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March 13, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

HIN 2012-44
As mentioned in my coverage, I attended Hot Import Nights right after LTBMW's 2012 meet. I was thinking about staying longer at LTBMW because cars were constantly coming in and the quality of cars were so much better compared to last year's meet, but realizing how much of a struggle I had at HIN 2011 when all the lights were off and tons of people walking back and forth in front of the cars I wanted to take photos of, I left at around 2:15pm to arrive a bit early and take an advantage of my media pass. The actual show started at 3pm, so going in at least 10 minutes earlier was good enough for me.

Now, many of you guys might not know this, but last week's HIN was supposed to happen at Irwindale Speedway along with XDC. What the hell happened? Irwindale Speedway filed bankruptcy, so the place is now gone! Well...not gone, but it's basically closed down. What HIN planned to do got fuked up and instead of cancelling the show, they decided to rent out a different place, which was at Fairplex in Pomona, CA. I'm just glad the show still happened because many enthusiasts missed out on HIN last year and wanted to attend this year's event. I enjoyed myself checking out some new rides when HIN was at Los Angeles, but what I really enjoyed was the overall mood of HIN because it brought back memories when I attended HIN back in middle school! Although I got into the scene last year, my first car show was HIN, so it was pretty dam epic to attend it again last year. I think I went right when the show started and left late because it was so fukin dark inside the convention center I had to wait until the lights were back on to do coverage.

So~ being excited while driving to Pomona, CA, I arrived, got in line to get my pass, and entered a building where HIN was taking place. What I usually like to do before I start a coverage is to walk around the whole area and check out the cars. After taking a quick glance, I walked around and took some snaps. While doing my coverage though, I don't know what the fuk happened, but I lost interest in the show within 40 minutes and this is when the show actually started. I'm not saying the car show sucked at all because it was actually dam good. Tons of models, cars, and people, but I think it was because most of the cars that did show were the ones I usually saw at other car meets/shows. I mean..I've been doing this for months now, so had no clue why this feeling struck me. Am I getting tired of this scene already? or is it because I want to see something new? Ah...fuk it..I don't know what the hell I'm talking about right now, so let's get on with the coverage. The lighting wasn't as bad as HIN in Los Angeles, CA but my camera has its limit, so I did have some difficulties taking shots here and there. Yeap~ the photos will be shitty! I tried to take photos of cars I've never seen before, but like I've just mentioned, most of the cars you will see today are the ones you guys have seen in the previous coverages.

HIN 2012-1
The line was pretty long when I arrived at 2:45pm. Media and models had a separate line to get their passes, so it wasn't a problem for us to go in fast.

HIN 2012-2

HIN 2012-3
A few rides from team Donlyson. I think the the main guy who organized this team was the owner of this 911.

HIN 2012-4
The custom widebody GT-R R35 from Auto Concept Elite.

HIN 2012-5
As expected, ACE came in deep. You won't get to see this team unless it's a major car show like HIN. Here's the Top Secret inspired Supra.

HIN 2012-6
One of my favorite Rx-7 FDs in SoCal.

HIN 2012-7
Ouuu~~ my boy Jose showing with ACE.

HIN 2012-8
It was good seeing John with ACE as well. His Rx-7 FD is awesome! I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but those Volk TE37SLs on the FD is 1 out of the 2 ever made in Japan because of its rare size.

HIN 2012-10
I will get a NSX soon................yea right (^o^)

HIN 2012-9
Import Fashion!

HIN 2012-11
Her name is Gina, so whenever you see this car, just call it Gina.

HIN 2012-12
Luigi's S2000 now on CCWs. Yeap~ he's a wheel whore.

HIN 2012-13
Armand had a difficult time managing the crowd around his car because people were trying to jack his stuff like the battery you see on the wheel, cellphone, and most ridiculously, the spec sheet. Who in the fuking world would try to jack a spec sheet. If you want to copy his wheel setup, then just ask!

HIN 2012-14

HIN 2012-17
Beautiful rides under a booth.

HIN 2012-15

HIN 2012-16
I remember these BMWs with Heavy Hitters last year at Wekfest. It seems like they created a new team called BLK.

HIN 2012-18
ACE members knocked out!

HIN 2012-19
Hollux Industries. Wdup Gedz!

HIN 2012-20

HIN 2012-21
It cracks me up every time I think about Mitch because this guy was.. nvm.. I won't mention it. Mitch is the owner of this slammed VW.

HIN 2012-22
Bernie's ride on one of the new HRE Vintage wheels. Looks legit!

HIN 2012-23
I remember seeing this ride at Dubfest. Pristine!

HIN 2012-24
It was getting crowded at around 3:20pm. Glad I came in a bit early.

HIN 2012-25

HIN 2012-26
Rides from R-Rydes.

HIN 2012-28

HIN 2012-27

HIN 2012-29

HIN 2012-30
Haven't seen Team Outcast for a long time. Vivek's sexy G above.

HIN 2012-31
Road Race's project Eclipse.

HIN 2012-32

HIN 2012-33

HIN 2012-34
Evos from Speed Element. Remember that M3 on neo chrome Work Meisters? That car was repping Speed Element as well.

HIN 2012-35
Blah, sucky photo, but I liked the Volk TE37s on this BMW.

HIN 2012-36
I see Jon Jon's ride~ Love his IS.

HIN 2012-37
Sean is now running on a Vortech Supercharger. I saw the video son! Sounds legit!

HIN 2012-38
Big Mike and his infamous Prelude.

HIN 2012-39
Seeing Mike's NSX rolling in the streets of Ktown, Los Angeles was a scene.

HIN 2012-40
Kelvin switched up his Top Secret Volk TE37s to these Red Volk TE37s. Still looks good.

HIN 2012-42

HIN 2012-43
Cars representing Impressive Wrap.

HIN 2012-45
The models weren't GoGo dancing until like...5pm~ish? but the stage looked pretty awesome.

HIN 2012-46
Charles's S2000.

HIN 2012-47
Simple! The addition of a roll cage and rocking authentic BBS LMs is worth a thumbs up. Wait a sec...what's that van in the back? Is that..Michaelangelo??????

HIN 2012-48
Ou~ Not bad~ An actual FD2 on Time Attack edition Volk CE28ns.

HIN 2012-49
If I remember correctly, this S2000 was on an ITB setup.

HIN 2012-50
My favorite Benz at the back! Not sure if the owner is still selling it, but hope she keeps it!

HIN 2012-52
HIN had an outside section, which is a bit different from the usual HIN we know of. I think because this was not the official HIN event, they switched things up. Noel's G35 representing Low N Slow.

HIN 2012-51
His customized SSR MS1 wheels by wheelflip.

HIN 2012-53
Jesse's 1JZ powered Celica.

HIN 2012-54
Omid's S14 looking even sexier after spray painting those Work VS-MX.

HIN 2012-56
I don't remember seeing this Evo, even the company/team called Emperor Motorsports. They had some nice cars on display.

HIN 2012-57
Z on Work Meisters.

HIN 2012-58
Lexus IS previously featured on Import Fashion.

HIN 2012-59
That is one nice looking Ford Focus.

HIN 2012-61
So much win! I've seen a few performance built CR-Zs online, but not one that was as slammed as this one. Props to the owner.

HIN 2012-62
Dean's tC looking better every time I see it.

HIN 2012-63
Didn't take a snap of Tracy's TSX, but had to take a shot of its 24k dipped CCW.

HIN 2012-64
SC on Wed Kranze Bazreias from Low N Slow.

HIN 2012-65
Andrew's Amuse 370Z <3 You know how much I love your car brotha! and I gotta try out that restaurant soon.
  HIN 2012-66
Ouf~! Saying SUCKA to all the EP3s on the road.

HIN 2012-67
Ga~daym! Air'd out Mustang Shelby GT.

HIN 2012-68
So freakin clean!

HIN 2012-69
There's no rule saying G35s can't run on GT-R R35 wheels.

HIN 2012-70
You guys remember when I said I crack up every time I think of Mitch? This is why.

HIN 2012-71
Want want want!!! My favorite Domestic sports car.

HIN 2012-72
This Evo caught my attention because of the full wire tuck.

HIN 2012-74
Catchy as f*ck.

HIN 2012-75
Not bad~!

HIN 2012-77
Unfortunately, I didn't take any shots of actual models. Yea yea~ I know it was HIN and HIN = Cars + Models, but I left early because I was a bit bored. However, here's a shot of the girls that walked around at Summer Daze car show handing out business cards. Wait..what? Business Cards? Yeap~ they were strippers.
Anyways, looking forward to the next HIN in June. Bye!


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