Event Coverage | SEMA 2013 (Pt. I)

November 26, 2013

Night Import: Photos by Kain Chau | Words by William Lee and Kain Chau

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Every year in Sin City, also known as Las Vegas, a "premier automotive specialty products trade" event is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Only those who are involved in the automotive industry are allowed to enter and not only will you be surrounded by a bunch of people, but also with the best modified cars in the world. I don't know where to start with my story with SEMA. I think my first attendance to SEMA was....3 years ago? That time period was when I barley got into the car scene, but I was very active here in California. Probably that is one of the reasons why I got accepted to enter SEMA with a few buddies of mine. I remember how amazed I was when I saw the cars because it was nowhere near to the cars I have seen at shows or meets.

Although I haven't been to the SEMA show since then, I always expected SEMA to get better. I mean...the most issued car for every year gets the spotlight at SEMA. For example, last year, Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ was the car that got the spotlight. Hundreds of modified FRSs and BRZs were displayed, as well as other cars, but I don't remember :) This year, I was expecting the same as last year.

Because of my work schedule that has been getting hectic, I couldn't take a week off to attend SEMA and I was going CRAZY! Getting media credentials was not a problem, but because I couldn't attend, I needed someone from our staffs to cover the event. Luckily, my boy Kain (editor) took 2-3 days off from work, drove to Vegas with his beautiful FRS, and covered the event like a boss. He did not have a camera in hand, so the photos you are about to see was taken with a cellphone.

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Here is what Kain had to say about this years SEMA show:

"I don't really get a chance to speak out very much to those Night Import fans out there so I'm glad to be able to post today. Getting a chance to visit SEMA is definitely an honor this year. It's not every year I get to attend a show like this especially for those in the industry. It is so much different attending an event like this which is so diverse in the automotive community. From imports to domestics, classics to modern, cars to vans; this is the show of shows. Sure, it's great being able to view the entire show in the comfort of your own home but so different viewing a build up close and personal. The sheer volume of cars is just phenomenal by itself. I constantly keep forgetting about the size of the event which literally spans for days to view just about everything. And it's not just the quantity of cars but the build quality that many many owners have who stand just one step above the crowd. This is what makes SEMA awesome every year."

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Many of you guys might not know about SEMA. It isn't easy to explain. The cars that are displayed at the event needs to go through a few requirements. It's not like a meet or car show where you can take your car, park it wherever you want to, and just see people walking by and checking your car. I would say many of it has to do with connections or your car needs to be spectacular that it would grab everyones attention. A lot of my friends had the opportunity to enter SEMA with their cars. They have spent numerous days to modify their cars. Their time and sweat is what makes them a candidate to enter SEMA. Not only individuals, but car shops as well.
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You will also see cars with the newest kits in the market today. This GT-R R35 has the BenSopra kit, which was one of the most talked-about kit last year. Seeing this in person would've been an unforgettable site.
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How about some rough classics?
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Liberty Walk is hitting the US market really strong this year. If it is your first time hearing about them, Liberty Walk, also known as LB Performance, is a Japanese tuning company known for their wide-body builds. Even though they are from Japan, their focus has been strong for European cars.
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How about some front Aero.
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First time seeing this rough looking small beast.
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Now, I clearly remember seeing this car at SEMA 2 years ago, but can't recall the name of it. I also remember there was a debate about this car being the "real" model. I might be wrong though.
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Track monster.
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I have never been a huge fan of McClaren back in the days, but recently, it's been growing on me.
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Sitting properly and light as f*ck.
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Not a fan of the "tuck-in" look, but mad props for fixing up an Odyssey.
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Go Green.
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Wides here and there.
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Here is the Gran Turismo concept Corvette Stingray. What do you guys think about this car?
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Awesome to see a FRS with a Vortech Supercharger.
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Holy hell. I forgot the brand of the hood you guys see here, but it is one of my favorites.
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Evo on Gram Lights.
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The wheel and brake combo on this FRS is spectacular.
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I choose the one at the far right...if you know what I mean :)
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Like every year at SEMA, Scion puts on an event called Scion Tuner Challenge. I don't exactly know how the competition starts, but there are 3 Scions that go on head-to-head.
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Colors are always catchy when it comes to the challenge.
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Personally, my favorite. Congrats to the winner.
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F U C K yea. Ken Gushi's newly built FRS.
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No way..really????? Why wasn't it displayed when I went to sema.... :(
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Another FRS sponsored by Gram Lights.
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Is this the 1000hp car?
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Hmm..not too fond about the wide look.
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Approve the matte look.
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You will be mine one day.
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Just a shot.
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CUSCO! Love you guys.
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Well...seems like Kain was interested more to the girl.
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Cusco's FRS is all about track.
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I was always a fan of the Viper.
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What kit is this?
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Nope..too catchy.
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CF hood....hmmm...I used to think CF hoods were the shit back in the days...
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Now this is how you manage a classic.
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Sitting on some stiff H&Rs.
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Like Scion, Lexus also had a challenge/competition. From all the info I received, the winner was this 2014 Lexus IS, designed by Robert Evans. Check out the wide look. The rear is even crazier than the front.
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RocketBunny FRS.
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I have to say this LS is one of the best ones here in the States. I'm sure you guys already know about it. Yes, it belongs to the owner of Stance Nation, Elvis.
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Mad props to Elvis on building this flawlessly.
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I remember seeing this car 2 years ago. Let's just say the build ab~~~~solutely awesome.
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I'm going to stop the coverage right here and continue with part 2 really soon. Have a great one guys and stay tuned.


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