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June 3, 2013

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

AutoCon (67 of 95)

What a week of excitement. Since the day I met up with special people few weeks ago, I was looking forward to attend one of the biggest events in California; AutoCon. If you have been active in the car scene, then you know the history of AutoCon. This particular show started out at an underground parking structure few years ago. It was definitely a huge success, considering many shows not having a huge crowd of automotive enthusiasts. Since then, the show gradually moved its location to a bigger venue, having more than hundreds of people and cars in attendance.

As mentioned above, the special people were Justin and Nate, the hosts of AutoCon. We, including my friend John Zhang (1013mm), had a long discussion about the goal and purpose of AutoCon and I couldn't be more pleased with what they had to say. It wasn't all about the 'success' or 'money', but bringing together all the enthusiasts at one place to express their 'passion' for cars. If you check out AutoCon's official website, you will know that their next event will be at a different state. It's just a start for AutoCon and they might be hosting an event at your state in the near future.

Last Saturday, AutoCon's first event of this year was held at Santa Anita Park, California. I believe this was the same location where AutoCon was held last year, but because of my busy schedule that time, our contributor Nick Schultz attended to do a coverage for my blog. This year, I just had to make it, even though I had work early in the morning.

  AutoCon (2 of 95)

I had a busy schedule on Friday, so I was a bit worried waking up early in the morning. There is a club organization called AL Party that I am promoting for, and that event ended at 3:30am. I came back to my pad, slept for only 3 hours, and headed out to AutoCon with my boy Edgar Lozoya, the editor/contributor for my blog. Yea...I was hungover like hell, but stayed awake by slapping myself several times. Upon arrival, I spotted a team that I haven't seen since my last attendance at a car show. R-Rydes recruited more spectacular cars.
  AutoCon (1 of 95)Gorgeous Blue G on SBC finished SSRs.
  AutoCon (3 of 95)Veilside NSX that was seen at HIN last year.
  AutoCon (4 of 95)That CF hood on the GT-R looked exotic.
  AutoCon (5 of 95)Ahhhhh!!!! A huge fan of Wald Black Bison kits.
  AutoCon (6 of 95)I'll be back with this Liberty Walk M3.
   AutoCon (7 of 95)Edgar and I arrived when all the cars were beginning to stage, so I'll start off with some cars that we encountered at the entrance. Here is a Genesis Couple on White Volk TE37s. These wheels will never die.
  AutoCon (8 of 95)Dropped on AG M560s.
  AutoCon (9 of 95)This classic Z looked really familiar. I found out it was Kevin Yeung, owner of the White Varis Evo.
  AutoCon (10 of 95)Buddy Club repping FRS.
  AutoCon (11 of 95)Gawd dam...look at those concaved Rotiforms. Bright as fuk.
  AutoCon (12 of 95)Good to see Mike's Job Design GS. If you saw this car last year, it was White with some Black highlights. This time, Mike decided to change its car color to Red. I believe it was wrapped.
  AutoCon (13 of 95)Back to this M3. I've been out in the scene for quite a long time now, so I have no idea how this car was made, but I do know it was worked on at LTMW (known to be LTBMW). Not too long ago, it was supercharged! Vroom~ If you don't know about this widebody kit, it was made by Liberty Walk LB Performance.
  AutoCon (14 of 95)Seen this guy somewhere...maybe at Gaam....or at LTMW....haha John Zhang's (1013mm) 1 series on SSRs.
  AutoCon (15 of 95)At Toyo Tires booth, I spotted a car I have shot few years ago. The owner is a good friend of mine, but he didn't attend the show. What you see is a Do-Luck widebody Evo 9. It was Black on Top Secret TE37s, White on Red TE37s, and now, White on Takata Green TE37s.
  AutoCon (16 of 95)David's changed S2000. Love it!
  AutoCon (17 of 95)One of the few Rocket Bunny FRSs I saw at AutoCon. It was my second time seeing an actual Rocket Bunney FRS, but I have seen plenty online.
  AutoCon (18 of 95)Was this classic BMW Blue before? Forgot...
  AutoCon (19 of 95)Drive M7 with their FRSs.
  AutoCon (20 of 95)Ouf, such a clean Lexus SC. Looks like it is ready to drift.
  AutoCon (21 of 95)Royal Flush.
  AutoCon (22 of 95)Where were you Ray???
  AutoCon (23 of 95)Another shot of Royal Flush.
  AutoCon (25 of 95)Job Design!!! Looking forward to attend SpoCom.
  AutoCon (26 of 95)Line of sexy wheels. Guess them from right to left.
  AutoCon (27 of 95)Clean clean clean.
  AutoCon (28 of 95)I remember the owner re-locating the intercooler.
  AutoCon (29 of 95)Chris Davidson change cars almost every 6 months. Glad he picked this S4. The rear-fitment was right on.
  AutoCon (30 of 95)Randy's famous G.
  AutoCon (31 of 95)Y'all know this ride..right?
  AutoCon (32 of 95)

AutoCon (33 of 95) Once again, the Veilside NSX.
  AutoCon (34 of 95)Slammed!
  AutoCon (35 of 95)Fuk yea! Look at that camber!!! Props! *pounds chest x2*
  AutoCon (36 of 95)

AutoCon (54 of 95) What was unique about this FRS compared to all the other widebody ones, was that this one had the LuxMotion kit molded, rather than riveted. It was different, but what I did not favor was the positive camber in the front. I might be wrong, but I saw more than 5 cars with positive camber in the front, just to make the fitment look right. :/
  AutoCon (55 of 95)

AutoCon (37 of 95) Widebody kit from Liberty Walk?
  AutoCon (39 of 95)LTMW repping BMW.
  AutoCon (40 of 95)3 series on dark blue CCWs.
  AutoCon (41 of 95)Courtney's sexy ride on SSRs.
  AutoCon (43 of 95)Check out that color combo (o_o)
  AutoCon (44 of 95)Liberty Walk inspired?
  AutoCon (45 of 95)Love clean cars.
  AutoCon (46 of 95)A lot of R35s attended at AutoCon.
  AutoCon (47 of 95)I love the Spoon hardtop for S2000s.
  AutoCon (48 of 95)More cars were coming in.
  AutoCon (49 of 95)Catchy!
  AutoCon (51 of 95)Luigi went with a whole different look with his S2000.
  AutoCon (50 of 95)How legit!

AutoCon (52 of 95)Cars representing 88 Rotors.

AutoCon (53 of 95)Good to see Armand again. This car is famous all around the world. I'm sure you remember his car being on Work Meisters, but he decided to go with a different look, changing the wheels to Blitz.
  Japan-100952I drooled.....
  AutoCon (57 of 95)Told you John and Courtney that I was going to post this photo on my blog :)
  AutoCon (58 of 95)Can I have a Ferrari?....please???
  AutoCon (59 of 95)Will be my next next car....my next car will be a secret :)
  AutoCon (60 of 95)Another shot of that Rocket Bunny FRS.
  AutoCon (61 of 95)One of the FRSs that competed at SEMA's Scion Tuner Challenge last year.
  AutoCon (62 of 95)You have to see the wrap on this car in person. It has this bluish pearlish metallicish...anyways..you get the point.
  AutoCon (63 of 95)Classic!
  AutoCon (64 of 95)Ouf! One tough looking Chrysler 300C.
  AutoCon (65 of 95)

AutoCon (68 of 95) RHD FD2.
  AutoCon (69 of 95)Right or left?
  AutoCon (70 of 95)Fitted BMW wagon.
  AutoCon (71 of 95)Lerry's ride representing ARK Performance. How come out of all the events this year, I didn't see you at this one...I HATE YOU!
  AutoCon (72 of 95)Marcus from team RAREJDM supercharged his ride few weeks ago. Looked awesome!
  AutoCon (73 of 95)Another G from RAREDJM that also got supercharged.
  AutoCon (75 of 95)

AutoCon (74 of 95) Like a boss!
  AutoCon (77 of 95)More Euros were rolling in.
  AutoCon (78 of 95)Love this car. I believe it belongs to the owner of The Chronicles.
  AutoCon (79 of 95)Sup~Sup~Supra!
  AutoCon (80 of 95)Mike's famous NSX on Goldies. MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  AutoCon (81 of 95)Steve didn't bring his R35. No idea why, but he drove-in with a M5.
  AutoCon (82 of 95)Every time I see a NSX, I look at it for more than 5 minutes. No joke.
  Japan-105736Everyone knows this car :) Robert got 1st place for the Finest FR-S/BRZ.
  AutoCon (84 of 95)No idea who this car belonged to, until I saw a arm that was as big as my face. Good seeing you Vincent!
  AutoCon (85 of 95)Now...I told you guys my next next car will be a NSX, but why is it that every time I see a Supra, I change my mind...shit.
  AutoCon (86 of 95)Old school baby!
  AutoCon (87 of 95)John's NSX. Good seeing you buddy. I heard you come down to Ktown once in awhile. Hit me up!
  AutoCon (88 of 95)Slammed as usual :)
  AutoCon (89 of 95)Bulletproof's S2000 in Top Secret Gold.
   AutoCon (90 of 95)Carl Carl Carl....you amazed me...
  AutoCon (91 of 95)Luxury Abstract for the win.
  AutoCon (92 of 95)This was around 11:30am and cars were still rolling in.
  AutoCon (93 of 95)JP's Cressida on BBSs. Still love it JP. By the way, you gotta change tires son!
  AutoCon (94 of 95)

AutoCon (95 of 95) Glad I got to see Ojay's Estima. Such a fresh look and change.

 If I didn't have work on the day of AutoCon, I would have stayed until the end, but because I had to take care of important business, I had to leave early. It was really good seeing all you guys that I haven't seen for about a year. I saw some crews/teams while walking around, but I had to finish my coverage in a short amount of time, so hope you guys understand. Also, I want to apologize for the shitty photos. When I woke up on Saturday to check my DSLR, the camera was so fuked up! Images were full of dust. That's when I decided to use my Note II phone. I promise you guys that the next event I attend will be covered with a better camera. Thank you guys for checking out my coverage. Have a great week and see you fans soon!


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