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May 14, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Something about Mitsubishi Evolution's become a sudden attraction to many tuners. After Mitsubishi announcing their discontinuation with the Evolution line, it's now an even more wanted car than ever. But having this eagerness to get one and when one becomes in possession, the way you modify either puts you into one of the two categories; a full performance car or exteriorly appealing.
No doubt the Evo 9 is already fully equipped with what one needs, but it was a different story for Henry Balmaceda.

What really made Henry's car stand out from many others out there today was my judgement of a particular car that's worth a feature: appearance, reasons behind building a car, and the driver. I've known Henry for quite a long time now, seeing his car for the first time at AutoCon LA and since then, constantly talking to him about his Evo. Every time I brought up the subject of his ride, he always had something new in mind. It wasn't just words and thoughts he just planned out, but actually happened in a matter of time.

The purpose behind Henry's idea of building a car was straight-forward; keeping it clean and fully functional, while upgrading it with new quality products. Since AutoCon, the car went through a few exterior changes, such as the Varis diffuser with side fins and Varis side skirts.


The first build started off with APR air dams, APR splitters, and APR GT3 mirrors, but soon enough, Henry has plans which I can't mention yet because it will be a surprise. As mentioned before, his build is continuous.


Sitting on Megan track series coilover, the functional height is rolling on steel Grey powdercoated BBS LM's.


1 2
Everything about the interior was done well. If I had to choose one part that stood out the most, it would have to be these Bride Stradia Japan seats with bolster protectors, something you don't see too often.


Having these top-line Bride seats meant there were other Bride products as well. The shift boot was converted to Bride fabric and the custom rear seat deletes turned out amazing with Bride fabric covering the entire rear section.


Surrounding the inside was Cusco 6pt Roll Cage with an optional Cusco CF Slash Bar to add an extra accent for a clean interior look.


The quality madness goes on with Nardi Deep Corn Suede steering wheel attatched to a Works Bell Tilt system.


APR air dam
APR splitter
APR GTC 200 wing
APR GT3 mirrors
Varis diffuser with custom side fins
Varis side skirts
JDM 7 tails
JDM side markers

Cusco 6pt roll cage with Cusco CF slash bar
Bride Stradia Japan seats with bolster protectors
Willans harnesses
ARC shift knob
Bride panels and shift boot
Bride floormats
CF wrap dash
Defi gauges
Custom Ipod holder
Works Bell tilt system
Nardi deep corn suede
suede headliner
Custom rear seat delete wrapped in Bride

BBS LM’s powder coated steel grey
Megan Track Series Coilovers
Stoptech rotors and pads

Injen intercooler piping
AMS intercooler
Injen downpipe
Test pipe
HKS Carbon Ti exhaust
Cosworth cams
Denso 720cc
Walbro fuel pump
ARC heat shield
ARC radiator cooling plate
HKS Kansai CF intake box
APR strut bar
Baller Bolts

I would personally say this is only the beginning of Henry's build with his Evo. The car itself might not be an exotically modified one, but keeping the clean look with quality products doesn't make the car a look down from all the look-alikes. One lesson that I learned and might be a useful strategy for all tuners is to save up and go with quality products. That's what Henry has been doing since day one and for sure, he's dam proud with what's been done so far.


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