Nightlight | Bagged Golf

August 5, 2013

Night Import: Photography by Dan PurpuraJim Davis | Words by William Lee

golf 3 Once in a while, I like to bring you guys something simple, yet surprising. I know there aren't many "stance" or "fitment" fans today in the scene, but for those who actually appreciate it, the support and love goes on forever. As a stance fan myself, I wanted to feature this clean Golf R shot by our contributors Dan Purpura and Jim Davis. This car comes all the way from Chicago and the story beings right now.

  Volkswagen Golf R

Recently, it's been difficult to distinguish if a car is on air or coilovers. Here in the States, the road condition is not as horrible as where some of you guys live, but many of us in California have been switching to air ride just to go over horrific bumps or potholes that are encountered almost every 100 feet. I'm pretty sure the owner of this car thought the same way as most of extremely dropped car owners.
  golf 6

golf4 As you can see from the side, the fitment is nearly perfect.
  golf 5

golf1 Dropped on a kit by BagRiders are a set of custom colored CCW Classics in custom candy purple.
  Volkswagen Golf RNot an extreme stretch to the tires, but the importance of slight tuck under the fenders and rear quarter panels make the drop look gorgeous.
  golf2Just to add a little spice to the look of the car, a bike rack was added on.
  golf rig

Volkswagen Golf R Simple, clean, and sexy.

 Thanks again to Jim and Dan.


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