Event Coverage | Motion Auto Show 2012 (Pt. III)

May 24, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

MAS 2012-205
Why does it feel like the week is going faster than usual? I remember writing up part 1 on Monday, but it's already Thursday and I'm writing the final part of my Motion Auto Show coverage. O well~ It might be good for some of you guys who felt as if these past few days were slow as hell.
Today's coverage will cover the other parts of the showcase area and I'll be talking about some random things that I observed throughout the show. I actually stayed until 6pm chilling with my boys at Import Fashion's booth, but didn't get a chance to hear the awards being announced. I have no idea why I missed the last part...because....I can't remember what the hell I was doing. Those dam gummy bears...Ged..you know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyways, in the words of comedian David So, "LGI son! Let's get it! Let's go!"

MAS 2012-149
What you see is the first Scion FR-S Roadster. I'm sure many of you guys already left a deposit to your local Scion dealership to buy the all new Scion FR-S. Personally, I will not be getting one even though I'm switching up cars pretty soon. The car itself has great aftermarket support and has so much potential when it comes to power, but I just don't have that feeling or need to purchase one. I'm sure the Scion crowd will get much better compared to the years when the tC was out.

MAS 2012-208
Right next to the Scion FR-S were nicely modified cars displayed under MPC Forged wheels.

MAS 2012-148
I wasn't too fond of the wheel design on this Panamera 4, but the overall fitment was on point.

MAS 2012-147
From the rear.

MAS 2012-150
One of my favorite cars out of all the brands and models out there from the past to current is the NSX. The exotic and extinguishing lines give me the chills.

MAS 2012-151
Such a beautifully fitted GT-R R35 on BBS LMs.

MAS 2012-152
A few Voltex aero parts looking good on this Evo fitted with Volk RE30s.

MAS 2012-153
Bumped into my boy John Marinas (owner of the Yellow Rx-7 FD) and he was showing off the upcoming HIN event flyer because both of his cars were on it :D

MAS 2012-156
There were plenty of booths at MAS, but the one that made the loudest noise was probably Import Fashion's. IF pretty much had its own party.

MAS 2012-157
Steve from Liquid Kiss filming something... I have no clue.

MAS 2012-158
If I had to choose 5 cars that I liked the most from MAS, this STi built by GarageSpec would make it into my list. There were a lot of high-end parts on this car, such as the full Voltex kit, FRP vented hood, and the wheels that you don't usually see anymore, which are Dunlop Rozest SS-01 Competition wheels. Yes...I love wheels and try to memorize every single make and model as if I'm studying for a medical exam. Don't judge me.

MAS 2012-159
The lovely Lexus IS-F, aggressively fitted on Vossen wheels. Check out that truck spoiler~ If this is the same car I saw at LTBMW's meet, then that's a new product on the car because I didn't see it before.

MAS 2012-160
Gotta love a Voltex Evo. It looks pretty darn good on those Red Volk TE37SLs.

MAS 2012-161
Ok...I want to buy TE37SLs now...

MAS 2012-162
Guess the car (^-^)

MAS 2012-163
Yeap~! It's a DC5. Eric's Back Yard DC5 has been in the scene for quite a long time now and he's been winning a lot of awards throughout those years. If I'm not mistaken, he won 2 awards. Usually when someone wins an award, you see him/her all excited and stuff, but Eric was all cool about it....like a boss.

MAS 2012-164
I'm sure for those who went to MAS saw the Hakosuka hiding behind a tent. I heard the owner took it to Targa Trophy and because it was all beaten up (in a good way), he decided to make it rest by being inside the shade.

MAS 2012-166

MAS 2012-167

MAS 2012-177
Hello there Oscar~

MAS 2012-168
He be rolling hard like a motha fuka! Gawd dam this Chrysler looks like a boss.

MAS 2012-169
M~ m M!!!! So shexy.

MAS 2012-170
So back to that LS430 I showed you guys in Part 1, this car will also make it into my top 5 cars at the show because of so many things that were customized to fit the car. I didn't even know what body kit it was on.

MAS 2012-171
Look at that gorgeous Red interior.

MAS 2012-172
Shiny and clean as f*ck.

MAS 2012-173
One more shot. *Applauding*

MAS 2012-174
Models on Ruckuses.

MAS 2012-175
I thought this was the car I saw at SEMA, but it's somewhat similar looking to the LS I saw at SEMA.

MAS 2012-176
Never tired of seeing Ojay's LS. I think I've seen it at almost every meet and event here in SoCal. Congratz on the win!

MAS 2012-178
Junction Produce ❤

MAS 2012-179
You'll be seeing more of Cusco products and their booth at events. Keep an eye on these guys because they are just starting to blow up here in the US. Btw, HI STEVE!

MAS 2012-180
It was a privilege to see this Rx-7 FD from Falken drifting at Sideway Sundays. There were 10~15 staffs inside the track on that day and we were able to see this car up-close. To see the small feature I wrote, click here.

MAS 2012-4
Justin Pawlak's Rx-7 FD again.

MAS 2012-182
Spotted DJ Pow doing his thang at Falken's booth.

MAS 2012-184
That AMG ass.

MAS 2012-189
Gawd dammit...the fitment and kit made me almost faint.

MAS 2012-185
Until Danh from More Japan decided to do a Ninja move in front of me, messing up that mood...

MAS 2012-186
Back to the unique Lexus CT 200h again. Now, this car was seriously unique in so many ways, it literally made everyone look at the car in awe because it was so dam sparkly. Look at those crystals on the emblem, mesh, wipers, doors, etc. The Aimgain kit was looking sick though.

MAS 2012-188
You need guts to slap these crystals on the car and drive it around your town, because personally, I wouldn't do it. Either way, props to the owner for doing something different.

MAS 2012-187
Because the Lexus above was in SSR's booth, I took a shot of the all new SSR MS3. You can tell it's new because of the NEW! sign at the lower right.

MAS 2012-190
Ok. It's time to talk about models. Wait..sorry..girls who come to car shows who decide to model. One thing I like about MAS is that most of the known models keep it classy throughout the show. When I mean by classy, I'm talking about not being half naked with bitchy attitudes. Most of the models I saw at MAS were awesome. They were looking good, nice, interacting with spectators, etc.
But you'll obviously come across a group of girls who don't know jack about what they're doing because probably they were recruited just for fun or had a look appealing to one guy within a small modeling organization. Now one thing I saw that was pretty stupid was this girl pretty much making out with her boyfriend when she came to model. I know a few popular models that aren't single and do come to car shows with their bf, but never have I seen a scene like this before. You either see the couples usually helping each other out, but not making out.
Seriously...wth is this? I'm not jealous or anything and I wouldn't be jealous in any way beacuse I go to car shows because of cars, but if you come to a car show to model and at the same time decide to make out with your boyfriend, gtfo. How in the world will shy photographers even take a photo of you when they'll be thinking "o shit, it's her bf, i'm gonna get my ass kicked if I take a photo of her." ........... (-_-;)

MAS 2012-192
Moving on to cars again... (^_^)v... another favorite at MAS was this classic Datsun 510 representing Team Hybrid.
This car was so clean bottom to top, right to left.

MAS 2012-196
WALD Black Bison Lexus LS600h that was the cover in my part 2 coverage.

MAS 2012-197
LS swapped Rx-7 FD.

MAS 2012-198
The infamous AE86 from R-Rydes. I always expect this car to get 1st place in the old school or Toyota category, but it won 3rd place in the Toyota class. The car did win Best Engineering though, so that pretty much made it up.

MAS 2012-201
Ryan usually takes 1st place in the Mazda category at almost every event in SoCal, and surely enough, he won 1st place.

MAS 2012-199
If I do get a Cadillac, this car is an example of how it would look like. No joke.

MAS 2012-200
From far away, Ballade Sports Spoon S2000.

MAS 2012-202
When it comes to exotic looking Domestics as well as being f'ing powerful, D3 is the company to visit.

MAS 2012-203
OOOOuuu~~~!! Look who decided to show his car for the first time? Steve's GT-R R35 was featured on our site not too long ago. He's been keeping it down-low because of his busy life, but KW suspension asked him to come out and he actually did. Such a surprise.

MAS 2012-204
100% smog legal LS swapped Mazda Rx-7 FD. I have no idea why I identified this car as a Miata before lol My bad!

MAS 2012-206
Took a close-up shot of Luigi, also known as Mr. HIN.

MAS 2012-207
Ah yes!! M7 Japan, which is a well-known aftermarket company in Japan, had its own booth at MAS and brought out there project GRB STi. This car was absolutely sick!

MAS 2012-226
Glad I came across this Voltex Evo because I had a good time checking it out. Such an awesome color combo and a lot of quality parts.

MAS 2012-213
After a good walk around the showcase area, I decided to check out the Bikini contest, which was held at the main stage. Look at these people!

MAS 2012-214
It would be awesome if a crowd like this was around a car....

MAS 2012-224
Amy Ames doing her thang in a student outfit..bikini..clothing..whatever you want to call it.

MAS 2012-223
I didn't notice that security guard until I saw this photo. How in the hell did he resist the temptation to not turn around and see the ass of that model when everyone in front of him went crazy. Props to you sir!! Look at his face. Keeping it straight! O yea.. and Jeri Lee is hot.

MAS 2012-222
This was the crowd in front of him. LOL

MAS 2012-227
Being hungover and at the same time not eating anything other than candy that I snatched from a few booths, my friends and I decided to head over to CPK right across the convention center.

MAS 2012-228
The food wasn't bad at all, but I ordered a simple vegetable sandwich and it took them 1 hour to bring out the food. Even worse, the waitress was asking if we needed a box when the food wasn't even out. Wtf? if that was the case, why in the world would we walk into a restaurant and sit down at a table? (--;)

MAS 2012-229
Shiet was small..but it tasted pretty good...

MAS 2012-232
One of the worst dinners I ever had, but looking at this combo made it up.

MAS 2012-234
Ending the coverage with this bad ass 62 Impala.

Hope you guys enjoyed my coverage. It's been a long time since I wrote something this long. As long as it wasn't boring, then I'm good :) Probably the next event coverage I'll be doing will be Wekfest, so stay tuned!


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