Event Coverage | SEMA 2013 (Pt. II)

December 7, 2013

Night Import: Photography by Kain Chau | Words by William Lee

SEMA2013 (107 of 144) It's time to show you guys are Part 2 coverage on SEMA 2013. I've been really busy, so once again, my apology with the late update on my blog. I have a lot things to share with you guys throughout this month. But before I get to those articles, the second coverage on SEMA will be shared first :)

 If you guys didn't check out our Part 1 coverage, I've mentioned that SEMA is an event where you will see the finest modified cars around the world. Even cars out of the States come down to SEMA, just to get that special attention from spectators, aftermarket companies, and others that are strongly related to the automotive scene. One of the cars that got that attention was the car you guys see above; Job Design's Lexus. I'll get back to it pretty soon, so let's get on with the coverage.

  SEMA2013 (67 of 144)Rohana. I remember seeing this company 2 years ago at SEMA.
  SEMA2013 (70 of 144)That color combo is spectacular.
  SEMA2013 (73 of 144)

SEMA2013 (72 of 144)

SEMA2013 (71 of 144) This E92 has it all. Check out the exhaust (o_o)
  SEMA2013 (74 of 144)

SEMA2013 (75 of 144) Wow....I can imagine myself standing in front of this beauty for 10 minutes.
  SEMA2013 (76 of 144)

SEMA2013 (77 of 144) Not so common to see a Spoon'd out CR-Z.
  SEMA2013 (78 of 144)Hmmmm??
  SEMA2013 (80 of 144)

SEMA2013 (79 of 144) Clean and powerful.
  SEMA2013 (81 of 144)A perfect car to drive during summer.
  SEMA2013 (82 of 144)

SEMA2013 (83 of 144) Monster what? Love how the pipings are in Purple.
  SEMA2013 (85 of 144)

SEMA2013 (84 of 144) Dumped.
  SEMA2013 (86 of 144)Wait a sec...this is not the same M45 that was pretty darn famous few years ago..right? If it is the car I'm thinking about, good to see it out in the scene again.
  SEMA2013 (87 of 144)I know what you're thinking about :)
  SEMA2013 (88 of 144)Wow. Flawless body work.
  SEMA2013 (89 of 144)Muscle.
  SEMA2013 (90 of 144)That color.....
  SEMA2013 (91 of 144)One of the sexiest Prius you will ever see at SEMA.
  SEMA2013 (92 of 144)

SEMA2013 (93 of 144) Euro love.
  SEMA2013 (94 of 144)Those wheels...bright as fuk.
  SEMA2013 (96 of 144)

SEMA2013 (97 of 144) I've known Charles for quite a long time now, and this guy surprises me with his build every single fukin time. Good job man.
  SEMA2013 (98 of 144)I wouldn't mind driving this FRS.
  SEMA2013 (99 of 144)742 Marketing's FRS.
  SEMA2013 (100 of 144)

SEMA2013 (101 of 144) Wowzers....
  SEMA2013 (102 of 144)Done
  SEMA2013 (103 of 144)Gogogogogo.
  SEMA2013 (104 of 144)

SEMA2013 (105 of 144) Can anyone give me some info on this car?
  SEMA2013 (108 of 144)Talking about cars that came outside of the States, here is Mr. Takakuni's car from Japan. He is the CEO/owner of a well known VIP aftermarket company in Japan called Job Design. If you are a fan of the VIP scene, I'm 100% sure you heard about this company.
  SEMA2013 (111 of 144)Track monster.
  SEMA2013 (112 of 144)Hi Lerry.
  SEMA2013 (114 of 144)Riding in style.
  SEMA2013 (115 of 144)Ouuuuuuu RWB got the spotlight at SEMA 2 years ago.  Nakai-san does everything by hand, so everyone was amazed with the flawless work he produced.
  SEMA2013 (116 of 144)BRZ.
  SEMA2013 (118 of 144)

SEMA2013 (119 of 144)

SEMA2013 (120 of 144) No way...Liberty Walk does it again.
  SEMA2013 (139 of 144)Always good to see Big Abe hitting up the biggest car events in SoCal.
  SEMA2013 (124 of 144)Wondering how much this car would cost.
  SEMA2013 (125 of 144)Whoa..NSX on air suspension. Pretty awesome.
  SEMA2013 (126 of 144)THE monster.
  SEMA2013 (127 of 144)Aventador for me sir.
  SEMA2013 (128 of 144)Ahhhh so here is the Version 2 kit by Rocket Bunny for the FRS. What do you guys think? There is a slight change to the front bumper, which I really really like.
  SEMA2013 (131 of 144)R33 by XXR. hahaha I remember this company not allowing anyone to take photos of their wheels.
  SEMA2013 (132 of 144)Well..they do display some awesome cars though..
  SEMA2013 (134 of 144)Is this car legal to drive on the streets?
  SEMA2013 (135 of 144)Vroommmmm
  SEMA2013 (137 of 144)One sexy Audi R8.
  SEMA2013 (140 of 144)Kain did a great job coverage the event in 2 days. Here are some photos he took while heading back to SoCal.
  SEMA2013 (142 of 144)How awesome is this? GT-R R35s.
  SEMA2013 (144 of 144)Lastly, an Audi Kain spotted at a gas station.

 Thank you guys for checking out our coverage. Stay tuned for our coverage on Stance Nation's meet in Japan.


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