Special Coverage: Password:JDM

February 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

We have been mentioning Password:JDM for quite a long time, but never had a post regarding what happens inside the warehouse and how their products are made. I've been consistently visiting Password Industries for a few months now to check out their project cars and new products and I think it's time now to show you guys an in-depth review of this company.
Why did I decide to do coverage? The answer is within this post today, so take some time and see what really goes around in a company that's been in the aftermarket industry since 2002.


So what is this company all about? How did they come up with the name Password:JDM?
JDM. Yes, the word JDM in the companies' title says it all. Password:JDM started as a direct importer for JDM products (new and used), direct services such as engine/motor swaps, and many more that relates to the JDM marketing. After a huge success and making their company name as one of the most reputable companies in the aftermarket industry, they continued on by becoming a manufacturer for performance/exterior/interior parts for many vehicles and till this day, the company is known for its excellent customer services and outstanding products.

A step into the warehouse will be greeted by JDM products and Password:JDM's own products displayed from left to right, top to bottom. As you can see in the photo, the company has several project cars that are still being developed, such as the DC5 and Civic Type R. These cars were never at car shows or published in magazines, which is why it makes it more exciting to see these cars in person.

On the wall are display shelves with Password:JDM labeled products. I'll talk about how the products are made later on.

Behind the main entrance is where all the magic happens. I arrived at the headquarters when things were very hectic, so don't be expecting a clean place. This shows how busy these guys are with shipping out products and developing new ones at the same time.

Next to the warehouse are where the photo booth is located and the office of the photographer and engineer. I forgot to take some photos of the hall where all the plaques of featured cars are displayed, but there are too many to mention. Most of the product photos you guys see on their website are taken from this place. Allen, the photographer, does an awesome job with all the photography work.


There were couple of products inside the office, such as the Carbon Fiber side skirts for the CR-Z and DA power bar, which recently got posted of Password:JDM Facebook page.

Probably the best developed product from Password Industries, the full Carbon Fiber bucket seats. I missed some very important information in the beginning, but within Password Industries is another branch called Tecnocraft Composites, or just Tecnocraft.
Tecnocraft Composites - Manufacturers of "Pre-Preg" aerospace grade carbon composites for exotic automobiles. Our services are reserved for those in search of ultra-lightweight CF strength, functionality and striking visual enhancements to their Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, and Aston Martin marques (for now).
Most of the products made from this line are for luxurious/high-end vehicles and one of the products from Tecnocraft is this bucket seat. The Suede material in this photo is actually a new invention and our site are the first ones to reveal it today. The Suede material before was divided into 3 parts; head rest, back, and the bottom. This product was made for simple removal and for better comfort.
Also, some very interesting info from Tan (Sales VP).
Tan: For the Carbon Kevlar bucket seats, our boss took a shotgun and literally shot the seat couple of feet away and amazingly, none of the bullets went through.

The desk of the most skilled and talented Fabricator/Engineer, Josh.  You'll see him walking by here and there when you visit the warehouse. Don't know his face? Check out this video :D



Josh has all these products lying around his desk. It's not to show how busy he is, but for further research and development.


This is where many of the finished products get the companies logo engraved.



Unlike other companies that etch parts one by one, Password:JDM designed their own unique layout to make things go faster.





We really can't trust what companies say when it comes to its manufacturing location. They might claim it is made in Japan or in the US, but no proof exists. On the other hand, 90% of the products from Password:JDM is made in the US and most of the products are made in the warehouse. Each part is scrutinized until it becomes a perfected product.



The CNC machine making various parts such as ITB's.

Finished and finalized products separated into boxes. Why does that box at the right grabbing my attention..

A busy company needs more than one machine to process and develop parts faster. There were several CNC machines throughout the warehouse.


Where the design of strut bars, exhausts, etc. happens. Most of the welding and putting parts are done by Josh, the fabricator/engineer.

Example of the welding.

Pre-finished Password:JDM Tow Hook.

As mentioned earlier, there are several CNC machines in the warehouse and the bigger ones are used to make bigger parts.


Such as Password:JDM Rotors.

Teaser of an upcoming feature for OpenClutch.com

Project car still in development. It's been in the warehouse for quite a long time, but once things catch up, this will be a beauty.

One of the project cars i'm looking forward to see when completed. This Lotus was given to the company by the owner after he wrecked it. As of right now, the motor is being rebuilt; doors will be changed to dry Carbon Fiber, and much more.

Outside of the warehouse and in the back lot were these two huge containers.
Night-Import: I've seen those containers for a few months now.
Tan: In those containers are fenders directly imported from Japan. If you read about our company, 90% of the products are made here in the US. You can say the other 10% are from Japan.

Next to the containers are stashes of OEM parts. Where do these go? I have no idea.

Password Industries warehouse has 2 floors; the 1st floor mainly for manufacturing parts and the 2nd floor for storage. What you see here are parts that were in the blue containers.

Couple of Carbon Kevlar parts.

Body parts are stacked in the upper floor.


Look what we have here, some rare wheels.
Items like these are usually for sale during their Garage Sale event. Make sure to keep yourselves updated with what goes around in this shop.

Lastly, Password:JDM's Elmo saying bye.
Hope this coverage gave you guys a better idea about this company. I'm not writing up this feature because I was asked to, neither because of a good relationship with a staff. I've been visiting this company for several months and every time I come here, I'm always impressed with how all the staffs are collaborative and know what they are doing and most importantly, seeing how the products are made. Don't be misinformed with others saying Password:JDM products are poor or not made in the US. This coverage will now be your proof.


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