White Golf on White BBS

July 29, 2010

Browsing through the VWVortex forums, I came across a clean, sick looking White 03' Golf. The owner is Chris, also known as G-magoo. I usually check the classified section because most of the Golf owners sell some sick a$$ rims and saw Chris selling his customized BBS's. Unfortunately, Chris is selling his car so no more upgrades I guess :(
BUT! I want to show Chris's ride to the stance fans out there. It's not a suprise to see this car being featured on Canibeat or other sites because it is definitely worth a coverage.
Hope this car goes to a great owner.


To help Chris sell his car, and not sure if he already did, but here is the list of mods that I directly copied from the forums:

Motor : ‘04 GLI 1.8t swap (94K on motor and chassis, swap was done 4k ago!!) w/ new water pump/timing belt, plugs and coil packs, serp. belt, every gasket but the head gasket. The motor has a GIAC X+ chip, 3in stainless steel TBE, neuspeed CAI and forge DV. Pulls very strong.

Trans : 2.0 5-spd, which has a shorter final drive than normal GTI transmissions, has a new lightened G60 flywheel and VR6 clutch ( all of these items makes this much quicker than your average chipped GTI)

Wheels : BBS RS, the fronts are 17x9 et27 w/ 205/45 falken 512’s (pictured with 10mm spacers making the final et17), the rears are 17x10.5 et24 w/ 225/45 falken 512’s. The lips are 1.5 up front and 2.5’s in the rear, gold bolts, red and gold centercaps with polished half caps (hexcaps).

Exterior : Helix OEM projector replica headlights w/ 6K HID’s, Rear euro bumper, and polished stubbie antenna, nothing too special. The exterior is not perfect mind you, the paint on the passenger side rear fender is a little brunt/chipped from the rear tire rubbing, it has dings and dents; this is my daily so don’t expect a show car. Not sure if I wasn’t to sell the roof rack with the car, you’ll have to make it worth it for me

For more detailed info: Link

Now to the awesome pictures!! yay!!








Photo credits go to Canibeat, Justin Morrison, and Jonathan Dehate


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