Random Spotlight: Tecnocraft Lotus

February 10, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Most of you guys already know I visit Password:JDM pretty often to see what's in store. They already have couple of project cars, which I haven't shown on any of our features, but you guys will be seeing one soon on a site I work for,OpenClutch. If you've been keeping up with our day to day photos on our facebook fan page, a teaser shot was already posted :)
But for today, I want to share another project car, which isn't completed at the moment and will take awhile since most of the Carbon Fiber parts by Tecnocraft (Password:JDM's higher class division for high-end cars) is still in production. Here's a Lotus Exige, a companies car that was brought to Password Industries Headquarters to manufacture Carbon Fiber parts for the body and interior.



I'm really not up-to-date with any aftermarket parts for Lotus's, but there were couple of parts that were noticeably different compared to the stock versions, such as the exhaust and shaved trunk.


An APR front wind splitter and APR Canards were added for better aerodynamics. I'm speculating the owner/company tracks the car.



A Tecnocraft Bucket Seat was already installed with Takata Harnesses.


The OEM Hard Top was replaced with Tecnocraft's Hard Top. Obviously, all in Carbon Fiber.


Volk ce28n's on a Lotus.


Still a long wait until the car will be completed, but stay tuned for more parts to be added on the car. Make sure to check out our main supporting site OpenClutch.com for an exclusive feature next week!


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