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March 2, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It's been around a year and 3 months since the official release of Night Import to the public. Starting out with knowing the basics as an automotive enthusiast, I've studied cars as if I was reading a medical book, trying to memorize every single make and model out there, along with its pros and cons. On top of that, getting to know the aftermarket companies in the US and Japan to see what they brought to the automotive table. I've been to more than 250 meets/events last year to learn and understand the community, and throughout those times, cars became a permanent part of my life.
Getting to know cars was obviously a priority as a blogger, but what I realized through those busy times of doing coverage and going to events was not only the cars but the importance of people. It's the people in the scene today that makes this car scene enjoyable and memorable. I started out without knowing anyone. Just Stance was the first blog I started as a photographer, but even back then, I didn't know anyone because the site's main traffic source was from the east coast. After deciding to have my own blog, it's then when things changed tremendously. The random people I came across at meets/events became friends and through those friends, I was introduced to various things in the automotive world. Last year, my blog had its first meet at JIC Magic. With only 2 weeks of notice, the company's lot was filled with cars. It was a small gathering of enthusiasts and I couldn't be any happier.
This year, I wasn't planning on doing a meet or an event. The pressure and stress one gets by organizing one is something I observed last year and I didn't want to go through it. I's all good if you have a good turnout or just a few of your close friends showing up and have fun, but having to find an area where cops won't bother you is like the worst task to deal with. Long story short, I came across an underground parking structure that belonged to a close friend of mine in the car scene. If you guys went to my meet, then you should know it was a part of Descanso Spa. If you didn't come, it's in a small town called Tujunga, CA. When I first saw this place, I was speechless! The lot was pretty dam big and had great lighting. The owner and I had like a 5 minute talk and he said I was more than welcome to borrow the lot for a day. Even after hearing the good news, I was still undecided about having a meet, but because many of you guys asked for it, I made it happen.

Let me tell you how things went yesterday and sorry with the horrible photos I'm about to show you guys. I barely had any time to do coverage because of cars coming in and out till 10:30pm and taking one snap was like a miracle. No joke.
Yesterday, I arrived at the meet location at around 5:00pm, just to see how the lot was again and to clean up the place because it was barely used by the Spa. My friend David Chavez showed up at around 5:30pm to chit chat with me and talk about what was going to happen. Time flew pretty quickly and another friend, EuroTuner star, Jose Romo, came at 6:00pm and we started chit chatting. Around 6:30pm, cars started to come in and it wasn't just one by one, but by groups!

The lot got filled instantly and people were already walking around at 7:00pm.

One person and car I was really surprised to see was Ed Ahn and his S2000. Last time I saw him was 2 years ago at Bulletproof's meet and he decided to show up because it wasn't too far from where he worked. Thanks again Ed for coming!

Amuse inspired 370Z on some 3 piece wheels I saw at SpoCom last year. Thanks for coming sir! At the right was Peter's Evo 10 representing PVR Motorsports. Thanks man!

I actually didn't expect to see any exotics because of not promoting it on their forums, but this Audi R8 rolled in and made everyone drool. I talked with the owner and he came with his son who drives that 350Z you see at the top of this photo. He said if there was going to be another meet, he'll bring out the exotics like a boss :D Thanks guys for showing up and I'll definitely let you guys know if I decide to do this again.

Big ups to SoCalDriven for supporting my blog. These guys have been coming out to meets and events like crazy since last year and always came to the ones I promoted.
I even see my homie Henry's Evo! Man..I seriously love you for coming out to all the things I told you about. Much love brotha (no homo intended).


There were a few NSXs that dropped by! Our first meet had tons of NSXs, but because yesterday was their forums meet, many couldn't make it.

After managing traffic and running back and forth, the lot was packed...and when I mean by packed..I mean to the point where cars couldn't come in and some needed to park in front of other cars. I thought it was around 9:00pm when the lot was filled, but it was only 7:50pm..holy hell!

I had to turn down so many cars because of over-capacity. Very sorry to all you guys who had to do street parking!

I will never forget this day....

What a surprise! A Skyline R32 on Volk TE37s. I didn't get a chance to talk to the owner, but thank you sir for showing up!

Status at 9:00pm..clusterfuk.

Ouuu~ John John John~ This just insane. I'm not going to talk about this car too much because I want to feature it :)

My apology to my good friends BP VIP for not letting them in earlier. I still love you guys!

Team Nuisance! You guys are awesome Our videographer UMWorks is with these guys and he actually came to do a video coverage! HELL YEA! Stay tuned!

Luigi was a big help when it came to traffic. You are the man son! O yea~ by the way guys, don't forget to attend HIN (Hot Import Nights) next week. use code NIGHTIMPORT to get a discount :)


Here's a video by our videographer UMWorks!

I'm sure not everyone was happy about the meet because it was so packed and stuffy. Please do understand it is very difficult to satisfy everyone when there are tons of cars and people at one place. I just hope many of you guys enjoyed the meet because the whole point was to bring the crowd together, hence why it was called a collaboration meet.
Once again, I want to thank those who dropped by and to every Night Import follower and supporter. Without you guys, this meet and my blog wouldn't have been a success. Night Import FOREVER!!!!


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