Random Spotlight: Green Monster is Back

May 27, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

The style of 'stance' or 'hellaflush' is becoming a universal trend in the tuning community and a car that fits perfectly with that style, without any doubt, is a Miata. So, I've come to my own conclusion; a Miata looks complete once it's slammed. To be honest, tons of Miatas are scraping the roads 24/7. Most of them are running on aggressive wheels and slammed without any fender pull, or if done, rolled and slightly pulled.
But here it is, a Miata owner who wasn't satisfied enough with a typical slammed style.
Both were quiet, we waited, and now..it's back with a meaner look.
Let me re-introduce Kevin and his Green Miata from Las Vegas, NV, representing Jock Me Crew (JMC).

I still remember like it was yesterday when I saw Kevin's Miata at Irvine, CA few months ago. He came down with the other members of JMC, Phil and Jon, for a photoshoot, all the way from Las Vegas and his car was in between two Sky Blue S2000s. Think about it, a Green Miata on Orange wheels.. catchy enough?

Two front fenders were cracked into half and seeing gapless spaces between the tires and fenders showed how aggressive the wheels were; 15x8 -0 all around.
Going through the incidents of cracking the oil pan and getting stuck on driveways, a decision of running less aggressive wheel setups and raising the car will be normal, but for Kevin, it was the opposite.

This photo pretty much says everything about Kevin's Miata. I do not know the current wheels specs, but sure enough, those are a slap in the face low offset, wide wheels.

Although this was a Random Spotlight feature, hope your computer is clean after reading this small feature. Read the license plate, you'll get it.


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