Event Coverage | Motion Auto Show 2012 (Pt. I)

May 22, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

MAS 2012-7
Wow. It felt amazing last week to FINALLY attend a major car show here in SoCal. The last show I went to was the one in Puente Hills hosted by Prestige Marketing and that was like..2~3 months ago. If you are active in the car scene as a blogger, then you know exactly how it feels to rest for that long. Because of time conflicts and being so tired during my resting period, the only way to be updated with cars was to check out blogs and sites that update very frequently, such as Speedhunters, MotorMavens, StanceWorks, etc. I was particularly interested in SoCal car news because I live in SoCal and want to be updated with cars that have never came out or the ones I've seen before but with new setups for this year. Knowing how seeing cars in person and online have a difference and the fact that MAS was on a Sunday when I didn't work, I was really excited. Wait, let me exaggerate a bit more... I was extremely fu*king excited!

On Saturday when I usually stay up all night chilling with my homies, I actually came home early (around 3am...*cough*) to rest up, woke up at around 8am, got ready, and right when I was about to leave, I felt as if I needed to check my tires, so I started from the back checking the treads. Rears were fine considering it's on -8 camber and I was rolling on them for 7 months now, but the front passenger side tire was almost gone! I was like.. fu*k it..and just drove the tC slowly to Long Beach Convention Center. I arrived at around 11am, got my Media pass, and the coverage started from then on. I was debating on which photo to start with, and decided to give Michael Mao's NSX the spotlight. I'll get back to his car later on throughout the coverage. You guys ready? Because I am! LEGO!!!!

MAS 2012-230

MAS 2012-2
This has been MAS's 2nd event after their debut last year at the same place as this year, which was at Long Beach Convention Center. If you didn't see our coverage on MAS last year, click here to read Part 1. You can read Part 2 by typing it up in the upper left side of this site where it says Search.
Anyways, back to the coverage, the convention center is pretty dam big and to have a car show at such a spacious place is a scene not to miss. I clearly remember having a blast last year at MAS and was expecting the same for this year. As expected, it was off the hook!

Right when I entered the center, I saw Falken's booth at the right and NOS's booth at the left, same as last year, but a different booth setup with new cars on display.

MAS 2012-3
First car that caught my attention was Bisimoto's project 911. This car is just insane!

MAS 2012-183

MAS 2012-231
Look at this widebody beast. How can you not like it? Props to Bisi and his team on creating a masterpiece.

MAS 2012-181
Right next to it was Justin Pawlak's daily driven Rx-7 FD on Volk TE37s. I think it was my 3rd time seeing his car. I love how it's slammed with the popular set of TEs.

By the way, I usually cover booth by booth or section by section, but because I feel like going in photo orders today, I'll get back to certain areas of MAS and continue on with the order of photos taken. Koo? Koo.

MAS 2012-5
Walking around to take a glimpse of certain areas, I came across this Aimgain Lexus CT 200h that was sitting on the new SSR MS3s. Now...this car was fuking catchy because of unique mods that pretty much blew my mind. I'll get back to it later, but seriously..this car was catchy.

MAS 2012-6
Back to Mike's NSX, his car was an attention whore! Look at those blinging Gold dipped Mugen MF10s. Yes, those are Mugen MF10s, customized by wheelflip. You might ask, "how the fuck can you customize those wheels?" Well, let me tell you guys, wheelflip can make the impossible, possible. What's also amazing about Mike's NSX is that it is twin-turboed. I personally think it's an overkill, but gawd dam.. the turbo setup was done by my good friend Efren, who recently got his own shop in Ranch Cucamonga. Props to Mike on going wild, and to all the guys who worked on Mike's car.

MAS 2012-8
You guys remember this car? It 'was' the Matte Black Do-Luck widebody Evo 9 on Top Secret Volk TE37s. This year, he decided to switch up things and wrapped his car in Matte White and swapped the Top Secret Volk TE37s to those TE37SLs in Red. The wrap job was done by Impressive Wrap and as you guys can see, they did a great job on Kelvin's (owner) car.

MAS 2012-9
The first word that came out of my mouth when I saw this CR-Z was "WOW!" The stance was on point sitting on BBS LMs colored in Tiffany Blue, which I believe were done by memoryfab. I actually got my set of Impuls from these guys :D

MAS 2012-10
In front of the entrance was another area where cars were displayed, so I decided to walk outside to take a break and check out the cars. Starting from the far right was this tC on BBS RSs. I believe the owner works for a site called Fresh On Stance.

MAS 2012-11
Ouf! Vertex SC on Copper Rays that was showing with Rotiform at Formula D Long Beach.

MAS 2012-12
Track Lotus looking mean as hell.

MAS 2012-13
Gotta love a properly fitted and clean BMW.

MAS 2012-14
Eh...not a fan of non-BBS wheels with BBS center caps. Ya'll know my story.

MAS 2012-15
O yes!!!! Dam sexy.

MAS 2012-16
Properly modded BMWs are to die for.

MAS 2012-17
Holy Shit! This CTS-V on DPEs won my heart.

MAS 2012-18
Matte Black GT-R R35 on Savini wheels scared some people away. It even has that super expensive spoiler from Aeromotion.

MAS 2012-19
I went back inside to check out the other rides under Falken's booth and came across Falken's S15 on Volk RE30s. Love it!

MAS 2012-20
Ouuuuu~ Vaughn Gitten Jr.'s Mustang.

MAS 2012-21
Matte xB on Five Axis wheels. I think there's something unique about this car, but I didn't check it out that much.

MAS 2012-22
I'll probably buy a RC drift car in a couple of months. It looks fun!

MAS 2012-24
Auto Fashion is known for rolling deep at major car shows. There were a line of fine VIP rides, like this LS on SSR MS1s.

MAS 2012-25
I'll get back to this LS later on. One of my favorites!

MAS 2012-26
Walking around the corner, I spotted Ryan's new project car, which is a Bluebird SSS I showed you guys few months ago. It was restored by Ryan himself and he recently purchased those authentic Watanbes. Car is looking even sicker Ryan!

MAS 2012-27
When I came across this F22C swapped Celica GT under crew 1UP's area, I was a bit confused because I'm usually updated about the team from friends that are in it, but I never heard or even seen this car before. Later on, I found out Peter, my friend and creator of 1UP, bought this car not too long ago and decided to mod it up after selling his S14.

MAS 2012-28
This is just tits! ITB'd and it will soon be fully wire-tucked. Good job Peter!

MAS 2012-29
Armand's widebody MR2 sitting like a boss. I always wanted to say thanks to Armand for always welcoming me or just saying hi whenever I'm at a show. Thanks!

MAS 2012-30
S2000 on some bright ass BBS RSs.

MAS 2012-31
We all know Big Mike's Prelude. No introduction needed!

MAS 2012-32
At first, I didn't recognize this car from far away, until I saw that big ass Vortech decal and the car sitting on Work Meisters. I know Sean is the owner..or I think he still is...
I just remember seeing Rick driving it after the show ended because I bumped into him on the freeway. He was rolling with a bunch of Camaros lol

MAS 2012-33
Not so many xBs this year, but the ones that did show were clean.

MAS 2012-35
Back to 1UP, Kevin's STi on Voltex aero parts.

MAS 2012-36
O dam!! Jose changed his license plate from 'closer' to 'soo sexz'.

MAS 2012-37
Barry's Midnight Purple R35 looking good like always.

MAS 2012-34
FUCK! Fudgedy fuck!

MAS 2012-38

MAS 2012-39
These twin looking 240s from Get Nuts lab were eye catchers because of the amazing engine work and cleanliness. From what I know of, they teamed up with a famous aftermarket company in Japan called M7 Japan.

MAS 2012-40
Loving those Work Schwert SC2s.

MAS 2012-41

MAS 2012-43

MAS 2012-44
EP3 family.

MAS 2012-42
M~m~M! Evo on Advan TC-IIs. Hmm...is this the Evo from Mackin Industries?

MAS 2012-45
Andrew's Amuse 370Z getting some love. Pop up the hood son!

MAS 2012-46
Dam.. a lot of BBS RSs.

MAS 2012-47
I spot a Sprite can.

MAS 2012-48
Just a simple widebody kit, making the s2000 look even sexier.

MAS 2012-49
Wow. Haven't seen a 2pc Work Meister in such a long time.

MAS 2012-50
Edsel's Evo on RPF1s. Had a good talk with him about random shitz... Good times brotha~

MAS 2012-51

MAS 2012-52

MAS 2012-53

MAS 2012-54

MAS 2012-55

MAS 2012-56
VWs were looking so clean. I don't know much about them, but because of Rich, our contributor from the UK, showing me a lot of VWs or just Euros in general, I really dig the ones that are slammed to the ground on air and shaved.

MAS 2012-57

MAS 2012-58
I see these guys at almost every event.

MAS 2012-59

MAS 2012-60
Impressive Wrap had a pretty decent crew that represented their company. One car that I haven't seen before was this Rx-7 FD on SSF Type Fs. One of the staffs told me the car had some trouble rolling in because of constantly shutting down, but it seems like everything worked out.

MAS 2012-61
Track built FD2. I digged this car pretty badly.

MAS 2012-62
Jackson's wrapped widebody s2000.

MAS 2012-63
Whoa... what a surprise. Not my taste, but definitely give props to the owner for going unique.

MAS 2012-64
The color on those HREs were stunning!

MAS 2012-66
Team Praxis and VIP Modular Wheels are hosting a car show called Auto Gallery, which will be held at Huntington Beach on September 8th, so get your project car or whatever it is you drive to show at this event because it will be massive.

MAS 2012-67
Mr. Randy's famous G from R-Rydes. I spot John at the back on his cell phone haha.

MAS 2012-68
Team R-Rydes is pretty new to the scene, but the cars in it are very well known. You should keep an eye out on these guys. From this show, they won tons of awards.

MAS 2012-69
Always a pleasure to see this car. Brandon's S13 became so popular after HIN last year. It even got its own feature in a famous automotive magazine.

MAS 2012-70
Widebody TSX that's also very well known in the scene for its unique characteristics that other TSXs don't have.

MAS 2012-71

MAS 2012-72
This car reminded me of our editor Edgar's ride. Very clean.

MAS 2012-73
I wonder what color this G is covered in, because it's absolutely gorgeous. It has a shade of like..3 colors or something. and look at the flawless fitment.

MAS 2012-74
Norman and his baby! These guys have been together forever.

MAS 2012-127
I'll end it right here with a shot of our famous videographer UMWorks. His video is up! so click on name to check out his vid.

Part 2 will be up tomorrow, so don't forget to check our fanpage~!


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