Special Coverage | Anime Expo 2011 (Pt. III)

July 4, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Anime Expo Pt.2--1
This was my first time ever going to Anime Expo and for some reason, I enjoyed every single minute of it, which is why I decided to continue on with the event coverage. Today was actually the 4th and last day of Anime Expo, so I headed down there and met up with a good friend of mine, David Izrailov, to focus on some parts of the event we couldn't cover yesterday. I was expecting a less crowded day, but surprisingly, it was as packed as yesterday, but we managed to walk around the exhibition hall and cosplay area taking shots here and there.

Anime Expo Pt.2--2
It was my third day at Anime Expo and I had to buy something! Most of the products were seriously overpriced, but I managed to get some Naruto Key Chains at the end of the day. By the way, this coverage will include the third and fourth day of Anime Expo.

Anime Expo Pt.2--4
People staying in line to get an autograph by the Voice actor of Full Metal Alchemist.

Anime Expo Pt.2--6
Awesome Domo figures.

Anime Expo Pt.2--7
That ain't good...

Anime Expo Pt.2--8
A famous cartoon back in the days when I used to live in Korea.

Anime Expo Pt.2--9
Anime Key Chains~

Anime Expo Pt.2--10
Go ahead and hate if you want, but Naruto ftw!

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--1
Human size Gundam covered in Part 1 or 2.

Anime Expo Pt.2--12
These Dragbonball figures are no joke.

Anime Expo Pt.2--14

1 2

Anime Expo Pt.2--17

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--4
I call this the 'G' Kirby.

Anime Expo Pt.2--18
Angry Birds and Domos unite.

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--5
Props to this guy with this costume.

Anime Expo Pt.2--19
Make a wish.

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--6
Probably the only guy who attempted to make Domo. Not close, but still high five.

Anime Expo Pt.2--20

Anime Expo Pt.2--22
The girl at the left didn't fit in with the Bleach characters. Where is Inuoue?

Anime Expo Pt.2--23

Anime Expo Pt.2--24

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--10
Prom night.

Anime Expo Pt.2--26
There's David checking out his photos.

Anime Expo Pt.2--27
These cosplay people were in the right spot for perfect lighting.

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--11

Anime Expo Pt.2--28
Just a random snap of Los Angeles.

Anime Expo Pt.2--29
Funny seeing these guys dancing with Korean music.

Anime Expo Pt.2--30
Naruto clan.

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--12
Anime Expo is more than just cosplay and the exhibition hall. There are tons of rooms showing Anime videos, workshops, and even an Arcade room.

Anime Expo Pt.2--31
There's David again playing Initial D.

Anime Expo Pt.2--33
Back to South Hall, spotted the Bleach cosplay crowd.

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--14
No idea who they were trying to be.

Anime Expo Pt.2--35

Anime Expo Pt.2--36
Something wrong with this photo? Look at the person behind the Swat(?) guysUmbrella Corporation Guards.

Anime Expo Pt.2--38
Jack Sparrow getting harassed.

Anime Expo Pt.2--39
Randomly came across these girls.

Anime Expo Pt.2--40
Another Hatsune Miku cosplay model in front of Toyotas booth.

Anime Expo Pt.2--42
I'm sure she was aiming for a guy at the balcony.

1 2

1 2

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--21

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--23
Now most of the males playing cosplay were so-so because they didn't look similar to the characters they were trying to imitate. However, this guy was grabbing attention all around. I realized how much I was out of shape, so starting from today, gotta make that six pack.

Anime Expo Pt.2(V)--25
The closest cosplay character to the original. He sounded and acted the same as Jack Sparrow.

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-15
Continuing on with today's coverage (Day 4).

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-17
Look who David and I spotted today. I'm not sure if they were covering for It's JDM yO! but it's always good to see a site that we know popping up out of nowhere.

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-24
I think she's pretty famous in the cosplay scene. Hot.

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-25

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-26

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-27
I thought Wolverine was made in the US.

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-29
Weeeeee~~~~~ BOOM!!!!

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-12

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-30
Loving the Gundam characters.

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-14
Portgas D. Ace.

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-32

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-33
Outside to the cosplay area and saw this group. I thought he was a she for 0.01 seconds.

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-34

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-17

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-35
David Izrailov.

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-18
Same Hatsune Miku cosplay models during Day 2.

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-20

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-21
What the......huh?

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-36

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-38

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-39

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-22
Ever seen a Gameboy going up an escalator?

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-40

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-25
Cloud again from FFVII.

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-26
Byakuya Kuchiki and Ichigo.

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-41
No idea.

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-27

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-42

Anime Expo Pt.3(H)-44
Right when I was about to leave, saw a group of photographers taking photos of this group. Girl at the right looked very familiar...

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-29
and I realized it was our supporting model Eva Skye.

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-28
Very awesome costume.

Anime Expo Pt.3(V)-31
That's about it! Hope you guys enjoyed our random coverage. Have a good week guys and Happy 4th of July.


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