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July 17, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Last week at Fontana Nissan Meet, I came across a few Skyline R32s parked in front of the registration booth, but there was one that caught my attention along with 2 Red Tracked cars. First of all, you will rarely come across tracked R32s here in Southern California and even rarer, a female driver in the track scene.
Let me introduce you to Kerryann De La Cruz and her Red R32.


Kerryann is not new into the track scene, but already has a history placing on the podium. Matter of fact, she placed on the podium on her recent track event. Every skill and technique were self-taught, which makes her a candidate for our Spotlight.


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Many ask though, why a R32? Surprisingly, Kerryann's first track car was an Evo 9 and she pretty much dominated her class. While in her peak of performance, she came across a Skyline R32 at Fontana Nissan. Without any hesitation, she bought the car and her new adventure began.


At first, Kerryann had a difficult time getting used to the car. Not only was the handling different, but the overall speed and weight of the car effected her performance. But in a matter of time, those flaws were fixed and now, she is known as one of the most competitive trackers.

The car's engine is currently stock, but Kerryann has already planned out what to do. Stay tuned for an even faster and better R32 and watch out for Kerryann if she's on the track!


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