Random NightLife: Tour on Job Design

May 8, 2012

Night Import: Photo by Brian Kato | Words by William Lee

Job Design-11

Welcome back! I'm finally bringing you guys some content to enjoy. It took me awhile to get these photos edited, submitted by my good friend Brian Kato, who recently went to Japan and visited a few companies and events. He actually shared his photos with us on D1GP, so if you missed his coverage, click here to check it out.
Today, I'll be taking you guys on a tour to the famous VIP company in Japan called Job Design. Brian Kato himself drives a VIP Fuga here in the states and is a big fan of Job Design, so it was one of his listed plans to visit the company when he went to Japan. I personally love this company as well because of the luxurious and exotic style the kits hold and goes so well with a few chassis, especially Lexus. It's not so common to see a Job Design Lexus GS or LS here in the states, but if you get to see one in person, you literally stand at one spot, staring at the car for a few minutes. After seeing so many VIP rides last year, I'm planning to move to a VIP chassis instead of the Rx-7 FD I planned on getting. I mean...I just got a better position in work and have to meet a few lawyers here and there, so why not drive a boss'd out car in koreatown, right? :D Let's check out the coverage by Brian.

Job Design-1

I don't know much about the transportation life in Japan, but I do know for a fact that their traveling systems are way more convenient than the US. You don't even need a car to travel in Japan because the subway system is so well built and organized. This train called Kyushu is a bullet train, aka shinkansen, that took Brian down to the area where Job Design was located.
  Job Design-2

Off at some station..
  Job Design-3

O dam!!! How would you feel if a Lamborghini was waiting for you at an entrance.
  Job Design-4

If I'm not mistaken, this is Takakuni-san's own Job Design Lamborghini Gallardo. Takakuni-san is the owner of Job Design and the mastermind behind every single kit that was made under the company's name. If you think about all the kits that came out for the Lexus GS and LS, then you know what I'm talking about.
   Job Design-5

A shot of Brian and Takakuni-san's Lambo.
    Job Design-6

Catchy color combo~!
  Job Design-8

I have no clue on why Brian took this shot, but I'm going to speculate it will be the new area where Job Design will move to. Like I said, I'm just speculating.
  Job Design-9

Job Design-10

Here we are at Job Design HQ!
   Job Design-12

Brian, Takakuni-san, and the staffs from Job Design.
   Job Design-13

The owner showing Brian the new Job Design kit for the Lexus LS460.
   Job Design-15

Job Design-18

The exhaust tips!
  Job Design-19

I'm already digging this kit pretty badly.
  Job Design-20


  Job Design-21

Job Design-22

Parked outside was this Job Design's Difference Kitted SC. One of the best kits out there for this car.
  Job Design-24

This Red SC was on the Hybrid kit.
  Job Design-25

Job Design Lexus GS being worked on.
  Job Design-26

Ouf! Gotta love VIP vans.
  Job Design-28

Fitment on point! Gawd dammit! I want a van now...
   Job Design-29

Uhh ohhh~~~ It's a Fuga!
  Job Design-30

Of course Brian needs to give it a thumbs up :D
  Job Design-32

Job Design-34

Job Design-35

Close-up shot of the turn signals that were converted to LED panels.
  Job Design-36

Exhaust tips. Simple, yet elegant.
  Job Design-38

Job Design-39 

Exotic looking wheels.
  Job Design-40

I realized the company wasn't as big as other aftermarket companies in Japan. It was actually more impressive to know that so many kits came out from this small shop.
   Job Design-41

Hey! Keychains??
  Job Design-42

Whadup to NI fans!

  Job Design-44 

Holy crap..look at the size of that trophy...WOW!!! It was the first place award from the 2002 All Japan Dress Up car contest, a trophy/award that pretty much led him to stardom.

  Job Design-45

Benz B-class on Work Schwertz SC2s. By far one of the sickest Bikes I've ever seen.

Job Design-48

Wow..one of the sickest Bikes I've ever seen...
   Job Design-49

Job Design-52

Job Design-51

Job Design-54

Brian is now a boss.
  Job Design-56

That's about it with the tour of Job Design. It was really a pleasure for Brian to share some of the photos he took at the company because I love Job Design and look forward to see the upcoming kits for different VIP chassis.
  Job Design-57

Thanks again to Brian and Takakuni-san for the awesome tour of his company.


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