Event Coverage: DSPORT 100th Issue Anniversary Party

February 17, 2011


Going to your local book store, going to automotive shows, or even talking with your friends that are into cars, I'm pretty sure you've heard or seen one of the best automotive magazines in the market today called DSPORT.
DSPORT has been bringing us, automotive enthusiasts, the freshest news in the automotive scene, starting from features to events world wide. It's as mentioned on their mission, "educate, entertain and inform our readers about the latest import performance and technology."
Despite the difficulties magazine industries are going through today, the corporation has finally released their 100th Issue after their establishment in 2002.
This issue means a lot to the company because of what it covers and the fact that it's the 100th issue, the best of the best was well put together by the writers/staffs for the readers. (To read more about the 100th issue, click here)

As posted on our fanpage, yesterday was the 100th Issue Anniversary party by DSPORT and I was invited by one of the staffs to do some coverage and to talk and chill with some people in the automotive industry. First of all, yesterday was just a horrible day for me because of this massive migraine I was getting throughout the whole week. I couldn't stay outside nor stand too long, but managed to make it through for couple of hours. Checking through my camera today, I found out the first few photos I took of the models got erased and can't share any of them with you guys :(
However, look forward to see some coverage by our friends It's JDM yO!. These guys, as usual, brought their top models and even though the lounge was dark, the models lightened the whole place.

People who got invited had a separate lounge in the back with a separate bar. It was small as hell and staying there for more than 20 minutes was a bad idea because being squished by guys was not a good feeling.

By the way, although this party was for DSPORT, there were couple of sponsors that made this event possible and you've probably noticed already by looking at those bottles behind the drink. NOS brought a few models as well and I'll be discussing about the models later on.

Ok..now it wasn't this bad. I'm talking about if there were more males or females. Well, of course, you don't expect to see too many females at an automotive event or related party, but outside of this lounge were few girls hanging around here and there.

Last photo that got saved on my memory card. I had to step out of the room and outside of the building to get something, but when I was about to come back in, the bouncers wouldn't let me take in my camera, so I had to leave my equipment in my car and come back.

Anyways, it was about 10:30pm and the place was getting packed! The music was bumping up and people were starting to fill the main floor. The DJ's were doing their thing and one of the girls was hot as hell (Playboy Playmate DJ Alie Layus and DJ Rhiannon). Walking around the area and trying to stay focused with the migraine, I encountered few familiar faces, such as Antonio Alvendia from MotorMavens, Tan from Password:JDM, DSPORT peepz, Varrstoen staffs, couple of photographers, and most importantly, models.
Couple of It's JDM yO! models were there; Eva Skye, Amy Fay, Tracy Linh, Maureen Chen, Chaba, etc.
What was sort of awkward was a feeling of separation between the dance floors and the tables. Half of the place (near the DJ) was pumped up and people were dancing here and there, but on the other side, it was quiet and no movement at all. It really didn't matter but if you didn't know anyone or didn't go with a friend, I'm pretty sure you would've left early :D

That's about it guys. Sorry for the lame coverage but wanted to share some things happening at the event. Once again, congratulations to DSPORT on their 100th Issue. Make sure to pick an issue up near your book store or make a subscription online.


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