Attack series sponsored by few companies and luckily, one of the sponsored companies opened in the US April of last year. I took this opportunity to contact the office and fortunately, we were able to schedule an interview with coverage.
Today, we are going to start our 'theme' with one of Japan's finest aftermarket companies, Cusco.

Since the opening of Cusco in the US, to be more specific, Huntington Beach, CA, the company has been successful in the aftermarket industry. According to Steve Enomoto, staff of Cusco USA, the company has only been distributing products to main distributors, but very soon, the office will start manufacture and R&D products in the warehouse.

Cusco is very well known for their suspension products. It's not uncommon to hear and say Cusco dominated the suspension aftermarket industry in Japan. One of their greatest achievements is their Time Attack Subaru, but Cusco is also in the top of Super GT, Dirt Trial, Rally, and Gymkhana. Their wide variety of products available to many models/brands has been a popularity to many tuners.



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As mentioned earlier, Cusco USA will start manufacture and R&D products in the US. The warehouse is being shared with different companies at the moment, but soon enough, Cusco will have their own and start what they've planned.
Inside the warehouse was Cusco's own project car being upgrading with a few products. The car has not been present at many shows, but it will start to show up whenever Cusco will have their own booth.

"Cusco = Coilovers & Roll Cages" is not a bold statement. Their project cars already proved it and the positive feedbacks by many customers is still being written as we speak. Cusco offers 16 different types of coilovers, 11 types for compact cars and the rest for mini vans. Each type has its own unique design and feature that will correlate to the cars purpose. Roll Cages are also one of Cusco's top selling products world wide. Cusco D1 Roll Bar and Safety21 Roll Cage are available for many models/brands and they are planning to develop more in the future.


All products from Cusco is 'Made in Japan' and fully tested on the specific model/brand car.

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What you see here is Cusco's Top-Line Strut Bar series, made in full Carbon. This model is specific for the CR-X and before you question yourselves, Cusco does manufacture products for classics, such as the AE86, Starlets, etc.

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After a tour of the warehouse, I finally got to meet Kenji Inoue, the president of Cusco USA. Instead of quoting our interview, I will summarize our conversation at the end.

I was pretty stoked to see this product. This is the only set of coilover in the world made by Cusco for the Scion tC.

Cusco makes their products into perfection. Most of the companies out there do not have any proof or show the materials used to finalize what they make. These three materials shown are different types and design of Strut Bars. You can see the crafting is absolutely in detail, such as the far left product which is 'twin layered oval sectioned lightweight aluminum shaft with carbon fiber'. The design is for proper fitment and most importantly, the rigidity.

After taking some time looking into some items in depth and talking about Cusco products, President Kenji, Steve, and I had a small discussion regarding products in general. As most of you guys know, the economy today in the aftermarket industry is in a downslope and tuners are choosing 'cheap' products that do not show any evidence of R&D. Cusco having a goal of "introducing efficient production system and latest technologies to suit customers' demands" and to "provide 'comfort' to clients", it was and still is a disappointment for Cusco to see certain companies replicating the original products and advertising them with false information.
Cusco is planned to make a video on how strong and reliable their products are compared to other brands, so stay updated with their website and fanpage.
This was only one of Cusco's concern and more of what we talked about this subject matter will be posted on our 'questionnaire' topic.

It was a pleasure visting Cusco to hear and see almost everything in person. As of today, Cusco USA is planning to go out to more shows and promote their company.
Just to clarify once again, Cusco USA will start to make and R&D products in the US. Many products will be available, not for only JDM cars, but also specific to US car specs.
Take some time to visit their site to see if they have a product for your car.
"We talk and listen to the customers' voice directly, and bring them back and feedback to the products." - Cusco USA


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