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October 9, 2013

Night Import: Photography by All That Low (Charles Zee Zayas) | Words by William Lee

Hellaflush (46 of 65)

Welcome back to Night Import everyone. It's been a while for me as well to log into my blog and write an actual event coverage haha. Hope everyone is doing well. A lot of shit happened here in the States and I have no idea what the hell is going on. Government shutdown, Obama, Chicken, etc. I know none of this is related to my coverage today, but I just hope everyone is safe and having a good life ya kno?

Few days ago, my boy Charles sent a bunch of photos that were taken at several places. He's been pretty dam busy heading to meets and even hosting his own one. He messaged me few days ago about his meet and told me it was a huge success. I remember back in the days when I had my own meet and more than 300 cars showed up! It was pretty much the same story for Charles. You'll be seeing some cars repping All That Low (Charles's site) throughout this coverage.

Charles covered Hellaflush Japan at Fuji Speedway. As many of you guys know, Fatlace started this event and every single year, the amount of cars that participated increased tremendously. Many of you guys were probably inspired by the flush scene in Japan, but what is pretty interesting is that many car owners in Japan follow the trend or style here in our country. Let's get on with the coverage so that you guys can see it for yourselves.

  Hellaflush (1 of 65)Getting ready for the show. When I was in the scene, I focused on my wheels more than anything on my car lol.
  Hellaflush (2 of 65)

Hellaflush (4 of 65) Not so common to see a flush NSX. Personally, I wouldn't go this low IF I had one.
  Hellaflush (64 of 65)At the corner, Charles spotted a S13 and FRS (Toyota 86) next to each other.
   Hellaflush (7 of 65)Very awesome. Seems like the owner is a huge fan of Speedhunters or the guys from Speedhunters built this car.
  Hellaflush (8 of 65)Very unique with the stance. You can see the rears tucking-in, but the fronts are actually higher than the rear. I'm guessing it is the kit/lip at the front that made the owner think "i'm going to break my lip if I go too low."
   Hellaflush (9 of 65)Rocking some new Rays wheels. You can't really see the wheels, but I can tell by looking at the spokes from the side.
  Hellaflush (10 of 65)Now this is the new Rocket Bunny V2 kit for the FRS/86. This kit might be the next popular one for many FRS owners, because I saw A LOT..and I mean A LOTTT of FRSs rocking the first Rocket Bunny kit.
  Hellaflush (11 of 65)Ouf! Very sexy. Anyone know the kit?
  Hellaflush (12 of 65)Simply done S2000 on Enkei RPF1s.
  Hellaflush (13 of 65)Catchy colors.
  Hellaflush (14 of 65)Definitely looks like the Rocket Bunny kit on this S13. it is the wing and rivets that give it off.
  Hellaflush (15 of 65)OUUUUUU!!! Would love to have this car in my garage. I read a comment on Charle's fanpage about this car not being a "real" one.
  Hellaflush (16 of 65)Hakosuka!! White White! Mine Mine!
  Hellaflush (17 of 65)Are those Diamond Racing wheels???
  Hellaflush (18 of 65)Nicely and cleanly done.
  Hellaflush (19 of 65)Pretty packed.
  Hellaflush (20 of 65)Old school baby.
  Hellaflush (21 of 65)Loving the rear-end of this kit. If I had a FRS, I wouldn't complete the kit with the wing because it will be an eye catcher to cops.
  Hellaflush (23 of 65)Ah!! RWB!!!
  Hellaflush (24 of 65)Absolutely flawless.
  Hellaflush (25 of 65)If you guys had a 911, would you choose RWB?
  Hellaflush (26 of 65)RWB family!
  Hellaflush (27 of 65)Tough, Rough.
  Hellaflush (28 of 65)Fuuuu someone give me some info on this beauty.
  Hellaflush (29 of 65)People + cars = Win
  Hellaflush (30 of 65)Hmm...the Red Z at the back is getting my attention.
  Hellaflush (31 of 65)Love the fitment on this wagon.
  Hellaflush (32 of 65)I know many of you guys are not a fan of Skylines being slammed to the ground. I love it.
  Hellaflush (33 of 65)Less slammed. This R34 would look GORGEOUS if the kit was painted and completed.
  Hellaflush (34 of 65)Few STis that I know of that are slammed to the ground in the States.
  Hellaflush (35 of 65)So clean!
  Hellaflush (36 of 65)Hop hop.
  Hellaflush (37 of 65)O my gawddddddddddd so nice. Volk TE37s on a Skyline matches perfectly.
  Hellaflush (38 of 65)I'm not a fan of this color, as well as the wheels, but I'm sure a lot of time was put-in to this Z.
  Hellaflush (39 of 65)Wow. Haven't seen BBS RSs in a long time. Yea..I know..I don't check out car blogs as much as I used to...
  Hellaflush (40 of 65)On a hellaflush date.
  Hellaflush (42 of 65)"Come this way! Your spot is here!"
  Hellaflush (43 of 65)Those exhaust pipes! You can probably kill someone with them.
  Hellaflush (44 of 65)Hmmmm this S15 looks very familiar...
. Hellaflush (45 of 65) Drift?
  Hellaflush (47 of 65)Thinking.....
  Hellaflush (48 of 65)This Aristo fits my taste. Check out the details on this beauty. Projectors, side mirror LEDs, etc.
  Hellaflush (49 of 65)Who is down to drift tonight.
  Hellaflush (50 of 65)Yes Yes Yes! A good example of how to make an old car look clean.
  Hellaflush (51 of 65)TE37SLs .

Hellaflush (52 of 65) More cars rolling in.
  Hellaflush (53 of 65)and the line gets longer.
  Hellaflush (54 of 65)Pretty sure these guys were having fun.
  Hellaflush (55 of 65)Kids, let's go to school!
  Hellaflush (56 of 65)Nicely done RPS13.
  Hellaflush (57 of 65)Those wheels look like Garsons!
  Hellaflush (58 of 65)Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice.
  Hellaflush (60 of 65)Always good to see clean cars.
  Hellaflush (61 of 65)Sick.
  Hellaflush (62 of 65)This mini-van was rocking Charles's blog decal! Awesome man!
  Hellaflush (65 of 65)Ending it with an oldy but a goody.

 Hope you guys enjoyed the photos covered by Charles! We'll definitely be back with more coverages and features. Have a great day! and why the fuk is it raining in California today! ARGH!


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