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May 12, 2013

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas (All That Low) | Words by William Lee

Japan-0035 How's it going everyone! It seems like the hot days are coming soon, because here in California, it's been hot as hell, so you know what that means~ car shows! I'll be making a separate post this week on upcoming car shows so stay tuned. Yeap yeap, you'll be seeing NI staffs and I at those shows, so don't forget to holla.

By the way, the blog itself has been quiet, so my apology once again. But every time I come back to post something on the blog, you know it's going to be good. Today, you will be going on a tour to very famous places in Japan. Our contributor Charles visited several places during this past 2 months, first being Fuji Speedway, ASM Yokohama, and Kawasaki, Japan. First off, let's check out Fuji Speedway.

  Japan-0007Seeing the Ferraris (main photo) would have been an epic moment to Charles because you don't see these beauties all together at once. We all know by now that at events, other than the show cars, you'll bump into gorgeous cars at parking lots, like this Skyline dr30.
  Japan-9450Ouf! That fitment and stance. Gotta love it. Don't know where this car was captured, but I would've followed it for awhile.
  Japan-9452Time to check out some drift cars! What a unique color combo.
  Japan-9455Just clean.
  Japan-9456Checking out something at the rear.
  Japan-9471Looks monstrous for some reason. Those headlights remind me of a Hakosuka I saw at some blog.
  Japan-9473It's amazing how some of these drift cars are kept so clean.
  Japan-9496Gotta stand out with the exterior look.
  Japan-9503Another example of a clean car.
  Japan-9253A visit to the infamous shop, Autobacs ASM Yokohama. If you just got into the car scene, ASM by Autobacs will obviously be unfamiliar, but to many of you guys that love S2000s, I'm sure ASM is one of the aftermarket companies you guys favor the most.

Japan-26 Of course, S2000s. Did you check out our small feature of the Widebody ASM S2000 by Kaoru Shoji? Click here.
  Japan-2"The stage no one can reach. Yes, we can! 'ASM Autobacs'"
  JapanAnother S2000.
  Japan-4Is this....heaven????
  Japan-5I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE Recaro seats. Yes, there are plenty of aftermarket companies that make seats, but Recaro is #1 in my list. ASM Yokohama is one of the largest Recaro shops in Japan. If you can't find a certain model at some store, then go to ASM Yokohama.

Japan-8 Seats fukin everywhere.
  Japan-10Seems like a customer.
  Japan-23Check out those seats for kids.
  Japan-24A last look at the seat section.
  Japan-3I don't know much about Saclam, but after checking out their site, it seems like they specialize in exhausts for variety of cars.
  Japan-6Never seen this car before? It's a ASL Garaiya. A modified ASL Garaiya was in the Super GT series in the class of GT300. This beauty is sitting on Volk Racing CE28ns and in between the spokes, AP Racing BBKs.





Japan-19 Some goodies.
  Japan-21What you see is a Toda Race Engine, surrounded with a carbon fiber box.
  Japan-18Once you go to ASM Yokohama, you would come across the infamous widebody ASM S2000, but it seems like it wasn't present when Charles went for a tour.
  Japan-28Where magic happens.
  Japan-0004Lastly, time to take you guys to Kawasaki where night drifting is very popular.

Japan-0011 I would love to visit VIP aftermarket shops when I go to Japan next year.

Japan-0402 Cheaaaaa
  Japan-5180Magician drift team is famous in the drifting scene. These guys definitely know how to go sideways.
  Japan-5326Check out the crowd.
  Japan-7926Simply done.
  Japan-7933Ending the coverage with a R34 that was spotted at Yokohama Bay Bridge. Thanks for checking out the coverage and ups to Charles (All That Low).


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