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May 22, 2013

Night Import: Photos and words by William Lee


Harro! So many events are coming up and I'm sure many of you guys planned out everything; either showing your car or attending an event. I've been so out of the scene, I don't know what is what these days. All I know is that Wekfest is this Saturday, Autocon will be on June 1st, and SpoCom, Motion Auto Show, etc. etc. will be happening soon. I will be attending a few, so spot me! Well today, I was looking through my facebook fanpage, checked out some blogs to see what was new in the scene, and browsed through my phone to see what kind of cars I spotted this year. If you follow me on Instagram (@wlee87), you probably saw most of the photos I'll be posting up today, but if not, then check it out! By the way, the photos were taken with my Galaxy Note II (Note ROCKS!), so don't expect crazy ass photos.

The car you see up there is a 1998 Benz S600 owned by my good friend Dino. It is rocking Brabus Monoblock IIIs and a full Wald kit. Windows are tinted (dark as fuk), trunk area was wrapped, as well as the sides, etc. Not sure what he will do next, but if you want to see it, just come to koreatown (^_^)v

Spotted this gorgeous AMG on Catalina and 6th Street where Spot Coffee is. Dino and I were together and we were staring at this car for a long time. Loved the sound!
   20130217_110804I remember seeing this FRS at Little Tokyo when I went to Daikokuya. The fitment was gorgeous. I think it is on the Five Axis kit. If not, help me out here.
  20130302_141128Ouf! I've seen this car a few times in ktown. A McLaren mp4-12c cruising on 6th street.

A Maserati!

When I was at a birthday party at Teum (틈), this guy was smoking Lamborghini cigs, so I had to take a pic.

20130413_185300 First time ever seeing an Audi R8 in Koreatown. What surprised me was when I saw a 16 year old looking boy driving this car (o_o)
  20130420_202827Another shot of Dino's car before heading to Gaam Lounge.
  20130519_124015Looked clean, so SNAP!
  IMG_20121213_193323After eating KBBQ at Hae Jang Chon, I spotted this Benz on aftermarket wheels. Didn't look bad.

At Cafe Mak.

Someone sent me this pic of a tC representing my blog. THANKS!
  IMG_20121228_191211I'll be making more random posts like today, so check out my blog more often. 
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