Special Coverage | In Loving Memory - Benefit Car Meet (Pt. II)

July 28, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Low N Slow Charity-96
Continuing on with this special coverage, I want to give a shout out to our supporters JDM Sport for making this meet happen at their facility. It's more about people than the cars this company cares about, which is why they have a positive reputation in this community today. Once again, 'thank you' and make sure to check out their fanpage.

I left off by introducing Wright Wheels and a few show cars, so let's get back on track.

Low N Slow Charity-64
Although this was a charity meet, Tracy gave a lot of thought on how to make this more than a gathering. Thanks to Johnny Ho from OC Food Trucks and all the others for helping out and thanks to the Food Trucks for attending.

Low N Slow Charity-66
Spotted this lady from Wired on Honda. I've seen her a lot recently and she's been promoting Wired On Honda's Annual meet.

Low N Slow Charity-67
Lexus GS rolling out. He was driving around and just left.

Low N Slow Charity-68
I remember seeing Kevin's ride back in the days when he had some decent wheels and other parts that weren't on the car as you see today. He's been stepping up his game big time so props to him.

Low N Slow Charity-69

Low N Slow Charity-70

Low N Slow Charity-71

Low N Slow Charity-72

Low N Slow Charity-73

Low N Slow Charity-74

Low N Slow Charity-75

Low N Slow Charity-76

Low N Slow Charity-77
SoCalDriven came out to support. Thanks again guys!

Low N Slow Charity-78
JDM Sport's project 370Z, still in the making.

Low N Slow Charity-93
Team Praxis! Much love guys (no homo).

Low N Slow Charity-79

Low N Slow Charity-80

Low N Slow Charity-81
Every time I realize the owner of this Matrix is a female and the car is hot as hell, i clap inside my head.

Low N Slow Charity-82

Low N Slow Charity-83
Team Praxis tank.

Low N Slow Charity-84

Low N Slow Charity-85
JDM Sport's booth.

Low N Slow Charity-88
Random snap of this LS.

Low N Slow Charity-90
If you remember the Accord Wagon in Part 1, I took a closer look into these Volks and realized these small gold caps inside the bolts. Now that's unique and pretty dam sexy.

Low N Slow Charity-92
Luigi's S2000 again.

Low N Slow Charity-94
It was pretty insane for Wright Wheels to raffle out a set of fully polished Lowenharts. Sam from Wright Wheels later on raffled out his set of CCWs.

Low N Slow Charity-100

Low N Slow Charity-110
Allen from Low N Slow came in later on and his ride was looking good like always on those discontinued JIC wheels. Do know that JIC will only focus on making coilovers from now on.

Low N Slow Charity-101
Red faced BBS RSs on this xB.

Low N Slow Charity-102
Molded Stillen body kit on this 300ZX.

Low N Slow Charity-103
Omid taking a look into this truck.

Low N Slow Charity-104
I took a peak and was amazed to see how clean the engine bay was. Absolutely gorgeous.

Low N Slow Charity-105
Camberd RC.

Low N Slow Charity-109
and the comparison.

Low N Slow Charity-111
S2000 on Work Rezax wheels.

Low N Slow Charity-112
What I really don't get are people who bump up their own music when there's a DJ...to a certain volume is fine, but when bumping it up so that almost everyone can hear it, it's just really unnecessary..

Low N Slow Charity-113
Clean DC5! Seen it a few times and always liked the clean look.

Low N Slow Charity-114

Low N Slow Charity-115
450HP STi with Stage 4 ESX kit.

Low N Slow Charity-118

Low N Slow Charity-117
Auto but pulling 580HP.

Low N Slow Charity-116
Thanks to Edgar's sister Selma for these awesome Domos!

Low N Slow Charity-121
Carlos's 350Z on newly finished DPEs. It was red when it got its feature on Stance:Nation.

Low N Slow Charity-95
Thanks to everyone who came out to support the cause. This meet raised $1,700 and it all went to Aleron's family. Once again, thanks!


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