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March 6, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William LeeBurbank Go Kart Meet-33
It feels like my life is getting busier every week because of needing to do several things within a time period. I'm feeling old now as well because sooner than later, I'll be hitting the age of 25. My apology to some of you guys who are older than me and had to read what I just wrote, but you should know that aged-feeling once you pass 21. Blah~ anyways, out of nowhere, I realized I needed to be more involved with the automotive scene. It's not to the point where I need to attend 3 meets or events on one day, but just going out there. I felt as if I needed to bring something more to the table so that people can look up to Night Import or just appreciate it more than other blogs out there. Naw~ I'm not trying to be competitive. All of the bloggers or just blogs in general should be a family rather than hate on each other. You know what I mean? Most of the stuff I post up on my blog doesn't have that exclusiveness yet, but one day, and I know for sure that day will come soon, Night Import will be your automotive source for features and coverages v(^-^)v

Last week, while thinking about what to do before heading to a KBBQ session with a few well-known photographers, I headed out to this meet called Spring Kickoff, which was at Racer's Edge Karting in Burbank, CA. I heard it was organized by Garrett, but not 100% sure. This event was a mix of a car show and meet because it sort of had the vibe of a car show. I'm talking about vendors being present and the actual Go Karting place being opened for spectators and participants. There were no trophies, but people had an opportunity to participate in the raffling.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-1
Yup Yup! Gotta start your day with a cup of coffee. I've been hooked on Blueberry coffee from 7-Eleven because of my friend David Izrailov. His post on facebook about this coffee made me want to go to 7-Eleven instantly and sure enough, it was so dam good!

Burbank Go Kart Meet-2
While walking to the entrance, I spotted Import Fashion's beater. You'll be seeing his show car at HIN this week.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-3
Gotta rep it to promote it!

Burbank Go Kart Meet-4
Not such a bad turnout considering the lack of promotion. Don't take it the wrong way though, because to be honest, I didn't know about this event until it popped up on facebook. The ones that are usually shared by a lot of people are the events I actually remember.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-6
Senator of Stance cleaning his ride.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-8
If you know Milt's Z from Low N Slow, you should know his set of wheels were changed to Work Equips from Garsons. I favored more on his previous setup, but this one ain't that bad at all.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-9
Charles's S2000 died out, so you see there someone helping him out.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-10
Terry from Infinit taking a planning to take a shot with one hand. I think most of our attention was focused on that girl you see in the back because we thought she was going to drive a Ruckus.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-11
Random shot.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-16
Ted driving his EK to the middle lot. A few staffs from FX Auto Design came to support the event.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-14
Rich's RPS13. If you want to see a quality Silvia, this one is a perfect example.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-17
Rich's brother, Randy, drives a RPS13 too. Brothers are all alike..right? :D

Burbank Go Kart Meet-18
Many of you guys might not know this, but the three cars here are with a small crew of Bulletproof Automotive's called Bulletproof Illuminati, which is an "international organization of cars and car owners who share the same core philosophy". If you remember the widebody Varis Evo that debuted in TAS 2012, it was also rocking the crew's name.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-24
Love this M5. The 710 series Nutek wheels are drool-worthy, but also the Titanium MXP exhaust by Mackin.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-37

Burbank Go Kart Meet-21
Which SSR wheel would you choose?

Burbank Go Kart Meet-25
It's always good to see the Low N Slow family coming out to a meet or an event.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-26
Spotted this decal on Jesse's car. I don't agree with it, but some do :)

Burbank Go Kart Meet-27

Burbank Go Kart Meet-39
Such a well-built Integra. It had some specially chosen decals on the windows, so I'm guessing this ride is known in the Honda scene. The track stance on 949 Racing wheels was awesome, but also the power. I overheard someone saying it makes around 250HP, so that's pretty dam impressive.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-28
Dean's tC is one of the nicely built ones in CA. You can hate on tCs if you want, but if you know about them, I'm sure you appreciate this one.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-29
Unpainted CF fenders giving this S2000 some characteristics.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-30
I'm not sure if I've seen this one drift...maybe not.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-31
This S13 rolled into the lot without a front bumper. What a boss.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-32
Fan of AE86s? I am.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-34
Milt'z Z from a distance.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-35
Bling Bling!

Burbank Go Kart Meet-36
Low N Slow rolled deep!

Burbank Go Kart Meet-40
Never knew Racer's Edge had a drift car that participated in Formula Drift. Sucks to know that Irwindale Speedway is now closed ..... *tear drop*

Burbank Go Kart Meet-41
The only exotic at the meet, but was not so much appreciated by many because of its condition.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-42
It wasn't a surprise to see this GT-T R34 because I've seen it at Irwindale last year. To answer some of your questions..
1. It's not a GT-R
2. It was one of the R34s that was used to film Fast & Furious
When I posted a photo of this R34 on the fanpage, I didn't understand why some of you guys had to hate so much just because it wasn't a GT-R. (-_-;) If it's because of the GT-R badge, then ok~ I understand. Do remember though that it was used to film F&F and maybe the owner of this car didn't bother retouching the car.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-43
To some others though, they didn't care because it was still a Skyline.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-45
Ted's EK from the side. Sexy eh?

Burbank Go Kart Meet-46
Those SSRs on Randy's ride blinded everyone.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-47
AE86 on SSR Dori Dori wheels! Dori~~~ Dori~~~ I like the name.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-48
Omid is stepping up quickly with his ride. He learned well from his brother Mustafa :)

Burbank Go Kart Meet-49
Ryan's G on 20 in. Vossens. I was talking to him about his wheel setup and he plans on switching them up pretty soon.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-50
Something about White cars <3

Burbank Go Kart Meet-51
Noel's G always repping SSR on the lips.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-52
Jason's swaggy Wagon. Oops~ Geek Wagon :) We were talking about R8s and I learned from him about different R8 models.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-53
Chris's GS that scraped the shit out of the driveway at So You Think You Can STANCE.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-54
Jesse's Celica on rebarreled Blacked out Epsilons. If the whole car was Black, it would look even better. Think about it...Black on Black..ouf!

Burbank Go Kart Meet-55
An indoor section of the Go Kart place was filled with cars and vendors.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-56
Five Axis iQ. This car is so freakin small.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-57
EuroTuner star repping Import Fashion.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-60
Woot Woot! Stay tuned for a video coverage by me. It's hilarious.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-58
One CLEAN Rx-7 FC.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-59
Time Attack FC?

Burbank Go Kart Meet-66
Glad that Carl's IS is getting more exposed in the automotive world.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-65
Had a good time kickin it with my good friends Carl from BP VIP, Alvin from Import Fashion, and EuroTuner star Jose Romo.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-61
Shot of Low N Slow.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-62
Fuuu~~ clean Integra. No idea what color it is, but it looked slick!

Burbank Go Kart Meet-63
Blue on White Enkei NT03+Ms go along pretty well.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-64
Stance on point!

Burbank Go Kart Meet-67
Other than the fake Brides, this Del Sol was clean.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-68
Wow~ Never seen an old gen. Accord on Gram Lights 57S Pros.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-72
You should know this TSX because of it being featured on many blogs. DJ Murdok came with the owner of this car and we had a good talk. After hearing about his trip to Wekfest, I'll definitely try to make it out next year.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-73
Ahhhh!!!! Love this combo.Burbank Go Kart Meet-74
Another shot of Randy's RPS13 on SSRs.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-75
Hahahahahaha something is wrong in this picture :D We were just hanging around inside the lot and heard the Lakers were playing, so we headed to the actual Go Kart building to check out the game.

Burbank Go Kart Meet-69

Burbank Go Kart Meet-70
Actually, Kobe was playing really well in the last quarter, so we all predicted Lakers were going to win. Look at Lebron..puhahahahaha *cough*

Anyways, had a good time with my friends and checking out rides like every week :) Peace!


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