Special Coverage | Cars & Coffee by BP VIP

July 18, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz | Words by William Lee

If you live in Southern California, crew BP VIP should sound familiar. I've known these guys for quite a long time now and featured two of their members ride previously; Norman's Previa and Carl's Lexus IS.
What is this crew all about? Its team name pretty much says it all.
BP VIP = BP "Bippu Pride" VIP (good times + good people + sweet rides).
Last week, BP VIP hosted their own Cars & Coffee at Buena Park and our photographer Nick Schultz was able to attend the meet for a coverage.



The meet was opened to all makes and models. It didn't matter if you drove a VIP car or not.

Ordens completing the VIP look on this GS.

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Of course, a VIP ride can't be called VIP without fitment.

Good to see teams supporting each other. These rides are from Royal Flush.


Luigi's new ride on BBS wheels done by Wright Wheels located in Santa Fe Springs.



Always good to see these VIP rides going out there to show.


What about tucking?

Fitment alert!

It's been awhile since I saw this fitted S13 conv.


Carl's Stylish IS


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Gawd I love this ride...

Perfectly fitted. A great example of a VIP ride.

Laying exhausts baby!



This is what VIP is all about. Attention to detail.


Tucking status.

Repping it strong!
Seemed like a great turnout with awesome rides. Make sure to Like BP VIP's fanpage!


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